October 27, 2018

Steve Saperstein Lied During the Debate






Steve Saperstein has no problem lying about his opponent, Dr. Mathylde Frontus. (Reported here)


Steve Saperstein claimed that  Dr. Frontus had donated to Pam Harris.  Dr. Frontus did not donate any money to Harris.



Steve Saperstein Brooklyn


How can people trust Steve Saperstein when he lying about an educated woman just so he can win an office?



Saperstein has been desperately trying to link Frontus to Harris, but has been unsuccessful. Bay Ridge and Coney Island are very excited about Dr. Frontus becoming the Assemblywoman because she wants to make the government more transparent for residents.


In the primary election, Mathylde Frontus beat “the machine” in Coney Island even when her opponent had $$$ and endorsements.  Why? Because Dr. Frontus is the real deal – she’s a proven leader and community activist.


Saperstein doesn’t realize that people are tired of lying politicians and developer’s money. Residents want to know why Marty Golden didn’t give Steve Saperstein the money he needed since Golden has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his warchest.





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