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Dance Classes for Children in Bay Ridge or in Brooklyn

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Updated: August 2019


When signing up for dance lessons, be aware that studios may have some other fees like a registration fees, costume fees (recital costumes are custom made so they are expensive (around $60-$80) and ordered months in advance),  ticket for the shows because they rented out a larger venue to accommodate parents and relatives, DVDs of the show and of course the beautiful photos that you see on Facebook! 



*Tip:  If you need to call a studio to speak to them about classes, try calling in the late afternoon or early evening. 


1) Bay Ridge Ballet – 127 Bay Ridge Avenue 347-968-6905 –  Facebook

$20 Registration fee, $25 for a simple costume and $350 a semester. See 2019 Schedule   Classes for children age 3 and up. Classes for boys and scholarships too.  There are also Saturday classes here.  Register here



Student Ensemble Training Program:

* technique, artistry & overall health 
* build pre-professional performance resume
* providing dancers with the highest quality dance education that can translate to a college or professional dance career
* Audition required




Learn more at






2) VSPAC – Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center   7110 3rd Avenue Brooklyn (upstairs) 11209  (718) 680-0944 and 718-492-2279.   The 3rd Avenue office is open weekdays from 3.30 to 7.30 PM and they have classes on Saturdays from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM.   Facebook Page






  • There is also another VSPAC at 5312 -5th Avenue   718-492-2279   Instagram here       Videos
  • Classes starts at age 2 “Mommy & Me” class – Weekend classes too. Ballet, tap. salsa. point for teens fun!! See classes here   
  • Focus is on technique
  • Break-dancing class with Mr. Kidd – even the boys love this class!   
  • Also  Zumba classes for adults





3) Dimensions in Dance    7603 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11209  (718) 238-0668  Facebook

Registration begins on August 27th!

  • Dance classes for children Age 3 and up  (They wear pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and a leotard from there)
  •  YouTube
  • Peaceful studio  Cost: Around $70 a month for 1x a week classes 
  • Boys attend hip hop and tap classes here.





4) Triple Essence Dance Studio  7905 7th Avenue   Brooklyn 11228  (718) 439-8557   Registration: September 5, 2019 and 6th too.




  • 3 years old and up   Cost about $65 a month for one class a week       Facebook
  • September 2019 classes here including  Ballet, tap, jazz, etc. and boys only class 
  • Registration Form here
  • You can watch your child during the lesson on a television screen 
  • Friendly and easy going
  • They have recitals here if you want to participate.





5) Beyond Dance  (BD)  8717 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11209  (718) 921-0655  Facebook  



  • Click to see Septemeber 2019 Classes : Creative Movement Class for 2.5 year olds, Tumbling for 3 year olds, Mommy and Me yoga 
  • Has dance classes on Saturday!
  • Combo class for 2-year-olds: Jazz and tap.  
  • Boys like the hip hop classes here.   
  • Professional atmosphere
  • Professional ballet program headed by Ms. Amber Nalle – a professional ballerina –  patient instructor.
  • Popular studio. Cost  around $70 a month for 1 class each week



6) The Brooklyn Dance Center II (BDC)  2nd Floor of 9110 – 5th Ave, Brooklyn 11209   (718) 333-5767  Schedule of Sept. 2019 Classes    Facebook   

Registration for 2019 is  August 18th, 19th and 20th (if you missed it, just e-mail them or call.






  • Classes for 2 years olds and up – cost about $60 a month for one class per week for the little one. Fun studio.
  • 4 year olds and up take the tap, ballet, tumbling and jazz combo class 1 day a week is $75.00 a month/ around $25 for the Christmas costume and $75 for the end of the year costume
  • Very organized studio. Good emphasis on the technique. They don’t close the studio when kids have school breaks.
  • TEXT “BROOKLYNDANCE” TO 22828 to receive their updates



7) NO NEW INFO FOR SEPTEMBER 2019 YET Front Line Dance School  9020 -3rd Avenue (in the church) – see ad here.   On Instagram @fldc_dancetolive


  • Ballet, tap, jazz, hop-hop and classes for babies 3 years old. 
  • Classes are on Thursday and Saturday depends on age, but everyone meets once a week.
  • Tap classes are $75 per month if you register on or before September 30th it free registration.
  • End recital small show
  • Has class on Saturday



8) Intermediate Tap Dance Lessons on Sundays – 79th and 7th Avenue




9) Dance Force Academy – 7417 – 18th Avenue  718-676-9832    Facebook  

Fall 2019  registration is on Friday, August 23rd through   Sunday, August 25th from 5pm to 9pm.   Classes start on Saturday, September 7, 2010. 

