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April 18, 2017

SBP Resist – Pushing El-Yateem on Bay Ridge?

The SBP Resist group      SBP stands for South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance Group. I believe these are a group of socialists. I never thought I would be speaking about socialists in 2017. I mean Socialism is just above Communism. I haven’t seen enough from this group to know if they are into Socialism the same way the rest of the world recognizes Socialism. 

Under the fist in the word RESIST, they put the SI together for Staten Island (see below).  

SBP states it is CB 11 – which means Dan Donovan’s district of Bay Ridge and Staten Island. Why would Staten Islanders care who was councilman in Bay Ridge. The only reason we can think that anyone in Staten Island would care about this position would be if they were trying to get a job. Staten Island has never cared about Bay Ridge.  

Here’s some infomation about the meetings they will hold.  Whose funding this group? And where have these people been all these years that Senator Golden and Nicole Malliotakis has been playing their games?





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