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July 25, 2015

Swimming Lessons for Children in Bay Ridge

Swim Lesson for babies 3 months old and up and children in Brooklyn

Updated: June 2018

swim lessons for kids in Bay Ridge Brooklyn


Although lessons at Fort Hamilton High School are popular through the BRAINS Program, the pool is closed so it can be restored. It’s expected to be open in December 2017. 


1) Swimming Lessons at the Fort Hamilton Army Base Pool–  10 Lessons for $175.00 (last year it was 8 lessons for $100 so there is a bit of an increase in price).    For Children Ages 4-14.  Call 718-765-7368 ext. 3 to register.



swimming lessons for children bay ridge 2018



2)  Poly Prep Swimming Lessons   9216 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn   718-836-9800, ext. 3220

Lessons for ages children ages 2-16.     See schedule of classes here.  

Several instructors in the pool.  Pool is usually warm.

Mommy and Me Classes for 2 and 3 year olds are really just splash around and get used to the water classes – not the same type of instruction as they would give a 4 or 5 year old.

If you go in the Summer time, the swim lessons are in the outdoor pool which is only 2-3 feet deep.


3) Camp Olympia at 237 – 7th Avenue Brooklyn  (718) 748-7084. (the old John Jay High School) 

Lessons for children 6 months and up. Great reviews, but our friend said the water was cold. $145 for 6 weeks

Classes are on Saturday or Sunday for 45 minutes. They show you how to handle your baby and play in the water. It’s difficult to change here because it is a high school – it’s easy if you bring your husband or mother so that you can go to the restroom and they can watch the baby.

Parking is difficult here.


4)  JCH – Jewish House of Bensonhurst Swim Academy  7802 Bay Parkway  718-331-6800 ext. 113

Mommy & Me for children 2.5 – 4 years old  ($165) –  Lessons for children age 4 -14

Click here for schedule and registration for other classes as well. Has classes on weekdays.   ($325 for one class per week  or  $520 for classes 2 times a week)



5) CLOSED FOR THIS SUMMER 2017. HS Pool Being Worked on. Dolphin Swimming at Abraham Lincoln High School 2800 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn  718-359-7743

Lessons for children ages 6 and up. Adults too

One teacher – 4 students

Classes are 45 minutes each – $290 for Level 1 /$510 for Level 2 and up (90 minutes)

Heated pool


6) Prospect Park Y (YMCA) at 357 9th Street – Renovated place with New pool (now two pools) – Pool is heated and good for small children. This location has a family locker room. Older kids use their own pool.  Mayor DeBlasio goes to this Y so you know it is good – super clean. Supplies towels too. Private one/one lessons are about $350 for 10 classes. Ten group classes are about $120 or less for 5 students to 1 teacher.

Lessons for children 6 months and up

Mommy and Me Classes – parents swim with children.  Other swim classes for older children Registration online  Prices here



7) Kings Bay Y (YMCA)   3495 Nostrand Avenue between Ave U and Ave. V  – heated pool     

Swim lessons for children age 3 months and up –   Cost  $250 per child.

Mommy and Me Classes. Adult swim classes here as well.

Private swim classes – $50 a class


) Shorefront YMCA/YWCA
Coney Island Avenue and Brighton beach

Lessons for children 3 months and up – adults too.  Four Children with one instructor $92 for four classes

Monday to Friday 3:30 to 7:30 pm and early Saturday and Sunday. 718-646-1444 ext. 412            swim@shorefronty.org 



9) Dodge YMCA225 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn   (718) 625-3136

Swimming lessons for ages 3-18. Private lessons available.  

See prices (around $200 for 1 day a week)


10) Imagine Swimming Swim School – 274 Garfield Place in Park Slope 

Lessons for children 4 years old and up  –  See schedule for classes   $45 for a 45 minutes 

Also several other locations in Brooklyn    Mommy and Me classes –  ages 6 months up

Students are grouped by age and comfort level in the water.  $44 for a 40 minute class – missed classes can not be made up. You are billed each month and need to send a letter 30 days in advance of when you want to stop lessons.



