March 24, 2020

Senator Gounardes Digital Town Hall



This Townhall would have been helpful to people a week ago. That’s when other senators were having virtual townhalls. How do I know? I went to other Senator’s online meetings because I needed information. 





Senator Gounardes’ Digital Townhall was very basic. The general public already knows 98% of the information that was relayed tonight. This meeting should have taken place last Wednesday, March 18th, at the latest. 

Update: Bklyner covered the Town Hall and someone commented:




See I told you!

You can see the video here.



The Townhall included:



A) Karen Tadross from Bay Ridge Cares is in the top left.  She said:


1) Bay Ridge Cares has 175 volunteers to do food shopping, run errands, walk pets and deliver food to seniors and vulnerable people.  

2) Bay Ridge Cares receives 30-35 cases a day from the phone line  718-635-0219.

3) Volunteers and those serve must follow Bay Ridge Cares plan, so everyone is protected. 

4) Karen Tadross urged people to be kind and check on their neighbors.  (knock on someone’s door and step back 10 feet)   

5) If you want to help in your apartment building, put this form up so neighbors can contact you if they need help. (This was the only new information at this meeting – And it’s a nice idea for those in apartment buildings.)

6) More volunteers needed – fill out the form




B) In Carol Brady’s spot (top center) was Randy Peers from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce 

1) Brady’s best advice to small businesses was to document the impact of the coronavirus on your business

2) Brady said that the Federal Government will need to do something for small businesses because the city and state will be limited. 


3) Here’s the strange thing about the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce….it advocates for the businesses which have paid for membership, but it receives NYC Funding as well.  It operates under the Department of Health.  Yet no politician will question why it doesn’t advocate for all small businesses in NYC.  At one point the Chamber of Commerce had a fancy gala and invited “friends” while there are homeless people sleeping on our streets. How was it able to do that when it receives NYC taxpayers money?

4) Peers said that businesses – even ones not part of the Chamber, should look – they have an app too 








C) In Alice’s center square is Andrew Rigie from NYC Hospitality Alliance (helping restaurants, bars and lounges)


1) Business owners are in crisis mode and should go to the site –  

2) Business owners grants.

3) CORE = Children of Restaurant Employees – Refer a restaurant family to CORE

4) Wine and Spirit companies want to help staff who aren’t working now 

5) Andrew Ridgie wants Senator Gounardes and the Councilman to advocate for restaurant and bar owner



D) Adrienne Austin, NYC’s Dept of Education Deputy Chancellor spoke about:


1) NYC’s Remote Learning Program and distributing laptops

2) NYC is working hard for continuity for young people

3) Laptops are being sent to those in need first 

4) The goal is to reopen schools on April 20th 







E)  Councilman Brannan spoke about:


1) Testing – People wondered if they should get tested  There aren’t enough tests. Tests are for people who are showing symptoms. 

2) Brannan talked about people who don’t have the luxury to stay home such as grocery store workers and healthcare workers.   

3) Practice social distancing because you may be asymptomatic. Some people are asymptomatic. Do social distancing for people who have underlying conditions.  



f) Anna Shats  (first column/second row) – NYC Dept of Health offered the least information

1) Things are changing hour by hour, so it was recommended that people go to  get the latest information from

2) Practice good hygiene – wash your hands for 20 second

3) Avoid contact with people who are sick

4) Monitor health closely

5) Practice social distancing

6) Walk outside alone

7) Nycwell to talk to someone




a) How long does this virus live on a surface? Bill de Blasio said hours. This is important for people who work with children or seniors.


b) A child in the United States died from coronavirus. See here

c) How many people have recovered from the coronavirus?


d) The TEST FOR THE ANTIBODY that Governor Cuomo spoke about. 





G) Senator Andrew Gounardes  invited a a doctor from MAIMO, but the surge of coronavirus patients kept him away. Maimonides needs blood.  If you can donate blood: 718-238-7694  to schedule an appointment. You will not need to go into Maimonides to give blood.

Also, if you have a ventilator at home that you aren’t using, please donate it to Maimonides



Remember when Mrs. Brady looked up at Alice?


One thing to note about Senator Gounardes is that he has not held a regular townhall meeting for residents in Bay Ridge. Last Spring, Gounardes had a townhall on Education. In the Fall, Gounardes held  a Townhall for Property Taxes with Senator Benjamin where he said he would act after he had from the Property Tax Commission.  But Gounardes  didn’t do much AS A SENATOR for his community.Yes, Andrew likes doing the Bay Ridge Cares Community volunteer aspect, but he holds a position where he should be doing specific things and he isn’t.  Sadly, we have seen him push bills which his friends have requested.  Yup it’s just the same old broken government. 



Senator Gounardes recently pushed through a bill for the bike community. To residents, he presented it like he did it to protect pedestrians because a man in our community just died. It was very deceptive!



Here’s what the NY Senate isn’t telling people:  The Senate season up in Albany this year is somehow shorter than other years. There will be less time for the senators to vote on bills. Notice that Gounardes will push for bills for his base, but hasn’t done the same for home owners or businesses in this area. I find him to be just like Marty Golden – disconnected and helping his friends…nothing new.







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