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September 26, 2018

The Property Tax Bill Nicole Malliotakis Didn’t Write Last Spring




Nicole Malliotakis is up to the same old tricks.  Except this time, I am caught her at the start of the trick before she has been able to work her press release magic.  The Staten Island Press and Kings County Politics have run similar stories about the bill Nicole Malliotakis didn’t put through this past Spring.


The Brooklyn Reporter/Eagle is next.  Do you think that someone will actually question the press release? I don’t.


Why is no one questioning: Why didn’t Nicole Malliotakis put through this bill last Spring when the Assembly was in session?



Nicole Malliotakis Adam Baumel


Malliotakis is the Assemblywoman for part of Bay Ridge and part of Staten Island. Last year, she made a play for mayor and lost pretty bad


In January 2017, Malliotakis’s name is on legislation for property tax (but Malliotakis didn’t carry the bill and it wasn’t voted on).



Marty Golden and Nicole Malliotakis did submit legislation for ebay sellers, but nothing for local mom and pop stores. Hasn’t Nicole seen the empty storefronts in Bay Ridge?


After the election, Nicole Malliotakis wasn’t able to hit the ground running. Malliotakis knew that there were so many things wrong in NYC. As a lawmaker, she could have made a difference. Why didn’t she write bills to change things?  Property Taxes and NYCHA were part of Malliotakis’ platform…..so how did she do nothing to improve the situation for any New Yorker?


It’s Fall 2018 and  Nicole Malliotakis is facing an election against a progressive named Adam Baumel. Did Malliotakis all of a sudden get some news that Baumel  has a property tax bill to help his Bay Ridge neighbors. What fired up Nicole Malliotakis to say she has a bill NOW?



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