October 14, 2020

Vito Bruno Showed He Can Stand Up For Us


Last night at the Dyker Heights Civic Association Debate, Vito Bruno showed that he could stand up for this community. 

Andrew Gounardes showed up to fight Marty Golden, but Vito isn’t Marty Golden.


Vito Bruno is not a professional politician. I liked hearing about Bruno’s background and I liked that Vito Bruno called out Gounardes for his lack of action in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

Andrew Gounardes has been silent on many issues including safety. At the end of June, NYC Council made a vote to “defund the police.”  Gounardes did not speak out against Justin Brannan and the language used by NYC Council. (See here) Like many of us, Vito Bruno considered this careless and wants the to know we value them.

Andrew isn’t good about informing the community when something concerning happens.  Senator Gounardes was silent when a man shot an AR-15 at his neighbor’s homes, (See here) when a man killed and ate his father (see here) and when a huge drug bust happened in the area (See here). Local newspapers didn’t report any of these stories because Gounardes and Brannan are busy loading them with press releases.

I found myself nodding when Bruno spoke because  he is sick and tired of the nonsense too.  Gounardes voted in favor of bail reform. (See here) A woman was sexually assaulted at the 95th Street train station by a man who was released due to bail reform. (See here) Andrew Gounardes did nothing when this happened!

Andrew Gounardes is a professional politician. He’s worked for politicians all of his life.  Gounardes has his team fear-mongering people online: 



Before Gounardes took office, he used to speak out against fear-mongering….now he is a fear mongerer. Pro-tip: when politicians haven’t done their job, they resort to fear-mongering. 




Andrew Gounardes thought no one would find out about him taking money from a developer. When they did, that’s when he went into full blown fear mongering mode. 

Last night, the moderator asked Gounardes to tell about his accomplishments and one mistake. Gounardes did not say taking money from a developer was a mistake!   


Gounardes said his mistake was over his office. Andrew knew that over 1200+ people saw this video that was shared on January 24, 2020.





Not one person that worked in Andrew’s office thought it was wrong that Senator Gounardes didn’t have a sign up outside his office15 months after being elected a senator. Obviously, they liked not having people come in and having less work to do. (In June 2019, I couldn’t find Gounardes’ office after he overrode CB10 – see here).

Most people who are elected to office put up the sign right away because they are so excited about the position (except for Pam Harris and Andrew Gounardes).


Vito Bruno being a businessman is an asset to our community. He will be able to bring fresh ideas to the businesses on 3rd Avenue. A BID was being forced on the business owners on 3rd Avenue. I wrote to Andrew Gounardes about several issues with the BID.  Gounardes did not hold a meeting with the business owners. Many were not represented by the Steering Committee for the BID.

When the pandemic hit, we realized Gounardes didn’t even have the business owners e-mail addresses as he started asking for them on social media.





Last night, Vito stayed on the topic of our community. Bruno spoke about safety as the number one issue. He talked about people being afraid on the streets and to use the subway. Violence and crime have increased. This is something Gounardes has not been able to express or do anything about.  A businessman was robbed and shot at just blocks from Gounardes office and Andrew was silent. Sammy Hamden went to the media because he wanted our neighborhood to know what was going on. (See here)

Vito is a home owner, so  he isn’t going to “be waiting for the mayor and the property tax commission” like Andrew said last year.  Bruno understood why Dyker Heights residents were upset that illegal conversions have not been handled. They are illegal for a reason and every politician in this area should have helped get new housing for the residents in the illegal conversions. There’s plenty of room now that people have moved out on NYC.  Instead, politicians are making this into a racial issue. This is a greedy landlord issue and people are abusing the law and getting away with it. 


In contrast, Andrew Gounardes wasn’t able to talk about Bay Ridge or Dyker Heights. Gounardes talked about being the Chair of the Committee on Civil Service & Pensions. We don’t need a Senator is going to pad paychecks for city workers. We need a Senator who can represent the area and fight when things aren’t fair. 

Andrew Gouanardes was asked to name one mistake he made. Andrew didn’t own up to taking money from a developer. When he ran for office two years ago, Gounardes and his political club, The Bay Ridge Democrats said they were against politicians being owned by developers. NOW THEY AREN’T?   

Andrew also didn’t think speaking up and voting to give New York State a property tax break – EXCLUDING NYC – was one of his mistakes. Watch how our senator said everyone else deserves a tax break, but us.




Can you imagine what the other senators think?  Yes, they think let’s keep this Gounardes around so NYC never gets a tax break.  We see someone who not electable.

We also see a very different Bay Ridge Democratic Club than we did two years ago. Not one member has spoken out against the politicians who have taken out money from developers.  The club doesn’t have any strong people who want to say the truth for this community. This group of “Democrats” endorsed Bernie Sanders over Joe Biden. The group seems to lean a lot more left, than they used to.

Bay Ridge, we need a fresh start with someone who has a big mouth and can fight because more taxes are coming our way now that the city is broke!  I’m tired of a few politicians benefitting from a broken system. And I am tired of Andrew Gounardes being unwilling to make changes to the system because his friends benefit from it.   



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One Response to “Vito Bruno Showed He Can Stand Up For Us”

  1. Jay Says:
    October 21st, 2020 at 10:08 am

    I agree, the property taxes in particular was a great moment where Andrew could have voted no. (It still would have passed) but at least he could have made a statement saying he wasn’t just gonna go along with the majority on everything.

    At the time he said he needed to vote for it otherwise when asking for a vote to reform the nyc taxes other areas of the state wouldn’t help him. Here we are 2 years later and nothing done. Maybe a 2% cap isn’t right for nyc, but how much have they gone up and will continue to do so? A lot more than 2%.

    It’s time for a change, time for someone who won’t just fall in line with the majority and act as a rubber stamp for them.