November 5, 2018

Steve Saperstein – Not Right for Bay Ridge




Last November, Steve Saperstein ran for City Council against Chaim Deutsch.




Chaim Deutsch beat Steve. After the election we saw a lot of negativity on Twitter. 

In January, Steve was supporting Marty Golden’s election, so he went after Ross Barkan on Twitter. I noticed because that’s when the first wave of fake Twitter accounts appeared.


Ironically, the troll accounts were made and they told Ross Barkan that he was “barking up the wrong tree.”  Steve Saperstein said the same thing to Ross.  I thought it was strange that a man who ran for City Council would speak that way. 

Debate at Xaverian


On the night of the debate, I was going to write about Andrew Gounardes standing up to Marty Golden and his nonsense, but the news of Steve Saperstein accepting developer’s money hit me like a brick.   I shouldn’t be shocked, but I was.


I was shocked that my neighbor Ted Ghorra, the head of the Republican Party thinks it is okay for a politician to accept money from developers. I’m shocked that my neighbor Ted Ghorra has seen what has gone on in Coney Island and would endorse someone who is involved with developers. I believed that Ted Ghorra was somehow different or better than Marty or Jerry Kassar and he wouldn’t do that to his neighbors.



Steve Saperstein sat on the stage  at Xaverian High School and he didn’t want to answer the question about if he accepted money from developers. The moderator made him answer!



I was shocked that Ted Ghorra or Jerry Kassar would think Steve would be a viable candidate for our area.



I have been talking about developers for years and their ties to both Democrats and Republicans.


It’s clear that Marty Golden doesn’t want Steve Saperstein to win. Golden has plenty of campaign money and could have given some to Saperstein. Politicians use their political account like that all the time. Golden didn’t anti up the money, but this invitation makes it look like he wants people to (update: there were just a few people at that fundraiser).



Golden’s name was on the invitation for Saperstein’s fundraiser. The fundraiser was poorly attended and Marty Golden posted the pictures online so people could see it was poorly attended. Why would he do that? Many of the people at the fundraiser work on the campaign. Where are all the Republicans and their big wallets? : )

Rally at the Manor


Last night, when the Republicans got together, Steve Saperstein quoted Michelle Obama – see video. We love Michelle Obama,  but we didn’t realize that Ted Ghorra, Marty Golden and Jerry Kassar did as well!  

Sadly, Steve Saperstein hasn’t been a fair or honorable candidate  towards Mathylde Frontus. I had to look up Steve’s age because I couldn’t believe how disrespectful he was towards his opponent.  


  • Steve hounded  Dr. Frontus online:




Steve must have realized that Dr. Frontus’  background and experience made her a much better candidate than he was.



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