November 9, 2015

Thanksgiving Desserts from Bay Ridge Bakeries




Robbicelli’s has an amazing chocolate cream pie that has to be ordered ahead of time. This will be Robbicelli’s last Thanksgiving here in Bay Ridge. Order here




Panentico 9124 3rd Ave  718-680-2347 – great seven layer cookies, raspberry sandwich cookies, Napoleon, Sfogliatelle, canoli and lobster tails all fresh (slow service because there are so many people). Get a coffee while you are there – it’s so good (great bread here too) – Pies are just okay here.


Bay Ridge Bakery – good butter cookies , mini strawberry cheesecake and Greek pastries (avoid their bread and chocolate mouse cake – sorry BRB) 


Jean Dante  7526 5th Avenue 718-836-7566  – great eclairs – good pumpkin and apple pie. They have a turkey cake – I’ve never had it so I have no idea what it’s like. Turkey Cakes are filled with canolli cream, vanilla custard, chocolate pudding, butter cream, etc.

turkey cake at jean dante


Leske’s – 7612 Fifth Avenue  718-680-2323 black and white cookies are amazing. Pumpkin custard pie is what this place is known for (it’s Lee’s favorite)

Tasty Pastry on 13th Avenue

Villa Abate – sorry it’s in Bensonhurst, but it’s worth the visit – expect a line out the door the closer you get to Thanksgiving. EVERYONE GOES HERE.



Your Baker and Mona Lisa Bakery on 86th Street closed. 


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