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March 12, 2018

Republicans Teens Not So Loud or Bold




Kadia Goba reported about The Brooklyn Teen Republicans protest yesterday, March 11th. (See video here). 


The club president was heard saying: “Hear us loud and clear Pamela Harris, it is time for you to resign.”


It’s a good message.  But…..


The only one who heard the not-so-fierce teens was the invited press, as Harris and her staff were enjoying their weekend. A clear sign of this was the  closed store front with the gate down.



Where did the teens get the idea to hold a rally where the intended target can’t see or hear them? They must have seen Senator Golden and Malliotakis operate this way, so the figured they would too.  Here’s the problem with that: Nothing actually gets done. 



If the Republican Teens wanted to be heard, they would have planned for a rally on a weekday and hopped on the train to Coney Island and rallied in front of Harris’ main office so Harris (or her employees) could hear them.  Where’s their fearless leaders – Marty Golden, Nicole Malliotakis, etc.? How come they didn’t get much support from the Brooklyn Republican Party?


Strangely, Pam Harris doesn’t represent at least three protestors (maybe more).



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