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June 12, 2019

Sharing this Here – Pro Vaccines





The people who shared the image above are strong believers in Science.

The Senate Bill can be seen here.

If you share the same belief, contact Senator Gounardes.  

E-mail:   gounardes@nysenate.gov 



You can write a quick message to say why this issue matters to you and your neighbors. 

A poll out today showed that 84% of NYers want this legislation to pass. https://www.huffpost.com/…/new-york-religious-exemption-vac…

Sample email:
Dear Senator Gounardes,
I’m writing to express my support for S2994A to end religious exemptions in NY State for vaccines. I hope the legislature will stand with the overwhelming majority of NYers who know that these exemptions put people’s lives in danger. A recent Siena poll showed 84% of people want this change. [I’m a constituent and I live at {insert your address}]. Thank you for support of this measure and good luck in this fight!
 [your name]




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