Best of Bay Ridge

I’ve lived in Bay Ridge for almost ten years. When a close friend of mine moved here,  I made her  list of the best places in Bay Ridge. I put it online since I realized I needed it most often when I wasn’t home.  The list just keeps getting longer and longer as I love to shop locally.


Roofer – Our home came with a roof done by John Roggenkamp and we haven’t had any leaks in 9 years we have been here (it was done 9 years prior to our purchase). I know that Roggenkamp did the roof because when we purchased the home the bank required a roof report. We called Anthony, owner of Rocco’s Roofing who assessed the roof and then told us that it was a good roof and was done by Roggenkamp (yes he could tell by the way that it was done that it was Roggenkamp’s work). Rocco’s Roofing was referred to us by several friends who had to get a new roof installed or an old roof repaired. We found Anthony to be reliable and professional especially when we saw the former owners roofing bill from.  John R. Roggenkamp 510 76th Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-680-1217 and Rocco’s Roofing 814 64th Street Brooklyn, NY 11220 Phone: 718-745-6718 Toll Free: 800-745-5134 Good luck!



Electrician – Craig at Reno Electrical   305 90th Street  718-836-8955


Plumber – Joe the Plumber is the man.  If Joe is unavailable, he will refer you to Nicky: 718-236-3112 (I never had Nicky, but if Joe is referring him, he’s probably good).



Locksmith: Bridgeview Locksmith and Safe on 83rd street near 5th ave.



Redoing wood floors (sanded and polyurethane/varnish) –  Bruno’s Flooring on 75th Street & 15th Avenue  718- 645-6934


Best Appliance Repair: Lens Appliances. They are located on 81st and 7th. He’s very honest and reliable.


Best HandyMan in Bay Ridge: Everyone always needs a handyman, right?

  • Jake – have never called him, but friends have and they like him.
  • Chris (carpenter) (917) 592-4698
  • Rodney Sapini – handyman and a licensed and insured Home Contractor.   646-361-9980



Best Take Out/Delivery

Pizza – there are a lot of different types of pizza around here:

  • Traditional Pizza: Ninos Pizzaria is good, but we like classic old school:Espresso Pizza (718) 833-8750 & Pizza Wagon (5th Ave & 87th)
  • Veggie Special Pizza: Rocco’s 78th and 5th Avenue (great spinach roll too)
  • Marguarita Pie: Peppino’s  
  • Gluten Free Pizza:  Bay Ridge Pizza  – 5th Avenue and 77th St.  & Pizzeria Uno (92nd/4th Avenue)


Best Large (dinner size) Salads in Bay Ridge – Circles


Chinese Food– Dragon China – 79th and 3rd   718-238 -2202

Vietnemese – Phoa Hoai 86th & 4th Avenue (718) 745-1640

Thai – MyThai – reasonably priced lunch specials See what people ordered  Bankok Thai is good too.  GlowThai – is good also.

Mexican–  El Punte is amazing delivery is fast. 9300 Fifth Avenue  718-921-2580    Ho’ Brah Taco Joint  8618 3rd Ave   (718) 680-8226 (there is never a seat in this place so you know the food is good.

Hamburgers – Fort Hamilton Diner  95th & 4th    718-238-5151 – best burgers ever (the Hamilton Platter is good too) Fast delivery.


Cheap but good food – see here

Latin – Castilla de Jaga  68th and 4th

CubanEl Punte has an amazing Cubano and delivery is fast. 9300 Fifth Avenue  718-921-2580

Sushi – Hana Sushi on 86th Street,  Omiya is decent

Italian –   Vesuvios – good pasta/salads 718-745-0222

Sandwiches -Best sandwich in Bay Ridge

  • Paneantico – Corner of 91st & 3rd 718-680-2347
  • Mejlander & Mulgannon(M&M) – great combo sandwiches & macaroni and cheese 7615 -5t Ave   718-238-6666
  • Still love Lioni’s on 78th and 15th Avenue
  • 6 Foot hero for parties: Foodtown, Bagel Boy on 3rd (bagel wheel too for smaller parties) and of course Lioni’s on 78th and 15th

Best Restaurants

  • Date Night – Romantic/Good Service/Intimate:  Elias 8611 – 3rd Avenue  718-748- 9891    Tuscany Grill are also great!

Great Food/Good Cocktails – Elias (Greek Cuisine) 8611 – 3rd Avenue  718-748- 9891

Good Food/Music (sometimes too loud at the new place) – Tanoreen (Middle Eastern)  7523 – 3rd Avenue   718- 748-5600 *Make reservation*

Good Food/Dressy – Chadwick’s

  • Seafood – Mussels and More – this place has a great vibe   (Hunter’s Steakhouse 94th and 3rd Avenue has great fish and chips)
  • Italian – Compania, Ponte Vecchio, Ginos (tables close together), Casa Calamari & Zio Toto 84th & 3rd Avenue
  • Greek –  Something Greek (wow so good) – still love the more casual,  Spartan Souvlaki 6824 8th Avenue (718) 748-5838  Plaka on 86th Street has good spinach pies.
  • Middle Eastern – Tanoreen  7523 – 3rd Avenue  718- 748-5600  or Sally & George’s
  • Chinese – Chopstix
  • Sushi – Dish  92nd and 3rd Avenue Menu
  • Spanish –  CasaPepe  114 Bay Ridge Avenue
  • Mexican – Las Margaritas 7215 3rd Avenue & Panchos
  • Indian – Bombay. We go to Kinara in Park Slope 473 5th Avenue – between 10th Street and 6th Avenue 718-499-3777  Sometimes we call in the order and pick it up too.  

