September 10, 2019

RIP Enzo Farachio



Enzo Farachio….he was just 10 years old. He was supposed to celebrate his 11th birthday at Great Adventure in a few weeks.





Update 9/11: Enzo’s uncle, Christian Pena was on the news today. (See video here) He was heartbroken. He wants to know what caused this accident, not only because he wants justice, but because he wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other children.  His uncle saw the video






Tonight his family is in Midwood, Brooklyn grieving because Enzo was killed after school while waiting for the bus to go home. Info here (it’s awful) and here

“A gray Lexus SUV, heading north on Ocean Avenue, veered right and went onto the sidewalk where Enzo was standing, according to police.” (Source

Alexander Katchaloft, the 60-year-old driver had an 8-year-old girl in his car,  was also taken to the hospital with pelvis and arm injuries (Source)  It was reported that Katchaloft’s vehicle  received tickets for speeding in school zones – see here  

Mr. Katchaloft should turn his license over to the state immediately! If he has a medical condition, we never want to see him driving AGAIN.



Councilman Deutsch wrote:





The driver was not charged in the death. The news has revealed that the man may have had a seizure. (Source

Look at how wrecked his car is….I hope this is going to be investigated.


Hearing that is was “a possible medical condition”  doesn’t make the news any easier to hear or understand….a little boy who should be here with his family and friends is dead. A middle school community of children will be mourning Enzo’s death tomorrow.


Enzo loved the family’s dog. Less than a month ago, Enzo made his first video on Youtube. Like many children his age, he liked the game Roblox. His video shows his Roblox game skills and creativity. He had just started sixth grade at Hudde Junior High School.


RIP Enzo. Many prayers for his family and community of friends who loved him. I can’t imagine how awful your coming days are. Mi mas sincero pesame. Lloramos contigo.






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