June 28, 2020

Some Businesses Receive Free Supplies



NYC Business Commissioner, Jonnel Doris brought some businesses in Bay Ridge protective supplies, but many businesses did not receive anything.  See here



Every business that is open in our area should have been brought PPE – it was purchased by the city for the businesses.




Why isn’t a car  driving down the avenues and giving it to all of the owners?  Why would Brannan post these pictures?  This is not the time or photos. Everyone who is not in quarantine should not be lining up like they are at the prom to take a picture. 



We asked twelve fourteen places in the 90’s this morning and they all said they needed to purchase their own supplies. We asked owners on 3rd, 4th and 5th Avenues as we thought maybe a BID organized it.  But owners on each Avenue said they weren’t given supplies – some asked me if I knew who had it!




Why were those businesses chosen to receive supplies?  Are these friends of the Councilman or his staffer?



Strangely, Councilman Brannan gave the job to a staffer who is also a  business owner. Competitors of her place didn’t receive supplies.

Why is there always a discrepancy on who can receive and who can’t receive in Bay Ridge? Some businesses are just holding on so this should have been distributed evenly.

That’s how you know the wrong people are representing the area. The right person would have brought the supplies to the business owners. There are certainly enough staffers employed there to do so. And you know what? Those people would have been the first to call for the former senator to distribute things fairly – so why aren’t they?


The business owners are used to looking out for themselves and each other.

Owners aren’t going to go to a politician’s office to pick up masks when they are redoing their business to make it safer inside or setting up a new restaurant outside of their current locationn.









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