March 24, 2020

RIP Dezann Romain, Brooklyn Principal



Dezann Romain – she was only 36-years-old and the principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn.   See article

Dezann worked her whole life to be a school leader.

And she was taken out by the coronavirus.

One of her former students shared this:







From Gothamist:

Thursday, March 12th – The last day Principal Romain was at Brooklyn Democracy Academy building


Friday, March 13th – she stayed home because she was ill


Wednesday, March 18th – Principal Romain went to the hospital with pneumonia


Friday March 20th –  the school sent a letter to students, staff and faculty about a  “self-reported case” of COVID-19.







RIP Dezann Romain. Prayers for her family, friends, school an students. 





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