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  • December 9, 2012

    Solar Powered Christmas!

    I bought solar Christmas lights this year. You are probably thinking, “Wow Queenie is really into conservation and preserving the earth.”  Nope, I’m sorry to say that isn’t me. I’m actually not that good at recycling and conservation. But thankfully Lee is. He is the Recycling and Conservation King. 

    So I bought him several solar Christmas lights sets because I knew that would make him happy and he would actually want to hang Christmas lights! And I was right!

    We set the lights outside for two days because they need two days to charge. You can actually put them up before they are charged, but I wanted to make sure they worked and that we liked them before I put them up.  Last week it wasn’t very sunny, but the cloudy provided enough energy to charge the lights. And while solar lights in the past have been weak, these new sets are bright and offer luminous light. Over the years Lee has purchased many solar powered lights, but these are by far the best solar lights being sold right now. These globes stay lit until morning, when they blink every few minutes because they are running low on energy.

    We have these sets on our trees throughout around the yard.  We were quite impressed and our backyard looks amazing! They are Britta Solar lights and I purchased them at Amazon


    And I bought this set to wrap around an artificial wreath that we had. This set is good, but not great because the picture showed that the lights were multicolored, when in fact they are just three colors (red, blue and green – there are no gold or yellow lights).


    The Britta company who made the lights doesn’t know me and I don’t know them. I’m just a regular person posting a review for an item that was actually worth buying. But if you are reading this Britta Company, Lee would like you to make the globes have the ability to blink randomly because it would be so much cooler.

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