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December 15, 2012

Why Do Mothers Ignore When They Children Have Mental Problems?

Adam Lanza, the Connecticut shooter obviously had mental problems. As more is being learned about the shooter, people are coming out saying, “Something Wasn’t Right About Him.” And everyone wants to know why didn’t his mother seek help.

I can answer that one for you. Some mothers think they are to blame when something is wrong with their children. So to go to a doctor and hear a doctor say that confirms to the mother that her genes caused the problem in her child’s life. I know of several mothers who didn’t handle problems with their children and now that their children are adults and they are adults with mental problems.\

Mothers who ignore the problem and hope it goes away are only leaving the problem for society.

People are searching for Adam Lanza’s Facebook page now, but earlier today they were searching for Ryan Lanza’s FB page because Adam was found with Ryan’s ID on him.


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3 Responses to “Why Do Mothers Ignore When They Children Have Mental Problems?”

  1. kell Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 4:33 am

    I know a lot of mothers- A LOT- who have children with neurological disorders that vary from ADHD to ODD to everything in between and let me say on behalf of them, and myself that most of us, go to the ends of the earth and back and do our best to help our children. To give them what they need. We go in debt tens of thousands of dollars (and more) for specialists, medications, therapies, to quiet their brains, to give them peace, to give our families peace. How dare you blame ALL mothers? And why ONLY mothers? Did the shooter not have a father as well? Or physicians? What about society at large? Or was he just too damaged and weird and considered a throw away kid?

    This attitude about mental illness, YOUR attitude, is a huge part of the problem.

    Did the murderer’s mother ignore his issues? I have no idea. Truth be told, you have no idea. But do not paint all parents of children with neurological issues with the same, ignorant, brush.

  2. Queen of the Click Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Most mothers go to the end of the world to get their child educated.

    When I was growing up, there was a few kids who needed help….EVERYONE KNEW IT. Those mothers weren’t doing ANYTHING to help their child with mental illness. And you know what I am talking about too.

    No one is talking about anyone going into debt and I am not talking about people who has Asbergers – I am talking about those individuals who have always had A PROBLEM and everyone including their mamma ignored it.

    Why do I blame mothers? Because Mothers KNOW. Every time there is one of these shootings, people have always commented, “There has always been something wrong with this person.”

    Yes WE KNOW the mother ignored it. How do we know? Because everyone saw the killer as a person who was DEEPLY DISTURBED. His mother saw him as a genius who attended college classes and didn’t care that he wasn’t socialized. And his mother purchased weapons and a large amount of ammunition with little regard for her son’s mental state.

  3. Bill Says:
    December 18th, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I agree with you Queen. I saw this mother’s post and thought you and your readers might want to see it: