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  • June 25, 2016

    Something Isn’t Right Here – Democrats for Change & District Leaders Endorsements

    Kevin Peter Carroll is a Democratic State Committee  District Leader in Bay Ridge. If you are thinking “What’s that?” –  you are not alone.  I’ve seen Carroll at a few meetings in Bay Ridge, but  I don’t actually know what he does. I haven’t seen him lead or be the person in charge at anything I have attended in Bay Ridge. I’ve  lived in the neighborhood for 7 years and just outside the neighborhood for the rest of my life.


    The only thing I have seen  Carroll doing is endorsing candidates and apparently that’s what his position of District Leader  is about!  Kevin Peter Carroll hasn’t presented anyone to run against our ineffective Assemblywoman, Nicole Malliotakis.  Carroll claimed  80% of the district is located in Staten Island and no one from Bay Ridge can win. The right candidate could easily take the position as many Staten Islanders don’t care for her either.  Carroll  hasn’t presented a candidate to run against Marty Golden and no reason was given for this.


    kevin peter carroll bay ridge brooklyn district leader doing the wrong thing


    Kevin Peter Carroll as a Democratic District Leader has endorsed some candidates which are inappropriate for Bay Ridge. Carroll told me he is endorsing the candidates that his club endorsed.


    Carroll also told me to stay out  of the Democrats politics. No Kevin I won’t.  If someone is being brought into Bay Ridge, it’s my business regardless of the political party. I will be looking into them and their motives for being here. Why? Because they have no investment here, I do. In a few years, they will be gone and I will still be here.


    Here’s the problem with an endorsement from a political club  –  Membership isn’t limited to just our neighborhood. People from out of the area are choosing candidates for the area. And that’s how special interests get in.


    I was surprised to see the  Democrats for Change made a decision to endorse candidates that wouldn’t benefit our neighborhood which is already fighting zoning issues and has Mom and Pop stores.  The Brooklyn Democrats for Change  doesn’t have a large presence online and I haven’t seen them object to anything going on in our community so maybe their group is more like a social group.   On Facebook, there is just a little  chatter for Hillary Clinton  and on twitter, there is just info on social events and no political discussions:  see here).   The president of the Democrats for Change, Amanda Pizzuti  tweets about politics, but nothing locally. She hasn’t mention any of the endorsements and hasn’t tweeted in favor of Treyger or Harris. Strangely, she posts pictures of her pedicure on her twitter account. She doesn’t engage in political discussions as I have asked her to withdraw the careless choices her club has made and she didn’t respond.


    These were the endorsements Kevin Peter Caroll made:  

    • Kevin Peter Carroll is pushing Mark Treyger in our area, even though Treyger doesn’t live in the district. Treyger moved to Coney Island to  run as a Councilman there  and he said he will move to get this position as well. Recently, I saw Mark Treyger in our parade and he looked as uncomfortable as a fish out of water.  If you research how how Councilman Treyger was funded (see page 77) you will see there is a problem.  Kevin Peter Caroll said that Treyger wasn’t aware that the REBNY was spending the money – If a candidate doesn’t know who is spending over $350,000+ to get  them  elected then they probably shouldn’t be in office.  Where is Treyger’s press release where he denounced REBNY?  Treyger sends press releases to the paper ALL THE TIME. Why hasn’t he denounced the developers?     My family owns a business in Treyger’s district. I communicated our concern about issues of eminent domain being used on Coney Island property owners and Treyger was very lax about it. In fact,  Treyger sided with the city and Carol Murray was  intimidated (she’s an older lady and there was no reason for that).   Her land was not blighted. After communicating with Treyger, I researched him because something wasn’t right.  Years ago,  NO ONE wanted property in Coney Island, but now that everything is bought up, developers want it. Politicians need to be able to step and fight to  protect property owners (as Leticia James did for us).  This Spring, a building in Coney Island was being sold. Treyger made his community rally because he wanted NYC to purchase it, even though he knew this was a DONE DEAL. I think Treyger duped the community into thinking a rally would change things.   After the property was purchased, Treyger was invited onto the developer’s radio show. Listen to how the developer spoke to Treyger (contrast the same man speaking with Councilman Gentile –  no hidden undertones).   During the radio show, Treyger never revealed that Catsimatidis was the new owner of the building or welcomed him to Coney Island.   Treyger’s opponent, Chris McCreight has been speaking against corruption for years and lives in Bay Ridge. I do not know McCreight personally, but for years he has spoken out against campaign money from  lobbyists and special interest groups being a problem in politics.



