November 30, 2019

Vaping Forum – 12/2 – Weird



On December 2nd, Senator Gournardes is going to have a vaping forum at PS 195 Manhattan Beach for teens, tweens and families. Gournades and Councilman Brannan did a meeting about vape for parents in our district awhile back.


Strange things:


a) Senator Diane Savino’s picture on the bottom of the flyer and is sooo tiny. Why ? 

Savino is definitely able to talk on this topic.  Last Spring, Senator Savino had a lot of bills about legalizing pot.  See here    One interesting bill, Savino had was to raise the age to 21 for smoking and vaping.  See here

b) The groups that are sponsoring the meeting are named on the bottom. Some of their logos aren’t clear, but the first one is.  The first group is Steve Saperstein’s group. Saperstein is a Republican who ran in the city council and assembly elections  – see here. I’ve seen Saperstein’s new group run the same events that Coney Island Hospital has run other years. 




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