March 19, 2020

South Brooklyn Corona Virus Update



I wrote down the stats because I want to see who is getting better and how this pandemic is growing (and then hopefully slowing down). Sorry if it creeps you out. 

Do People in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights have the coronavirus?

Yes, sadly some Rigites have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus.




April 26. 2020


16, 673 NYC Residents have died from coronavirus

153,204 cases of coronavirus in NYC 

Hospitalizations: 12,839

Patients in ICU: 4,284

Patients intubated: 3,577

Total discharges: 45,557

Past 24 hours: 367 deaths

April 16, 2020


12,199 reported deaths – 7,890 confirmed and 4,309 probable Deaths

April 15, 2020 at 6 pm

 11,477 dead

32,843 hospitalizations


April 12, 2020 at  4: 30 pm


NYC – 6,898 reported deaths 

NYC – 103,208 people tested positive

NYS – 9,385 people died

NYS – 188, 902 people tested positive

Numbers from earlier today:


26,956 in Brooklyn 

22,325 in the Bronx 

13,280 in Manhattan

7,784 on Staten Island

32,123 in Queens 




April 11, 2020

98,715 total cases 

5,742 reported deaths 

26,042 in Brooklyn 

21,523 in the Bronx

12,712 in Manhattan 

7,358 on Staten Island

31,044 in Queens

April 10, 2020


NYC – 5,700 deaths

NYC has 93,414 confirmed cases


NYS – 7844 deaths (including 5,700 from NYC) 

NYC has 170,414 confirmed cases


24,635 Brooklyn

12,088 Manhattan

29,409 Queens

6,979 Staten Island

20,265 Bronx 

Across the US deaths: 18,000 

473,000 cases in the US


April 9, 2020


NYC – 4,426 deaths 

NYC – 84,373 confirmed cases


22,550 Brooklyn

11,244 Manhattan

27,063 Queens

5,831 Staten Island

17,648 Bronx


April 8, 2020


NYC – 4,260 deaths reported

NYC – 80,204 confirmed cases

21,580 Brooklyn

10,862 Manhattan

26,204 Queens

5,102 SI

16,419 Bronx 

April 7, 2020 at 11:45 am


 5489 people in NYS have died

138,836 people in NYS have been hospitalized for coronavirus.

3,602 deaths

NYC 77,967 confirmed cases


21,109 Brooklyn

10,642 Manhattan

25,715 Queens

4,661 Staten Island

15,803 Bronx

April 5 and 6th are missing


My family was hit with coronavirus.

April 4, 2020 at 5 pm 


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  2,254



NYS Residents who died (includes 2254 from NYC):    

New York State: 

New York City: 60,850


16,488 in Brooklyn

11,820 in the Bronx 

8,781 in Manhattan 

3,355 on Staten Island  

20,371 in Queens 







April 3, 2020


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  1,600 in the morning – 1867 by 4:30 pm


NYS Residents who died (includes 1,600 from NYC):  2935  

Nationwide: 245,000 cases.  6,100 deaths. 

New York State: 102,000  cases 

New York City: 56,289 (52,948 this morning)


15,327 Brooklyn

8,222 Manhattan

18,823 Queens

10,765 Bronx

3,117 Staten Island




April 2, 2020 


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  1,300


NYS Residents who died (includes 1,300 from NYC):  2372   

Nationwide: 217,000 cases.  4,500 deaths.


47,000 confirmed cases in New York City. 

 93,000  confirmed cases of coronavirus in NYS.


Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn:  12,274  people with coronavirus


Queens:  15,217  people with coronavirus


SI: 2,552 people with coronavirus


Bronx:  8,607 people with coronavirus


Manhattan:  7,022 people with coronavirus



April 1, 2020 


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  


NYS Residents who died (includes   from NYC):  1931

 83712  confirmed cases of coronavirus in NYS.



Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn:    people with coronavirus


Queens:    people with coronavirus


SI:    people with coronavirus


Bronx:     people with coronavirus


Manhattan:     people with coronavirus







March 31st 


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  932  (1096 at night)


NYS Residents who died (includes 932  from NYC):  


43,139- confirmed cases in New York City. 

75,795 confirmed cases of coronavirus in NYS.



Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn:  10904   people with coronavirus


Queens:  13,576  people with coronavirus


SI:   2314 people with coronavirus


Bronx:    7625  people with coronavirus


Manhattan:   6446  people with coronavirus




March 30th at 4:30 pm


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  914


NYS Residents who died (includes 914 from NYC):  1218

66497 People tested positive for coronavirus in NYS. 9,517 people hospitalized


– confirmed cases in New York City.



Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn:  10171   people with coronavirus


Queens: 12756  people with coronavirus


SI:    2140  people with coronavirus


Bronx:  6925   people with coronavirus


Manhattan:  6060  people with coronavirus







March 29th – 7:00 pm


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  776


NYS Residents who died (includes 776 from NYC):  965


33474- confirmed cases in New York City.



Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn: 8,887  people with coronavirus


Queens: 10,737 people with coronavirus


SI:  1,984  people with coronavirus


Bronx:  6,250 people with coronavirus


Manhattan: 5,582  people with coronavirus
















March 28th  – 10,000 people in Italy have died so far. 


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  672


NYS Residents who died (includes 672 from NYC):  

Across the US deaths from coronavirus:  


30,765 – confirmed cases in New York City.


50000+ confirmed cases in NYS 


121,000  Coronavirus cases  in the US:  2000 deaths. Source









March 27th – 12:00 Noon Governor Cuomo’s speech


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  450


NYS Residents who died (includes 450 from NYC):  

Across the US deaths from coronavirus:  


 25,398 – confirmed cases in New York City.


44,635 confirmed cases in NYS 


92.900 Coronavirus cases  in the US:  1,300 deaths.


Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn:  7091  people with coronavirus


Queens: 8,529 people with coronavirus


SI:  1,534  people with coronavirus


Bronx:  4,880  people with coronavirus


Manhattan:  4,627 people with coronavirus







March 26th – 12:00 Noon Governor Cuomo’s speech


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  281


NYS Residents who died (includes 281 from NYC ): 385

Across the US deaths from coronavirus:  


 – confirmed cases in New York City.


 37,258 – confirmed cases in NYS (5327 hospitalized.  1290 ICU Patients on ventilators)


Coronavirus cases  in the US:  81,321.  More than 1000 deaths.




March 25th


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  199 (at 3:00 pm on 3/25)


NYS Residents who died (includes 199 from NYC ): 285 (ABC Morning News)

Across the US deaths from coronavirus:  795


 17,856 – confirmed cases in New York City.


30,811 – confirmed cases in NYS


Coronavirus cases  in the US:  58,000


Borough breakdown: (From AM Numbers so they will not match above)


Brooklyn:  4,407  people with coronavirus


Queens: 4,667 people with coronavirus


SI:  999   people with coronavirus


Bronx: 2,505  people with coronavirus


Manhattan: 3013 people with coronavirus












March 24th


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  131


NYS Residents who died (includes 131 from NYC ): 210  tallied by The New York Times.

Across the US deaths from coronavirus: 593 deaths in the US


14,904  – confirmed cases in New York City.


25,665  confirmed cases in NYS


Coronavirus cases  in the US:  48,997


Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn: 4,237 people with caronavirus


Queens:  4,364 people with caronavirus


SI: 935 people with caronavirus


Bronx: 2,328   people with caronavirus


Manhattan: 2,887  people with caronavirus



March 23rd

NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  99


NYS Residents who died (includes 99 from NYC ): 157 

Across the US deaths from coronavirus: 463


10,764  – confirmed cases in New York City. 20,875 in NYS.  Coronavirus in the US: 38,725

March 22nd at 10:00 am


NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  63


 9,654  – confirmed cases in New York City. Coronavirus in the US: 16,064.

Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn: 2,857

Queens:  2,715

SI: 593

Bronx: 1,411

Manhattan: 2,072





March 21st

NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  60


8,115 – confirmed cases in New York City. Coronavirus in the US: 16,064.

Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn: 2,484

Queens: 2,254

SI: 437

Bronx: 1071

Manhattan: 1,868


1,450 people hospitalized.   370 in the ICU.


