November 8, 2018

Toy Collections in Bay Ridge or Nearby




1) E & J Store is accepting new toys, clothing , baby bottles , pampers, baby wipes and so on. (No food-no baby formula ) 7001 Fort Hamilton Pkwy. Or you can donate to the Go Fund Me



2) RCS Reaching Out Community Service – see message below (they haven’t received toys from Toys for Toys)






3) Bohemian Rose 8703 – 3rd Avenue¬† is collecting Toys until December 18th for New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital (info here)













4) Lutheran Elementary School collects for The Healing Center – (This is one of the most important events they host as many families that attend are not able to celebrate in such a way.)


5) John Manning collects every year.



6) Operation Secret Sandy Clause– Started soon after hurricane Sandy, Michael Sciaraffo wanted to make sure that children received toys. See here too


7) Toys for Tots Donation Boxes:

a) The Wicked Monk 3rd Avenue and 95th Street

b) Honda

c) Henry Harde Liquor store has a box






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