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  • Karate Classes for Children in Bay Ridge – Tae Kwon Do for Kids in Brooklyn

    Martial Arts Classes in Bay Ridge or Brooklyn


    bay ridge tdk

    Some terms you may see:


    • TDK – Tae Kwon Do (some centers write it taekwondo)
    • Karate – started in Japan – more hand movements than Tae kwon do
    • Tae kwon do – started in Korea – more kicking than karate – an art used to disarm an opponent. This is an Olympic sport.
    • MMK – Master Method Karate
    • Jiu Jitsu – combat martial arts started in Brazil
    • Grappling – ground fighting used in Jiu Jitsu
    • You can read about the different types of martial arts  here

    Some schools also charge for the belts too ($25-$60 per belt) so when you are choosing a school ask them how much it cost there. Some charge for a uniform (it’s a nicer uniform);  some places include it in the package.


    1) You’s Taekwondo Center   548 – 92nd Street Brooklyn 11209  (718) 491-6119. Master You is very good.  Free trial class.  Then 2 classes a week for $129 a month and once the child skills increase 3 classes  a week – still $129 a month.  Monday to Friday 1-9 PM, Saturday and Sunday.


    2) K Spirit TKD 8020 5th Avenue Brooklyn 11209. (718) 745-1700  Head instructor: Master Cho

    4 years old and up  – this is the one everyone recommends.  Facebook page

    2 lessons for  $10.oo or  4 lesson for $29 (includes the uniform)


    3) New York City Tae Kwon Do  (NYC Tae Kwon Do) You can stop by and watch the classes. They have a trial package which is inexpensive.  7909 3rd Avenue Brooklyn (718) 492-5425

     Grand Master Chun head instructor   Facebook

    Afterschool program cost $500 for 5 days and includes three lessons a week. They pick up students from they pick up from PS 102 and PS 104



    nyc tae kwon do classes bay ridge



    4)  Brooklyn Judo Academy   6739 – 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn   Bay Ridge Mushin Dojo – Thursdays at 3:30 pm. You can do a trial class here on Sunday mornings at 9 am.  Everyone loves Sensei Barry Friedberg!  

    5 year olds and up.   Classes for adults too.



     5) Champions TaeKwonDo  7209 – 13th Avenue (718) 491-5425  Facebook   1 month trial membership $68 (price includes uniform) If you continue there, the  monthly membership for $120 -$150 – 2 classes per week. Sometimes Champions TaeKwonDo has specials on Groupon: here.  Master Maeng is very good with little children. The Little Tiger Class is for children 3-5 years old.


    6) TDK class at the Salvation Army gym on 86th between 3rd and Ridge. Sensei Mike 


    7)  Champion’s TaeKwonDo SunsetPark   4921 5th Avenue   718-436-5425  Facebook   One Month $10 included uniform (black Friday special here)  $100 -$130 each month if you continue on. Ages 3 and up.


    8) Hoteikan Dojo   7017 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn  (718) 748-2826

    Karate, Jiu Jitsu or MMA classes – $61 for one month or $82 for two months on Groupon Family run, good school (regular fee was around $89 a month)

    You can take a trial class $10 and if you decide to take classes there, the $10 comes off the price of the uniform


    9) Tiger Schulmann 530 86th Street Brooklyn 11209  (347) 554-2637  

    Trial class is free and then $20 a class ($99 for the first month plus $50 for the uniform). Very clean – good instructors

    Variety in classes here – three different kind of karate, kickboxing, beginner, and grappling. Students love it!!


    10) Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes – 7603 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228 (718) 331-5487


    11) Ultimate Champions TDK Brooklyn Taekwondo 8523 Bay Parkway Brooklyn 718-423-0011

    Very clean and a lot of competitions.  

    Master Park is awesome and this is a great deal or here  on Groupon: $15 for 5 classes includes uniform – regular price $93 OR $25 for 10 classes (reg. $187.50) or $30 for 15 classes (regularly $281) All include uniform  (Normally $300 the first month and then$150/ month for twice a week 45 min lessons)  Must be over 4 years old.


    12) Ultimate Champions Tae Kwon Do – 20th Avenue and 65th Street

    Classes are 45 minutes – $300 first month and $150 monthly – see place above)



    13) Amerikick in Sunset Park – 5815 – 5th Avenue Brooklyn 11220 718-567-7099   Age 3 and up  


    14) Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts Academy 845 65th Street – 2nd Floor  Brooklyn 11220  I saw this group in the park recently and they were very good – see here


    15) Amerikick in Park Slope – for age 3 and up – great for 4 year olds  529 5th Avenue Brooklyn 11215  718-768-8200


    16) Way of Action Tae Kwon Do  on 7th Street – off  5th Avenue in Park Slope is suppose to be good and inexpensive – 60 a month – several classes a week and sibling discount – I couldn’t get anyone on the phone though.  7187881968  Facebook


    17) Capoeria classes  (dance and martial arts) at Omulu Capoeira Brooklyn at Brooklyn Frontiers H.S. 112 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 11201 917-940-9321    Groupon Deal – one month of classes (4 classes all together) -$26 (also have classes for adults at $52 for the month)






    Other Sports & Activities for Children  in Bay Ridge