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August 2, 2016

Jounalist Proved Pamela Harris Lied to Get Our Votes

pamela harris brooklyn assemblywoman

Ohhh Pamela Harris the news was not kind to you, but it brought us to the truth which you weren’t able to say.  The Daily News, the Bensonhurst Bean and even the Brooklyn Eagle slammed Assemblywoman Harris over money issues.



I am sure Pam Harris is thinking this problem isn’t anyone’s business and normally I would tend to agree. But this situation is different.




The journalists proved that Pamela Harris lied last Fall when she ran for election.  


Strangely in mid-July, Stephen Witt of the Kings County Politics blog acted like he was helping Harris when he wrote about her not-for-profit.  Yet, Witt  published this bit of truth:


pamela harris charged rent


I wasn’t sure if that was accurate until I read Kenneth Lovett’s article in The Daily News yesterday. Lovett stated Harris’ financial disclosure matched Witt’s article.


pamela harris rent



Yet, The Daily News wasn’t able to name the renter. Here’s where Anna Spivak’s excellent reporting comes in:  Pamela Harris told Anna Spivak of The Brooklyn Reporter this:




It’s interesting that Pam spinned the situation and says that she “gave” the program the first floor when Pam was paid rent for that floor. SMH. As an educator, I will tell you when people say, “It’s about the children” – it’s never about the children – it’s just a smoke screen and they believe they don’t need to be accountable. When you mess up with money, you should be able to throw your paperwork up without being asked.


Through the great reporting of Kenneth Lovett,  Anna Spivak and even Steven Witt, we now have the truth. Pamela Harris lied at the debate with Lucretia Potter to get our votes. (And Lucretia Potter if you ever happen to read this blog – YOU WERE RIGHT – someone had to say it). 




I don’t understand why  Pamela Harris told us the Coney Island Generation Gap rented “space from her neighbor.”   Why not just say the truth and tell people you collected rent from the not-for-profit?  


* I caught Pamela Harris lying about opening a Bay Ridge office in September, as I went there at the end of April to get help. The office didn’t  open until mid-May (story here).




mark treyger threw money at coney island generation gap pamela harris


Initially the Coney Island Generation Gap seemed to be doing some great things in the community. Then Councilman Mark Treyger threw money at this organization like it was water and the organization’s focus changed.  Last Spring, Harris’ not-for-profit took took 15 kids and 4 adults on a cruise. Who paid for that? The news said the group raised $6500 through fundraising. But a week long cruise for 20 people cost more than $6500 – so did our tax money foot the bill for that?  


Comptroller Scott Stringer had no documents to show for CIGG. He obviously isn’t the watchdog he thinks he is!  How is possible that the Comptroller can’t tell us how these funds were used? I work for the City and they give me $122 which I had to provide receipts and an itemized list.  Yes all that for $122. This is thousands of dollars that no one needs to account for. It appears that 503c’s (not-for-profits) might be a black hole for money to fall into without accountability in NYC.


Councilman Mark Treyger should have posted a file showing  receipts and cancelled checks to show the money was used appropriately this year. But now we know he can’t!  Because if he did that would show that Harris lied about receiving the rent money. 


Before you think Treyger was a good guy covering for Harris, get the whole story. NYC Council just posted the discretionary money for 2017 and Treyger gave more money to the organization even though Pam Harris’ home address remains on organization. Treyger knows he is giving money to an Assemblywoman who is not suppose to have monetary ties to a not-for-profit.


Page 40 of the document shows $20,000 going to the Coney Island Generation Gap.


councilman mark treyger money pam harris organization


Page 317 of the same document shows another $28,000 going to the Coney Island Generation Gap.  If you scroll in the description says that the funds will be used to offset the costs of a youth program in Coney Island, including but not limited to the purchase of studio equipment, space rental fees and other operating expenses.


mark treyger cant handle money


Melissa Mark Vivierto saw the issue of the not-for-profit in Harris’ home weeks ago and still allowed the money to be given to the Coney Island Generation Gap this month.  Mark-Vivierto either doesn’t care or thinks no one will notice. I asked Melissa Mark Vivierto to provide documentation for the organization and she had nothing to show either. The admin for the financial office said they were looking into it and it’s a week later and they didn’t call me back.

I tweeted the issue to Melissa Mark Vivierto, but she didn’t answer.


CORRUPTION – it requires a lot of people to cover it up. 


Disclaimer: I don’t represent any politician or group. I represent myself, my family and my neighbors who are being taxed like crazy on our homes. We voted for Pamela Harris and she has shown that she is an unreliable politician. I do not know personally know Harris’ competitor. I have never spoken to her or met her. I follow her and most Brooklyn pols on social media.


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