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August 2, 2017

Verrazano Bridge Jumper – August 2, 2017



If you hear the helicopters in Bay Ridge or you are experiencing traffic on the lower level of the Verrazano Bridge, it is because a poor soul is trying to figure out if he wants to live or die. This was filmed and posted on Fox’s  livefeed on Facebook.  They stayed while he was  on the outside of the bridge holding on and then their helicopter flew away when he was rescued (not even showing the rescue so people thought he jumped). In Bay Ridge, ambulances flew down Third Avenue. Also present on the bridge was the  NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team and FDNY Rescue 5. 



Who is he? So far it was said that he is a 30 year old man.  He abandoned his car at 8:45 am this morning on the bridge. The jumper is wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and has on a black and red backpack. Finally, NYPD Special Ops was able to get near him (see them at work: here).


After five hours of hanging on to the side of the bridge, they were able to get him to come in.   It was too beautiful of a morning to die. 

Prayers for his recovery.



I keep a list of the Verrazano Bridge suicides (or attempted suicides) because I noticed they are increasing. Eventually an elected politician will care enough and take it seriously.


There has to be a reasonably priced net (or another aide) to stop those who have crossed the edge. The amount of time, man-power and resources has to be costing the city more than a bridge net would cost.



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