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August 10, 2018

Teen at FHHS Made Up Story to Police – Accidently Stabbed By Friend



This afternoon a  16 year old teenager was playing around with his friend and got stabbed (accidently).  He was in the park near Fort Hamilton High School,so he went to the  FHHS Safety Officer for help. The Safety Officer reported the stabbing to the NYPD.   


Councilman Brannan confirmed there was an incident and continued to update until the police got to the bottom of the story – the teen made up the story (the purple box above was Brannan’s last message).


stabbing fort hamilton high school august 2018



The teen told the police that he was slashed and that the perp fled on foot on 85th Street. The 68th Precinct got to the bottom of the story and Councilman Brannan updated everyone that the teen made up the story and was stabbed accidently.  The teen was brought to NYU Langone for minor wound.


Okay so the kid lied – he probably didn’t want to get in trouble with his Mom so he made up a story. The bad part is that his lie brought out the NYPD and the emergency response team (helicopters were flying low over the area). They all responded quickly to the teen’s claim of violence. 


We’re glad the teen is okay and no one was seriously hurt. 






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