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August 12, 2019

Third Avenue Bid…Something That Was Left Out



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The strongest supporters of the 3rd Avenue BID seem to be people who don’t own businesses on the avenue. See video and see the comments. 

The merchants at large, well-established places don’t mind the taxes, but this will hurt a lot of the smaller merchants. They are asking for a new merchants group – not a bid. They do not want to have a tax imposed on them. These are great merchants that we all love and we support them, especially the smaller ones because they are unique and give that personalized experience.


Of course the strolls are a lot of work. These are people who have been in business for themselves for years. Who was paying them to do the stroll all of these years?  Dues from the merchants?

The only other difference is that Senator Marty Golden is no longer the representative. Is it possible he funding something that the new senator is not funding? 




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