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  • Things to Do in Bklyn

    Everyone always asks me ‘What is there to do in Brooklyn?’ Things to Do in Brooklyn:

    • Go to Coney Island – amusement park, beach, restaurants & the original Nathan’s
    • Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (people in Brooklyn love to call it the Botanical Gardens – I have no idea why) It’s free to enter on Tuesday AND Saturday from 10 AM to 12PM.   See other free places in NYC here.
    • Prospect Park Zoo
    • Prospect Park and the Leffert’s Historic House always have events on the weekend – check here for the calendar
    • Adventurers Amusement Park – 1824 Shore Parkway Brooklyn – originally Nellie Bly – Pay one price $20 – good for small children under 8
    • Ice Skating at Wollman Rink (Prospect Park) from November to March 14th – Skate rental is $6.50 plus $5 adults/$3 kids (to age 14) to skate. See schedule here
    • 7 Days a week play/flight simulation at Aviator Sports 3159 FRlatbush Avenue (Floyd Bennett Field)
    • Tour the Rooftop Farm at Brooklyn Grange ($10) or take a cooking or yoga class there ( butcher paper diners there are fun with friends)
    • Miniature Golf in Marine Park (this was added in 2010) – Groupon often features deals for this place
    • Rock climbing at  Brooklyn Boulder
    • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It cost $15 Million and took 13 years to built (1870-1883). If you do plan to do this, walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the morning, rather than the afternoon so that the sun is on your back and not glaring in your face
    • Eat Pizza – Brooklyn is know for having the best pizza and there are so many places to try!
    • Brooklyn Children’s Museum (if you have children of course)
    • Go to some of the great street festivals and feasts. The 18th Avenue Feast also known as the feast of St. Rosalia is the biggest and most popular feast in Bensonhurst. It is always the last week of August to the first week of September. In 2010, it will be on August 27th to September 4th. For more information go here
    • Eat some of the best burgers the city has to offer.
    • Every Second and Fourth Saturday at Lowes:

    Lowes has great free Build and Grow Saturday morning workshops for kids and their parents. They usually take place on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. You have to register your children and not just walk in (although some Lowe’s do let you do that) in order to participate. Many Moms come with their sons and daughters.

    Lowes provides all the materials for these projects. In addition, children get an apron, certificate and a patch for each workshop they complete. Some workshops are to build: wooden toys, bird houses, a flower pot, a ufo and bug box. You can register your children here: https://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com

    *Home Depot also has the Saturday morning classes for a child and their parent from 9 am – 12 pm. You just go into the store – no signup. For more information on what they are making that week see here.


    *If you don’t like Brooklyn, go to some free museums in Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island – see here.

    Here’s 13 Great Things about Brooklyn, New York:

    1. The people in Brooklyn are the best around. Most people from Brooklyn will go out of their way to help someone else. NY is known as the most polite state now!

    2. Brooklyn is a lot prettier than people think.

    3. Brooklyn has some great museums to visit: The Brooklyn Museum,the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Coney Island, NY Aquarium, the Underground Railroad

    4. Thirteen famous people from Brooklyn: Woody Allen, the Beastie Boys, Steve Bucemi, Dorothy Day, Jackie Gleason, Jay-Z, Larry King, Lil Kim, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Barbara Streisand, Joan Rivers & Jerry Steinfeld

    5. We have the best pizza. If you haven’t had pizza in Brooklyn, you haven’t had good pizza.

    6. We have the best cheesecake too – Juniors Cheesecake. Yes, there is a reason the tiny cheesecake is $30.00. It’s so good!

    7. We are home of Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse. The place is very plain, but the steak is delicious! Reservations taken months in advance. And you have to bring cash – no charge cards taken.

    8. We are home to the original Nathans Hot Dog. Each July 4th, there is a hot dog eating contest at Nathans.

    9. Brooklyn is a made of many cultural areas. Most neighborhoods were settled by cultural groups and the stores in the area reflect the culture. So if you hit Bensonhurst, you are bound to find many Italian bakeries.

    10. Brooklynites make goals to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to go to Manhattan.

    11. Brooklynites call Manhattan, “the city.”

    12. Brooklyn is the largest borough in NYC.

    13. I live in Bayridge, Brooklyn and it’s a great place to live!

    13 Reasons Brooklyn/NYC is better in the Summer

    1. This summer NYC has four waterfalls until October 2nd. It was an art project by Olafur Eliasson (remember the Gates that were in NYC two years ago?). They even have free ferry tours of the waterfalls.

    2. Central Park is amazing in the summer. It’s full of people enjoying summer. Rent yourself a rowboat and enjoy the view.

    3. The Top of of the Rock – 30 Rockerfeller Plaza has an amazing view and is a hidden NYC secret. On a warm night, it’s great to go up and get a view of the city & it’s never crowded.

    4. Visit Brooklyn’s Coney Island and have a real Nathan’s Hot dog – they are good. While you are there visit Astroland as this is probably its last summer.

    5. Visit the Brooklyn Floating Pool. It was added last year and it’s amazing. The Bronx has a floating lady too – it looks awesome. How often do you see a huge floating pool?

    6. Kayaking on the Hudson is free through the NY Boathouse. They give you a kayak and life preserver vest to wear. They also have a small area sectioned off to teach you and let you practice.

    7. McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg is a place many people enjoy in the summer. There is a huge pool and water slip and slide. I’m not a big fan of the place because it feels…..a bit dirty. It might be because all of the cool hipsters hang out there. I am neither cool or a hipster. Geek status here.

    8. Ride the Staten Island Ferry (take it from Manhattan to Staten Island) – it’s free and you will have a great view of the Statue of Liberty, as well as Downtown Manhattan. It’s a 25 minute ride.

    9. Pizza and Italian ice are a summer classic in Brooklyn (18th Avenue has the best pizzerias in my opinion).

    10. If your hot, stop into a NYC museum. Many of them are free on certain days during the summer or they have a pay what you wish policy.

    11. There are great street fairs all over the city and that means great food, crafts and entertainment.

    12. Canal Street has a lot more sneaky people selling “designer bags” during the warm summer months. Be careful about being lured to the back rooms.

    13. This last one is a real hidden secret because most people don’t know you can do this in NYC! You can take the A train to RockawayBeach for $2.00 and go to the beach. Stop at the Boarders Bookstore located at 192 Beach 92nd Street and rent a surfboard* for $20 – there are amazing waves in the Rockaways (technically the Rockaways are Queens, but it’s very close to Brooklyn)