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May 11, 2018

Slow Down Bay Ridge Drivers – New Signs




Andrew Gounardes who is challenging Senator Golden has started a Go Fund me campaign for these signs to be placed throughout our neighborhood.

The first time I saw the sign, I thought, “Oh we need that here.” Drivers are crazy in Bay Ridge and will speed up one block to get to the top of the block thirty seconds faster. Although this won’t stop all drivers, the first time someone see this sign, it will make them think. 


If you want a sign – chip in.   Often we feel like politicians are disconnected from the rest of the community because these accidents don’t affect them, I’m glad Andrew is DOING SOMETHING now and I know when he get elected he will make laws tighter in the community and help cyclists get around safely. There are soooo many cyclists now so something needs to be done so everyone can share the road.




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