Girl Scouts in Bay Ridge

 Girl Scouts in Brooklyn

girl scourts bay ridge
  • Daisies – Grades K-1
  • Brownies – grades 2-3
  • Juniors – Grades 4-5
  • Cadettes – Grades 6-8
  • Seniors – Grades 9-10
  • Ambassadors – Grades 11-12

You do not need to be a student at the schools listed below. These are just the meeting places for the troops and any girl can go to any of these schools (as long as there is room in the troop). Cost is usually around $150 for the year plus uniforms and extra activities (camping, trips, etc.)


Updated: June 2019



 Girl Scouts of America Page 


 To change troops call 212-645-4000 The Girl Scouts of America Council


1) Christ Church Girl Scouts   7301 Ridge Boulevard Brooklyn 

Daisy Troop 2200 (K-1) Meet on three Fridays nights a month from 6 – 7:30 pm    

Brownie Troop  2151  Meet on Fridays 6 – 7 pm    Seen here

Juniors Troop 2433 – Meet on Fridays 7:30 – 9 pm  

Cadettes (6th – 8th grade) Troop 2281 – Meet on Monday nights   


Registration $15.00  and Dues $70




2) St. Anselm Girl Scouts – 356 82nd Street Brooklyn 11209  

Meets on Fridays at 4 pm   Shirley Chin is the leader.    Their site

Daisy Troop  2751, Brownie’s, Juniors and Cadette troops.  Register here

Registration in September in person or online. 


They take trips and sell cookies outside of Foodtown.


Cost for registering for Girl Scouts at St. Anselm’s is $52 plus $80 dues plus $15.


3) St. Pat’s Girl Scouts  9511 4th Avenue Brooklyn 11209

Daisies Girl Scouts (K-1st grade) – meetings for  Daisies (K&1st) will be Monday at 3:45 – 5:15 pm

Crafts, visit nursing home, Mommy and Me luncheon (girls cook), trips (zoo and Nellie Bly/Adventureland)

Brownie Girl Scout Troops Meets on Monday after school 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (1 .5 hour meeting) at St.Pats. 

Junior Girl Scouts this year too! 

St Pats Dues are $90/year spread throughout the year and there is a $15 membership fee at registration.

Girl Scouts starts in September after school starts up – a flyer goes out the first week of school.  Registration is usually in the archway room at St. Pats. 9511 4th Avenue

Old Registration info







4) Saint Andrews Girl Scouts – 6713 Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn 11209

Four levels of Girl Scouts will meet in Kiernan Hall at Saint Andrew’s on Fridays.

  • Daisies (kindergarten (5 yrs old and 1st grade): Friday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
  • Brownies (second and third grades): Friday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
  • Juniors (fourth and fifth grades): Friday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • Cadettes (6th to 8th grade) – Friday 5:30: 6:30 pm

Cost: $50 registration fee and monthly dues of $20.00 at the first meeting every month.




5) OLA Girl Scouts7320 4th Avenue  Brooklyn 11209   718-836-7200  347/406.4728

Daisy Troop 02763 meets every other Tuesday from 6:15 pm  to 7:15 pm. Some months have more meetings due to projects.

Brownie Troop meets every other Tuesday   6:30-9:00 pm

Cadette Troop meets on Thursday evenings

Costs: Annual membership is $25 paid to Girl Scout of GNY. The meeting dues are $10 a month.

In meetings girls read stories from our Journey Books and do STEM projects to earn badges. The learn Girl Scout Promise and Law. They do arts and crafts. When weather is nice we go out to our garden. They participate in parades and  meet other troops at the GS Rally and Girl Scout sponsored trips. In 2017/2018 they  enjoyed the Wizard of Oz (theatre trip), Friday night bowling, Prospect Park Zoo for Earth Day, Build A Bear, Baseball game and camped on the baseball field overnight and of course sold cookies!

In 2018/2019:  They will be camping in upstate New York, going to the Bronx Zoo, attending fun workshops on the topic of  Self-Respect / Empowerment / anti bullying / STEM projects ie: Robotics!



6) DGK – Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church Girl Scouts –  8401 Ridge Boulevard Brooklyn 11209 on Fridays evenings 8:00 -9:30 pm.   718-836-3510





7) Saint Ephrem’s – Troop 2391



8) Saint Bernadette’s Girl Scouts – Friday night meetings – twice a month from 7-8:30 pm at St. Bernadette’s 83rd Street and 13th Avenue. Girl Scout masses are still at OLG.   $90 dues for the year.   


Brownie Troop 2443 pictured here  

OLG Girl Scouts pictured here 

Cadette Troop here as well.

Dina Amatore at 917-842-2078 or





9) St Dominick’s Girl Scouts  2001 Bay Ridge Parkway Brooklyn 11204

Age 12 and up – Meets each Friday at 4:00 pm



10) Some schools have Girl Scout Troops for their students only.


Poly Prep Troop 2526  Info here


Lutheran Elementary School (LES) – Daisy troop 2704 


PS 179 The Kensington School on Avenue C in Brooklyn  has a Girl Scout Troop




Other Sports & Activities for Children  in Bay Ridge




These Troops no longer exists


1) St. Finbar’s Girl Scouts  No longer has girl scouts. (Confirmed – July 2017)


2) St. Anthanatius (St. A’s) Girl Scouts 2154 61st Street Brooklyn 11204  $15 to sign up and $15 dues each month


3) OLPH Girl Scouts – no longer exists –  they only have boy scouts. (Confirmed July 2017)   Facebook page