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October 9, 2018

Senator Golden and the Child Victim’s Act




Gothamist has the story here.



In March 2018, Julianne McShane reported about protesters being outside of Senator Golden’s Office because of Marty’s opposition to the Child Victim’s Act. This story was also covered here  and states: “The demonstrators voiced their anger at Golden for his refusal to support a proposed piece of legislation to extend the time victims have to report such crimes. They claim he is protecting abusers and failing victims.”


This is a bill to help those who were sexually abused.


Most Catholic Churches  in our area have taken a softer position and has vocalized their support for victims. The Catholic Church is settling court cases with victims. Yet, the news reports that the Catholic Church spent a lot of money on lobbyists to get politicians to oppose the Child Victim’s Act. Ironically, some Republicans Senators offered an “alternative bill”   but Marty Golden isn’t on that either. 


At the debate last week at the Senior Center, Marty know about the Child Victim’s Act, but this week he claimed he didn’t.



Tonight at the Dyker Heights Civic Association  debate, an audience member asked if each candidate would support The Child Victim’s Act.


Yet Marty Golden said “What is the Child Victim’s Act? The bill has been in the news and people protested outside of Senator Golden’s office, but Marty doesn’t know what it is. Paula Katinas even explained the bill when she wrote about the rally outside of Golden’s office   #SomethingIsn’tRightHere


Andrew Gounardes said he supports it and he told Marty Golden to do his homework.


Was Marty just pretending that he didn’t know?


Today victim’s stood outside of Marty Golden’s office  protesting with Andrew Gounardes.




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