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August 8, 2018

Senator Golden Was Served Cease and Desist Papers Today From FB Bay Ridge




Members of Fight Back Bay Ridge sought legal representation to preserve their Constitutional right to freedom of speech. (Story here)





Last week during the Summer Stroll, Marty Golden gave out balloons and FBBR gave out bags with information (see more info here




FBBR posted the letter from their attorney here.




These residents aren’t attacking Marty Golden personally. They are handing out papers which show Marty Golden stopped working for Bay Ridge. Although he may have been good years ago, Senator Golden has been singled out for his pay-to-play politics and Marty Golden continued that this year





FBBR showed Senator Golden’s driving violations (14 in school zones which were caught by speed cameras).  


Click here to read a larger version



Yesterday, journalist Julianne McShane tweeted about two papers Senator Golden sent out about Fight Back Bay Ridge – see one here and the other here. Marty Golden wants to stop residents from collecting money online through GoFundMe.  You have to wonder why Marty Golden is so intent on stopping Fight Back Bay Ridge from sharing information.




Golden and his staff have not noted any false information in the handouts by Fight Back Bay Ridge.



See Larger






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