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December 6, 2018

There Won’t Be Xmas Without Marty Golden?! LOL

Some people in Bay Ridge make me laugh.  They are actually talking about Christmas or events not happening in Bay Ridge because Marty Golden won’t be the Senator.


LOL. Marty Golden isn’t Santa Clause.


There will always be events in Bay Ridge.




If you told me that Marty Golden cut down the tree and hauled it to Bay Ridge or that he personally put up the tree, I think I could understand a little better. But he didn’t – Marty told someone to go do it and then Marty just showed up at the event to give the speech: “Greatest borough, greatest city, greatest state…..blah blah blah.”   

A bigger, more twinklier tree lighting has come to Bay Ridge:


We are glad that Marty Golden won’t be able to do any more pay-to-play politics and that we have someone who is interested in writing bills  and create legislation for our area.  Marty’s legislation for illegal conversions was so weak.  And Marty was a senior legislator!



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