Biking Riding in Bay Ridge and Brooklyn

Biking in Bay Ridge or Around Brooklyn


bike riding in bay ridge offers free classes and children learn to ride a bicycle in 30 minutes.  See here

Their trick is to removing the training wheels and pedals and lower the seat so that kids put their feet flat on the ground (making a balance bike out of a regular bike). Then the children push with both feet simultaneously and and ride as if it is a balance bike. 


1) Rent a bike to ride on Shore Road – since 2017


2) Of course you have seen Citibike all over and know you can rent a Citibike in some parts of Brooklyn. but not in Bay Ridge.   Pricing  Download the Citibike app to your phone.


3) Verrazano Bicycle Shop 308 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209  (718) 680-6521  rents bikes in Bay Ridge for $35 a day – $300 deposit which is refunded to you when you return the bike. 


4) Le Frank Center at Prospect Park 
I bet you didn’t know that you can rent some awesome specialty  bikes in Prospect Park! Kids love trying different styles of bikes!

Specialty Bikes

Single Surrey (3 adults, 2 small children): $25 for 1 hour

Double Surrey (6 adults, 2 small children): $30 for 1 hour

Deuce Coupe (2 adults, 2 small children): $25 for 1 hour

Chopper (1 person): $12 for 1 hour

Quad Sport (1 person): $12 for 1 hourtandem bike bay ridge


Tandem (bike for two people): $15 for 1 hour; $30 half-day; $45 full-day

City/Hybrid: $14 for 1 hour; $30 half-day; $45 full-day

Cruiser: $12 for 1 hour; $25 half-day; $32 full-day



5) Brooklyn Bridge Bike Rental – Ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and experience the view!  hour rental  $7 or 2 hours for $12 – you have to book online  9AM to 9 PM – rental includes helmet, lock and basket.    Also tandem bike rentals for $30 an hour or $40 for two hours.



6) Biking in Central Park – they have regular bikes and tandem bikes like Prospect Park


Amazon and Ebay both sell tandem bikes for under $300 with free shipping in case you love riding a tandem bike and want to ride it in Bay Ridge all the time!


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