March 10, 2018

Senator Golden Schedules an Appointment for a Month From Now



Mallory McMahon shared that’s she’s been trying to speak to Senator Golden about money that is owed to Bay Ridge schools. She’s called his office in Brooklyn and Albany. The Albany office told her they only had interns who could speak to her, yet there are employees on the payroll there. While attempting to leave her contact number with the intern, McMahon found out that they have called ID and see her name and number when the phone rings.


McMahon was able to schedule an appointment to speak to Senator Golden ONE MONTH FROM NOW.  







Years ago, I called Marty Markowitz’s office, the former Brooklyn Borough President on a Saturday, he personally returned my call on Sunday.  I wrote about it here in 2013.  Did Markowitz need to call me the next day – no, of course not.  Markowitz’s commitment to the public was obviously a lot stronger than Marty Golden’s. 


Senator Golden should call McMahon and speak to her about the money that is owed to public schools in Bay Ridge. It doesn’t need to be done today, but when he has a free moment during the week, that should be done.




Senator Golden isn’t a surgeon, whose booked all month. Yes, he is busy in Albany, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some down town and can make a phone call to a resident. Golden’s an elected representative and he should be able to speak about what he has done for education.  Maybe Golden hasn’t directed his scheduler or is unaware that McMahon needs to speak to him about education, a topic that is so important to many of us.  Golden was is here in Brooklyn now, as he took pictures in his office and posted them on social media.  



I am going to post this on Twitter because at least two of Golden’s staff members follow me and they will tell him. If Golden fulfills his obligation in contacting McMahon in an appropriate time, I will update this. 



October 2018: Golden never met with Mallory McMahon. At a debate in Bay Ridge, Mallory asked Senator Golden about it and he told her that he didn’t have the time for her. Golden was so arrogant and thought it was okay for him to speak like that to a constituent. Please vote him out.




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