They have zumba classes here.

They have Saturday classes too.





10) Young Dancers in Repertory Center for Dance Studio (YDR) 5602 5th Avenue – 2nd Floor Sunset Park  347-702-7155  

  • Classes during the year – $220 for 18 weeks.
  • Has ballet class on Saturday     Facebook        Youtube
  • No costumes and no extra fees for recitals – people love this about them! This place is more about dance than recitals. At the end of the season, they have a show and the students wear comfortable dance clothes. Potluck dinner (everyone brings something) after the recital
  • Call for a trial class.
  • Caring staff – small classes – sometimes 3-5 students in a class – kids love it
  • The director is a male – ex-ballet dancer – good role model for boys  
  • Small place and small classes. 


11) Danceworks Dance Center  7116 13th Avenue Brooklyn 11228  718-680-7806



Hip Hop – Jazz – Tap – Ballet – Lyrical – Acro – Technique    E-mail









12) Brooklyn Centerstage Dance Studio – 495 – 3rd Avenue  718-499-6600



  • Has dance class on Saturdays  – Registration for September begins July 24, 2019 

  • Musical theater dance 

  • For 2019, they have a Tap Group- you need to have take tap for 2 years





13) Dynamic Dance Academy 8403 – 15th Avenue  Lisa Marie De Siena is the owner.





  • Classes for children 2 and up to teens. Boys love the hip hop classes here.
  • Has dance classes on Saturday



14) Elite Dance Complex 1648 Bath Avenue 718-337-8497



Hip Hop Classes for boys and girls – they love it.




See Schedule





15)  Triple Threat Performing Arts Center    6924 20th Avenue in Brooklyn  718-232-3022




  • Starts at age 1.5 – 2 years old  pre-ballet!!
  • Jazz, tap and ballet. Boys take classes here – see video 
  • Class sizes are very small 10 kids in the class and there were 2 teachers.
  • Recital at the end is optional
  • Weekend and weekday classes. See fun videos on their FB page



16) Dance Passion – 6221 Bay Parkway   718-331-3232

*Boys here too –see Facebook page  Elegant dancers for Latin dance and group dancers (boys and girls – see the FB page – this is what a dance class should look like) . Has Summer intensive dance classes.  





17) Brooklyn Dance Center – 6720 – 20th Avenue Brooklyn – related to #8 above





18) Triple Threat Performing Arts –  6924 20th Avenue 11204   718-232-3022









19) Marks JCH Dance (also called Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst) – dance starts at age 2.5     Call Yana 718-943-6341 or 718-331-6800 ext. 141




20) Diva Dance Studio   12 Avenue S Brooklyn, NY (718) 375-3482  Registration every Wednesdays    Facebook



21) Horizons Dance Center   426 Avenue U  Brooklyn    (718) 339-6977

Ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop classes    Facebook



22) St. Finbar’s Dance Workshop  Ms. Yvonne 347-409-8143

Classes in the lower rectory.

Ballet, tap and jazz.

Gorgeous costumes and stage – see here





23) Park Slope Performing Arts  135 Windsor Place  Brooklyn, NY 11215    917-622-0630 / 347-504-0465

Monthly Fees:

  • 30 Minute Classes: $60
  • 45 Minute Classes: $70
  • 60 Minute Classes: $80
  • 90 Minute Classes: $95




24) Covenant Ballet Academy   4119 Avenue T  Brooklyn  11234  718-891-6199   Facebook








25)  Mark Morris   3 Lafayette Avenue – Downtown Brooklyn across the street from BAM 718-624-8400

 Classes for 18 Month to 4 year old children 

Students dance to to a live piano. 

They teach classic dance basics and make it fun. 

Monthly family classes, so you can try other classes 

No costumes/recitals, just parent observation days.   



26)  Brighton Ballet Theater on Kingsborough College campus.  You can do a trial class and talk to the director about the best class for your child   Free Ballet Class     




27) Farber’s Ballet   3077 Brighton 1st Street  718-864-1453





Registration began on August 18th. 

ZUMBA and HEELS.They also have PIANO, GUITAR and ART classes. 






Special Program


1) Pee Wee’s Dance Crew – Brooklyn Cyclones Dancers in May (they announce it in April)  – You can see the old application here







Irish Step Dancing Lessons- click here





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