September 11, 2019

RIP Allen Abbott – Abboco Jewelry Store



Just heard the news that Allen Abbott, owner of  Abboco Jewelry at 8323 5th Avenue passed on last week. Abboco’s  was the small store next to  Tacos Napal: (see below)




If you went to Abboco, you knew Allen was a honest businessman.  I’ve been encouraged by several people to share the story of “my buyer.”   

I never had anything to sell at Allen’s. But many years ago, a friend of mine inherited an amazing coin collection from her uncle. She asked me to help her figure out what it was worth. I found all of the coins, but one didn’t list the value online. She had several hundred dollars worth of coins.  We decided to go to Abboco because it was close to her uncle’s apartment. Before going, we made a plan on how to leave the store if the owner was trying to lowball us. I put on my “Brooklyn look” and we went into the store. Allen looked over her items and beamed when he saw the one coin we couldn’t find the value for. He told her that it was very valuable. She left the place with quite a bit of money….and went on vacation.  Yep he was an honest man to two young women who had no idea what they had. 

Each time friends had a collection, I brought them to my man Allen. He did right by everyone. 

RIP Allen.




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