    • Carroll endorsed Betty Anne Canizio. Canizio was a district leader in Brooklyn and had moved to Bay Ridge.  When the news of the  Brooklyn  Voter Purge came out showing that over 120,000 voters were purged from the system, everyone remained quiet.   Now maybe Carroll doesn’t think anything is wrong with the voting system being purged, but ethically it’s horrible because the right to vote is all we have. (Lee was affected by this and he is not a Dem or Rep).   Kevin Peter Carroll should have withdrawn his endorsement of Canizio, but he didn’t do anything. When more info about came out,  Caroll should have issued a statement and withdrawn this candidate.    Canizio’s withdrawal was announced in the local news/


    • Diane Savino was also endorsed.  Savino’s recent bill makes her a questionable candidate for anyone who is ethical. Savino (and Jeff) received money from a PAC – see here   Maybe politicians are used to making bills for money, but I am not.  The bill will only hurt poor people – explained here. Shouldn’t Democrats be looking out for that? If politicians aren’t looking out for that shouldn’t political clubs and parties be looking for better candidates? I commented on Errol Lewis’ tweet about it and Savino responded. I challenged Savino to return the money (it’s not a lot $1000, but Jeff Klein received quite a bit more so they can’t).


    *When the Democrats and Frank Seddio saw the serious decline in Democratic voters – why didn’t they raise hell? In fact, Frank Seddio defended Canizio.  Seddio claimed that the purge happened in 2014 before Canizio took the position, but that was untrue and they were able to narrow down the purge days (two days last Summer have been cited).  By now. Frank Seddio should have corrected this in the news as he has lost a lot of respect from people who have known him for years (Seddio was our uncle’s attorney). Why hasn’t anyone called for Michael Ryan to step down?


    When I saw that Kevin was still pushing Treyger and Harris, I contacted him privately.  He was unapproachable about the topic.


    Yesterday some guy was discussing Bay Ridge candidates,  I responded with a tweet. Then Kevin wrote to me and pretended like we never spoke. How disingenuous!


    kevin peter carroll bay ridge brooklyn


    Three weeks ago I privately messaged Kevin Peter Carroll. I explained why Treyger and Harris were not right for Bay Ridge and Kevin said this:


    kevin peter carroll not for bay ridge


    I’ve written on Twitter for years and even stood up for Carroll when I have seen someone attack him unfairly.


    Something just isn’t right here.  


    Carroll needs to withdraw their support for Treyger and Harris as they are wrong for Bay Ridge! 


    Disclaimer: I just saw in Carroll’s bio today that he worked for David Yaskky from June 2009 – September 2009.  Yaskky was a politician in Downtown Brooklyn who supported Bloomberg. Years ago, as the city attempted to take my family’s property in Downtown Brooklyn through eminent domain, Yaskky  chose not to  represent the people in Downtown Brooklyn. Leticia James was the only person who stood with my family – OVER AND OVER AND OVER…..she did everything she could. Leticia James kept giving everyone hope while every other pol just wanted to take pictures.  Downtown Brooklyn voted Yaskky out. When he lost the election, Bloomberg gave him a job.   We helped campaign against Yassky because he didn’t deserve to hold office in the area.   Yassky was the first political candidate I blogged about – his campaign wrote to me several times.


    A bit more on this.


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