September 12, 2020

Senator Gounardes Retaliates Against Me





On September 11th,  Senator Gounardes woke up and retweeted his friend’s version of a story

Andrew Gounardes wanted to hide that he took money from a developer! 

All of my tweets are online and if anyone isn’t on my friends list and wants to see them, add me!   I am sharing them here as well. 


On Friday at 3:00 pm, I called Andrew’s office and left three messages with his staffers. I expressed the urgency of the call. I wanted to check that Gounardes was aware of the tweet (sometimes staffers post things for politicians). Gounardes did not return my phone call because he is a coward.  Even politicians like Marty Markowitz, would return a phone call on Saturday morning if someone called him and he was too busy the day before.


In August, Arima Long, a journalist for Kings County Politics researched Gounardes after reading something I wrote on this blog.  Long wrote that Andrew Gounardes accepted money from the developer, like Councilman Brannan did. (See here)

This was shocking news us!  Gounardes must have thought he wasn’t going to get caught accepting the money!  



In the past, The Bay Ridge Democrats backed candidates who could stand up to developers. They wrote this:




Gounardes’ team should be mad at Andrew Gounardes for taking money from a developer. Even socialist politicians have spoken out against candidates that are “bought and bossed.”   

Over the past few months, I have contacted Senator Gounardes  through e-mail and tweets about members of his groups.  Gounardes replied that he has nothing to do with it. So why would he think it was okay to retweet what his friend wrote without all the information present?  

This morning, I realized I had to respond because Jay continued to write to me – even though I blocked him on Sept. 10th.  (See here)  





This conversation started:

On Wednesday, September 9th,  I tweeted about Andrew Gounardes being unresponsive to the community in many situations.  (See here)  When someone yelled, “Death to America” in Bay Ridge, he didn’t even address it.




I responded to political tweets where two friends were against Gounardes’ opponent, Vito Bruno.  (The people are on Gounardes’ team in the paper).  I am interested in hearing from other candidates.




At 11:15 pm, Jay responded to my tweet and accused me of posting something that is “ACTUALLY COMPLETELY UNTRUE” (see his words below).  His friend liked this tweet in agreement.  Jay stated that Senator Gounardes didn’t ignore a murder.  I didn’t mention a murder.  I was talking about the shooting on 86th Street on Monday (and I provided him a link to it).  



 At 11:35 pm, I responded to Jay with the tweet below.   (See here

I asked them to show me where Senator Gounardes mentioned the shooting at Sammy Hamden and provided him a link to the information about Monday’s shooting (See here). 

Jay is a reporter at a local paper so he knows how important the truth is.

There was no response.  I figured he went to bed.  

Thursday afternoon, I tweeted him after I saw he had been online sending out other political tweets.





Some of the former senator’s staffers would try to discredit people online the same way.  Jay saw this happen to many people.

When I blocked them, they would make more accounts. 



Jay responded to me that his family member was killed. I did not know this! 

Jay was angry and started tweeting mean things at me. I blocked him. 

Jay acted like I should have known, even though he didn’t share the information on Twitter. Later, I found that Jay wrote about it on Facebook on the September 9th. I don’t follow him on Facebook – he must have assumed I did.

I did not make any tweets about the murder on Twitter –  I only wrote about it on this blog. The murder happened four days before these tweets happened.  So Jay’s tweets below are incorrect. (See his tweets here)






On Sunday, September 7th, I had written a blog, as we heard the details of the shooting on 74th Street and 11th Avenue.   See here   As I heard stories about Mike, I added them. I definitely expressed condolences to the family – I always do. Jay implied that I hadn’t expressed sympathy towards the family. 

Later, Jay wrote about someone misspelling a name. All the news articles have the same spelling of Scully and information shared by friends also do. No one would purposely misspell someone’s name. 




His friend didn’t think I expressed condolences well enough. I had written that on Sunday and didn’t know until Thursday that was Jay’s relative. 





My Twitter account was set to private awhile back. I am super busy at this time of the year and I don’t have the time to answer all of the tweets I am receiving.  When I blocked Jay, he assumed I deleted the tweets. I didn’t.




On Friday, September 11th, the first thing Senator Gounardes tweeted from his @agounardes account was this man’s anger towards me.    Gounardes claimed that I expressed hate.  Yes everyone hates politicians that think it’s okay to accept money from developers!  

Councilman Justin Brannan also retweeted the same tweets. Councilman Brannan has my phone number, address and e-mail address.  I would think Brannan would be more tech-savvy to realize that copying partial tweets is just callous. Taking money from a developer isn’t  something we thought we would see from Brannan either!   

Protip to Politicians: No one can say you took money if you didn’t. It’s all proveable in a few clicks.

To all of Gounardes supporters: Supporting a candidate that is accepting money from developers is dangerous to neighborhoods. I will always advocate against it.




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