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November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered – Bay Ridge






If you can’t cook or don’t want to cook this Thanksgiving, there are restaurants that you can order a whole turkey and fixings for Thanksgiving Dinner. They bring  you the complete Thanksgiving meal either the night before or early on Thanksgiving Day. You  just serve and enjoy!


1) Simply Di Delicious makes an organic Thanksgiving Dinner





2) ALC Italian Grocery  Brings Thanksgiving Dinner to you – there’s more to the menu here





3) Anthony’s Butcher and Deli 7324 – 3rd Avenue  718-748-4184  



4) M&M Deli Thanksgiving Buffet on 76th Street off 5th Avenue  718-238-6666   






5) Vesuvio’s is selling 100 Thanksgiving meals this year. 718-745-0222








6)  Order Thanksgiving Dinner from Fresh Direct. Options here. If it is your first time ordering from Fresh Direct, you can get $50 off $125 using code: FD50  (it’s on their main page).  *Although it is cooked, you will have to heat it (it says easy cooking directions).  You can even order some pie or fresh flowers from Fresh Direct. 



7) Lighthouse Cafe delivers dinner for 10-20 people for $220  718-238-7102.




If you would rather go to the restaurant in Bay Ridge for Thanksgiving Dinner, click here


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