Best Bagels in Bay Ridge

  • Bagel Boy 8002 3rd Avenue
  • Still love Chicken Ridiculous from Dyker Park Bagels 713 86th Street

Best Bakery in Bay Ridge

Best Bars in Bay Ridge – Salty Dog, Kettle Black & Pippins

Best Date Spots in Bay Ridge – Shore Road & Cappacino Cafe – that’s what Lee & I did.

Best Grocery in Bay Ridge: C-Town 75th Street and 5th Avenue – has a good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The store is also very clean because it’s new.

Best Fish Market in Bay Ridge – Cosentinos 6927 3rd Ave (718) 745-4710

Furniture Stores in Bay Ridge

Best Cleaners & Tailoring in Bay Ridge – 99th Street Cleaners 9840-4th Avenue (718) 836 – 3120

Best Shoe Repair in Bay Ridge – Sam’s on 95th off 4th Avenue (right past the train stairs going towards 3rd) – Best Cobbler in Bay Ridge!

Best Pet Store in Bay Ridge – Paws Truly 76th & 3rd Avenue

Best Jewelry Repair in Bay Ridge – Richie at R&S Jewelers -3rd between 94th & 95th Street

Best Nail Salon in Bay Ridge

  • Nail & Mee on 9801 – 4th Avenue /Marine and 4th Avenue
  • Pink & White 87th & 3rd ($25 for mani/pedi) – very clean place and the owner is very nice.

Best Hair Salon in Bay Ridge – Linda LSM Hair Salon on 3rd Avenue between 85th and 86th Street (Linda’s the owner and haircuts are reasonably priced).

Children’s hair cuts – Debbie from Mane Event (82nd Street off 3rd Avenue) Wednesday through Sunday  10AM – 5pm Text Debbie at 917-403-3756.  718-921-9826  (make appointment she is busy)

Cheap hair salon in Bay Ridge – Hair Design institute on 86 street and 4th avenue

Best Facial – Green Spa (waxing too) – make appt on their site

Best Gym – Harbor Fitness

Best Fabric Store in Bay Ridge(more info here)

  • J & A Fabrics – 4th Avenue


Best Attorney in Bay Ridge – NONE?

Notary in Bay Ridge – Bay Ridge Specialty Rx 3rd Avenue between 69th and Ovington Avenue. Any bank with a notary will allow you to use them as well (actually a notary can’t deny a person the service as long as the person has ID)

Best Realtor in Bay Ridge – Ed Davis – Remax (he’s great about answering e-mail) 917-709-1249    Ed was the realtor who found us our home in Bay Ridge and we thought he was great. Read more about it here


  • Pediatric Doctor – Dr. David Fernandes. 126 95th Street between Shore & Ridge. 718-238-7842Treat & Release 8012 3rd Ave (718) 342-5362
  • Orthopedic Surgeon – Dr. Gambino at 9711 – 3rd Avenue 718-833-1808  OR  Dr. Laith Jazrawi at NYU (he’s from Bay Ridge)
  • Podiatrist – Dr. Mario Genovese –  7715 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 748-7474 (makes home visits for elderly patients)
  • Pulmonologist – Dr Spiros Demetis 718-748-4446. Office 9001 Fort Hamilton Pkwy OR
  • General Practitioner – Dr. Rick Chou 8701 Shore Road  (718) 759-1900  Takes GHI and AETNA
  • Dr. Paul Maravel – 5th Avenue between 77th & 77th Doctors Care 718-238-7111


  • John Frisone 94th and 4th (718) 836 – 6556
  • Dr.Taglianetti – 4th Avenue & 79th 

Best Vet in Bay Ridge: Dr. Appel 9102 – 5th Avenue

                                              Outside of BayRidge: St. Francis Animal Hospital

Kids Sports & Other Programs 

  • OLA Sports
  • OLPH Soccer Team 
  • Lacrosse Teams at Poly Prep for children in pre-k to eighth grade (March to June)
  • Softball and Baseball – South Brooklyn Cardinals – traveling team
  • Ridge Kids is a free creative writing program – BR Library Thursdays 3:00-415 pm – boys and girls age 5  to 10. 
  • Martial Arts in Bay Ridge – You’s Tae Kwon Do 92nd and Fort Hamilton.

Summer Camps

Learn Mandarin or Spanish 


Best Places for Parties

Family Parties, Baby Showers and Bridal Showers 30-50 people

Places for Bridal & Baby Showers in Bay Ridge

Birthday Parties for tweens & young adults

  • Ariang Hibachi  4th Avenue & 89th Street



Best Party Places

  • Small Children – Play Days & Parties 6632 3rd Ave. (Next to the Firehouse) Phone: 718-492-8997
  • Balloon Guy
  • Ft. Hamilton Army Base – bowling party at the base (you get the whole bowling alley for 40-50 people, 3 hours, food and unlimited soda included – $500. Food includes pizza, and trays of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and wings).

Donate Old Clothes: St Marys Church picks up – CLICK HERE for St. Mary’s Number and other places that accept donations in Bay Ridge