November 9, 2015

Stores and Restaurants that Deliver Thanksgiving Dinner in Bay Ridge 2015



Bay Ridge Cares will be providing Thanksgiving Dinner to people who are alone, housebound or too ill to share the holiday with family and friends. If you know someone who is in need of a meal contact Bay Ridge Cares at See details here.


Bay Ridge Bakeries for Desserts



2018 Restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving Dinner


2018 Restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving Dinner


2018 Restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving Dinner


2018 Restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving Dinner




You may be having a lot of company or you just don’t feel like cooking a turkey so here are places in Bay Ridge or Brooklyn that will deliver precooked turkey and sides.


**Just saw 95th Street Diner – 95th Street and 4th Avenue – $15.95 complete dinner 


1. Panentico makes half and full trays of food. Great for sides. See menu


2. Mejlander & Mulgannon -718-238-6666 – pick up before 2pm on Thanksgiving

Full turkey with all the sides for small gathering of  people $150

Full turkey with all the sides for larger group $300 

They also have individual meals for $13.95

Order at least a week ahead of time.


3. Pig Guy is delivering Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the menu 


4. Simply Di-Delicious – organic meals.   Place your order by Sunday 11/15
From soups to stuffing, relishes, potato dishes, vegetables and hearty salad with roasted winter squash, farro, shiitakes and greens with honey-tahini dressing and with variety of DiDelicious daily baked Pies and Tarts to offer. All prepared freshly with an emphasis on local, seasonal, natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.
For complete menu and pie list or any other inquiry email me at



5.  ALC Italian Grocery – Their Thanksgiving Menu is here. Thanksgiving Catering from simple cheese and  platters, dessert, all natural pasture fed turkeys, to the entire feast are available.  8613 – 3rd Avenue


5. Meats Supreme has Thanksgiving dinner. -$169 – feeds 6-8 people. Must order 5 days before. 1949 86th Street  718-373-7045


6. Brooklyn Market   8102 3rd Avenue  (718) 567-8600  Ask for the Deli  – $200 – dinner for 10 to 12 people – delivery or pickup 


7. Terranova delivered the whole Thanksgiving meal last year. Expect the prices to be a bit higher. Terranova/Bake Ridge Bagels  94th and 95th Street & 3rd Ave 718-680-6353 


terranova 2014





8. Ravioli Fair does 12-15 lb turkeys  16th Ave & 80th Street  718-256-5288. 


9. Fairway in Redhook2015 Thanksgiving menu 


10. Whole Foods has classic Thanksgiving dinner, vegetarian and vegan options too. You have to order it the week before – pick up or delivery.


11. Benchmark Restaurant in Park Slope delivers Thanksgiving dinner for a family – around $300 – see menu


12. Jive Turkey – Two of my friends ordered the fried turkey from Jive and they loved it – $80 for the turkey. They sell sides to. No delivery, but five locations in Brooklyn


13. Popeyes (fast food place) sells a 9 – 13 pound fried turkey that has been frozen. It has to be heated in the over for an hour. We didn’t get it for Thanksgiving, but Lee’s family tried it one year and it wasn’t worth the $40. It was just okay –  couldn’t tell it was fried. (looked like this) No sides are included in that price.  



14. Naturally Delicious in Caroll Gardens – $40 per person – delivery extra  See menu



Places Closed on Thanksgiving


Trader Joes is closed on Thanksgiving.

The Family Store  is closed.



If you are alone and don’t have anyone to have Thanksgiving Dinner with in Brooklyn, there is a place open offering free Thanksgiving Dinner.  6324 – 7th Avenue Brooklyn 11220  – 1 to 3 pm


if you have no one to have thanksgiving dinner with


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