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  • August 11, 2017

    Meeting for Bay Ridge Socialists – Right Before the Primary

    BR4SJ Socialists in Bay Ridge

    Oh yeah….the Socialists are having a second meeting. This time the Anarchists were left out of it (see last meeting: here).


    Trump became president at the beginning of the year and the Bay Ridge Socialists didn’t hold any meetings. At the end of July, on a Summer weekend, they held a meeting.


    Looks more like a ploy to push El-Yateem in the primary.



    Join us at our August 28th organizing meeting at 6:30 pm at Union Chuch.  We will be picking up where we left off at our recent panel and discussion of immigrant defense and sanctuary in Bay Ridge. 

    We will start the meeting with a discussion of this article: 


    There will also be a continuation of planning for immigrant defense and sanctuary hood in our community. 

    Light refreshments will be served. Children and families welcome.

    Questions? Please contact us at bayridgeforsocialjustice@gmail.com



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