March 20th

NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  43

5,683 – confirmed cases in New York City 

Borough breakdown:


Brooklyn: 1,740

Queens: 1,514

SI: 285

Bronx: 736

Manhattan: 1,402



March 19th  shared at 5:00 pm (from 10:00 am)

NYC Residents who died from coronavirus:  22 


3,615 – confirmed cases in New York City – Channel 1 Mayor de Blasio (this is much higher because there are more tests being taken)


Borough breakdown:

  • Brooklyn:  1,030
  • Queens   980
  • SI – 165
  • Bronx – 463
  • Manhattan: 976


New York State – 7,584 confirmed cases of coronavirus (They tested 22,284 so that’s why the number is higher now….about a third of the people tested had coronavirus).


Westchester – 1588

Nassau – 640

Albany – 307

Suffolk – 361

Saratoga – 155

Schnectady – 131

Rensselaer – 1134

Monrow – 153

Orange – 94 



An inmate in his 30’s on Ryker Island has tested positive. He was moved to another unit along with eight other inmates from his section.


Forty inmates are on the list to be released from prison because they are in the high risk bracket.








March 16th at 8:55 pm 

463 confirmed cases in New York City – Channel 1 Mayor de Blasio  (the breakdown below only adds up to 344 as 463 is the new total for today – new breakdown not available yet)


  • Brooklyn: 62
  • Queens 118
  • SI 19
  • Bronx 34
  • Manhattan: 111 

7 out of the 9 deaths in NYS are from NYC.

New York State – 950 confirmed cases of coronavirus.  9 deaths in NYS (Source)





Deaths from Coronavirus in NY State – 7 total


  • 9) ?
  • 8) ?
  • 7) 56 year old man with diabetes who worked for the Dept of Corrections – not a corrections officer
  • 6) 89 year old man who returned from Italy about a week ago
  • 5) 53-year-old woman with diabetes and heart disease
  • 4) 78-year-old man with multiple preexisting conditions
  • 3) A 79 year old woman with heart failure/lung disease died at Mt. Sinai Hospital on Sunday. 
  • 2) A 64 year old Rockland County man (Source)
  • 1) A 82-year-old Queens woman who was in a Bushwick hospital with emphysema. (Source)



United States Nationwide: 74 deaths

As of today, Italy has 27,980 infected by coronavirus and had 2,158 people died. (Source)


March 16th – Yeshivas in Brooklyn close. Source   Catholic schools issue a statement that they will stay closed to April 20th as well.

March 16th – Governor Cuomo said movie theaters, gyms and casinos will close by 8:00 pm today – Source


March 15th:   NYS: 729 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 137 have been admitted to the hospital.  5,272 New Yorkers underwent testing for the coronavirus. 

3/15:  people died in Italy today as a result of the coronavirus.


March 15th – Mark Treyger tweeted that a teacher at PS 199 in Brooklyn had the coronavirus:



March 15th – Mayor de Blasio announced that restaurants and bars serving food will be take out or delivery only. Movie theaters will close.


March 15th – Mayor de Blasio announced that NYC Public Schools are closed until April 20th



March 14th – The Catholic Church cancels mass at 296 churches because a parishioner in Queens tested positive for coronavirus and the Catholic Church wants to be proactive. Watch mass on television (on NET-T)   See story

March 14th Total:   183 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New York City 



March 14th – Brooklyn Assembly members Charles Barron and Helene Weinstein tested positive for COVID-19.  See here


March 14th – An 82-year-old Queens woman with advanced emphysema died in a Brooklyn Hospital (Wycoff Hospital in Bushwick). She was in the hospital since March 3rd. See here   None of the personnel or ambulance workers, emergency staff or physicians has  any symptoms of COVID-19 and are self-quarentined. 


3/13 – Student who attends Brooklyn College has coronavirus – see here

3/13  Brooklyn Supreme Court Worker got the cononavirusStory here



March 13th Totals: 95 cases of coronavirus in New York City and Brooklyn has 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 25 in Manhattan, 17 in Queens, 10 in the Bronx and 5 in SI.   (Only 22 of those people are in the hospital)

March 11th – A doctor at the Brooklyn Veteran’s Hospital in Bay Ridge tested positive for the coronavirus – Story

March 11th – Two patients at Maimonides Hospital tested positive for the corona virus. 



3/10/20 – Cuomo said that New Rochelle was going to have closures of schools and houses of worship so they can deep clean over the next two weeks. The National Guard is going there to do oversee the cleaning and deliver food to those who are self quarentine. Cuomo didn’t tell the local representatives – they found out at the presser.