11)  Horizon Swimming used to use the Fort Hamilton HS Pool is now going to use the Tilden High School Pool on Kings Highway and East 58th Street. Classes  meet twice a week and were $400-$500 (718) 637-7840



12)Sunset Park Pool Lessons –  44th Street and 7th Avenue  *Summer*

Lessons for children 1.5 to 5 years old, ages 6-17 and adults too

NY Parks Department Free by lottery (you can win the lottery for multiple sessions)  Register here

Four sessions available:

  • Session 1: July 6 – July 19
  • Session 2: July 21 – August 3
  • Session 3: August 7 – August 18
  • Advance Session: August 21 -August 25

Each session is 6 lessons for the child WITH his or her parent in the water with them up to children age 5. Each session is for 20-30 minutes long.

Parents can not be near the water with children 6 years. or older. Parents watch from the benches outside of the locker room.

No floaties or toys (kickboards or balls) allowed in the water.

This outdoor pool is ice cold except on very hot days. The pool is also deep so a small child can not stand up in this pool.



13) Red Hook Pool – 155 Bay Street    *Summer*

Lessons for children 1.5 to 5 years old, ages 6-17 and adults too

NY Parks Department Free by lottery (you can win the lottery for multiple sessions)  Register here

Three sessions available:

  • Session 1: July 6 – July 19
  • Session 2: July 21 – August 3
  • Session 3: August 7 – August 18
  • Advance Session: August 21 -August 25

Lessons are 30 minutes long. They sing songs and got ythe small children accustomed to the water. Pool noodles allowed to help the children float. The water is cold but not freezing.


14) Matchpoint – 2781 Shell Road Brooklyn (exit 7 on the Belt Pkwy)  (718) 769-0001         Lessons for children 6 years -14 . Group and individual lessons. Groups based on ability and age. Adult lessons too.



16) Aquabeba – at Oliver Park Condominium 100 Masbeth Avenue in Williamsburg

Lessons for babies 4 months old and up    917-757-3512   Facebook page 

Parents accompany children in the pool.

5 weeks $230 (private lessons and other rates here)

Babies must wear two swim diapers.


17) POOL CLOSED for RENOVATIONS Brooklyn Sports Club – 1540 Van Sicklen Avenue Exit 14 on the Belt Pkwy –  20 minute drive 




18) Kingsborough Community College has College for Kids Classes (several sessions throughout the year)

Swim lessons for children 5-13 (must be 52″ tall – they measure)

Bring towel, combination lock and towel.

$200 for two mornings/$400 for 4 mornings  (includes a lot of other activities too)

Click here and choose College for Kids on the left to see the latest offerings. 



19) Greenpoint YMCA – mommy and me classes here are good


20) DGRockers also offers swim lessons https://www.dgrockers.com/swimming. Their site says they are using the Fort Hamilton Army Base pool.



Fort Hamilton High School Pool is currently closed so the programs below can not run.



1) Bay Ridge Aquatics Institute (BRAINS)   at Fort Hamilton High School    83 Street & Colonial Road (347) 267-9469  – Entrance is on 83rd Street – halfway between Narrows and Shore Road.

Swimming classes  for children 5 to 7 years old    Summer 2016 –   Info page

Pool is cool water – not heated. Children learn fast because they are consistently swimming for 9 days straight (5 days one week and then 4 days the next week). During the summer, classes start each day at 12:00 pm and then go throughout the day.   Each class meets for 50 minutes  $190

Need to have: a bathing suit, towel and bathing cap   optional: swim goggles

This swim class is very popular and sometimes there is a waiting list for it.

BRAINS also has a program to teach adults to swim.


2) St. Patrick’s Church has Swim Lessons  at Fort Hamilton High School Pool    83 Street & Colonial Road Brooklyn

For Children in Grades K-3  – 7  Lessons are given on Wednesday evening in February and March (register in January)   $125

E-mail: bklynstingrays@aol.com






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