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April 18, 2017

Trump Socialists Emerge in Bay Ridge


President Donald Trump woke up a whole lot of people who had been sleeping. Bay Ridge has some new groups. One group are Democratic Socialists. Yes, socialism apparently is alive with some residents. Where have these people been all these years? Where were they when Jamie Kemmerer was fighting against fracking and getting money out of the government? The Trump Socialists were sleeping. Why were they silent all these years?  In November, Senator Golden and Nicole Malliotakis ran unchallenged and they were silent across social media.  But then Trump came along and they woke up.    

Last year (2016) there was a March on Hate, but I don’t remember a Socialist Group claiming they were running the march. This year the march was sponsored by this group. The group hadn’t done anything else in the community until Trump came along. Now that they are awake, they went to Malliotakis’ home in Staten Island (although Malliotakis’ social media showed she was in Albany voting on the budget at the time). Maybe they wanted to be there when she wasn’t home or maybe they need a better organizer who is actually interested in politics and reads Malliotakis’ social media acct. The Socialist Worker website printed a story (probably from a press release because Malliotakis’ location wasn’t mentioned and the picture was sent by someone in the group).



The Bay Ridge for Social Justice icon on Facebook is “Love Your Neighbo.”    I think the members of this group should practice what they preach.  Here they posted an article that they thought was good for our neighborhood. When the article was questioned for being racist because it blames people of one race for the problem, the Bay Ridge for Social Justice group has a snarky answer and the BR Social Justice acct called the man, DUDE.  Are 15 year olds running the FB page?  This is no different from racists referring to groups of people as “these type of people.” The only way growth and “love they neighbor” exists is when people are respectful.




Yesterday on Twitter one of them thought it was okay to tell me about my WHITE PRIVILEGE even though the person said they didn’t know me.    I see idiots saying “white privilege”  to anyone who is white.  The group obviously has some problems with maturity and being neighbors people can count on. Calling people by color is ridiculous. If you think it’s acceptable to repeat nonsense to your neighbor – YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.  And because you get this wrong, it messes it up for the next generation who sees you being a moron and thinks it is alright. When special interest groups try to set our neighborhood back because of personal agendas,  Bay Ridge people are going to question it. Neighbors in this community look out for each other. How do I know this? We have lived in this neighborhood for almost eight years and the neighbors on my street are all different nationalities, but we all have each others backs. We have never had a discussion with any of them on nationality or religion because we are all Ridgites and we talk about our community. If you don’t understand that or don’t experience that, then check yourself – it’s you not doing your part as a neighbor.   

Ohhhh and please don’t tell me that Muslim men and women in Bay Ridge are afraid of their neighbors. Maybe initially after the incident they were afraid, as were non-Muslims  in the area. Over the years there have been very few instances of xenophobia in Bay Ridge from racists or more likely people with mental issues since 9/11.  If children are afraid, then it’s the parents and adults who need to explain what is going on in the world.   We know Muslim men are not afraid because if they  were they would move their family to another, (cheaper) area of NYC. As far as I can tell, the Arabic population has increased in Bay Ridge. They still want to live in Bay Ridge because they love it here just like everyone else. 



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