3/10, there are 173 reported in New York State according to the New York Times37 NY Residents have the corona virus. 30  New York City residents are under mandatory quarantine . They receive a daily call and two unannounced visits each week. 1980 are under voluntary quarantine.  26 people in the US have died. There were 2 deaths in Florida, 2 in California and 22 people in Washington State have died  (3/9/20 – 22 deaths nationwide -19 of the fatalities have been in Washington state, where America’s very first case was reported.)  From: US News 3/10


3/9 Connecticut has 2 cases of corona virus


3/9 NJ had 11 cases of corona virus- 3 hospitalized 


3/9   113,000 cases globally – 60,000 have recovered.  (NY 1 News at 10:00 pm)   



3/9 – A NYC Fireman at a Brooklyn firehouse got the coronavirus – see here  As a matter of precaution, members of that firehouse have been quarantined.




3/9/20 – 20 cases of coronavirus in NYC. 24 yesterday people in NYC under mandatory quarentine. Seven New Cases in NYC:


  • #14  A 68 year-old Brooklyn man – in the ICU unit at the hospital. He has heart disease and diabetes.   NY1 News on 3/9
  • #15  A 22 year-old Brooklyn resident.  NY 1 News on 3/9
  • #16  A 75 year-old Queens man. He is in the ICU unit at the hospital (has diabetes)  NY1 News on 3/9
  • #17  A 7-year-old girl from the Bronx is also among the New York City cases. She is doing well and quarantined with her family, who have tested negative.  She attends Westchester Torah Academy, which has been closed since the New Rochelle case emerged.  3/9/20
  • #18 –  Rick Cotton, the head of the Port Authority has the corona virus. He is 76-years-old.   Source 3/9/20
  • #19 – An EMS worker in Brooklyn  has the corona virus. He got it from his girlfriend who is an airline flight attendant. She is quarantined overseas.   Source  This member worked three tours in the last week, partnered with 5 fellow EMS members (all asymptomatic and are being directed to self-quarantine) and treated 11 patients.  3/9/20. 



 3/9: 607 Cases of coronavirus in the US. NYS has 142 cases.




3/8: NJ had 6 cases of coronavirus

3/8  – The residents and families associated with King David Nursing Home at 2266 Cropsey Avenue in Gravesend, Brooklyn must be worried after hearing this news that James Cai, a healthcare worker had corona virus. UPDATE 3/10: James Cai was on the news this morning. He looked in good spirits and said he was doing well.  Yesterday 3/9, The paper reported Cai said he was getting worse. See article    Cai has been in a NJ hospital since Tuesday, March 2nd.



Mayor de Blasio said that a healthcare worker (James Cai), who tested positive for the corona virus saw 11 patients at the King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.  Source  No one else at the facility appears ill right now. While the man was working he wore gloves and a mask. 









3/8 NYS had 106 cases.  NYC Cases: 13 cases of coronavirus



  • #2-#6   Lawrence Garbuz, an attorney from New Rochelle with an office in Manhattan (Lawrence’s case has been linked to a number of other people infected in the New Rochelle community, where their synagogue, Young Israel of New Rochelle, has been temporarily closed as other congregants and the rabbi tested positive).  Lawence’s 47-year-old wife, his 20-year-old  son who attends Yeshiva University and his oldest daughter tested positive. *The neighbor who drove Garbuz to the hospital also tested positive.   Lawrence’s two other daughters, 8 and 10 yrs. old tested negative. (A Brooklyn court was disinfected as someone connected to Garbuz was there – see here


  • 7. Man in his 40’s – not connected to other patients or traveling  (March 5th)



  • 9. A 39-year-old Brooklyn man was hospitalized in serious condition after returning from a trip to Italy. He had pre-existing conditions. His business associate tested negative.


  • #10 and 11.  Two women in Brooklyn – one was 66 yrs old and the other 71 years old. They came back from a cruise from Egypt on February 20th and felt symptoms when they returned. They are home self-isolated. They had to sign a statement stating they would stay in their apartment (the statement was pushed under their door).


  • 12. A 58-year-old Bronx man went to Chile and had lunch with an infected person. He returned, went to a Manhattan hospital and tested positive.  See here


  • 13. A 51-year-old-man from the Upper West Side who contracted the novel coronavirus in New Rochelle



3/4 – This is good news:   Newsweek states that 50,000 people have recovered from coronavirus – see article





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