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  • June 8, 2016

    Replacement Gas Tank for Barbecue Closest to Bay Ridge

    Where can I get a propane refill or exchange my gas tank for the grill? 


    bay ridge propane tank exchange bbq barbecue


    Propane is sold in NYC. It’s not legal to fill tanks in NYC so companies fill them outside of NYC and then exchange tanks with you.  Here’s who is selling it nearby:



    • Lowes is the cheapest at $17  for a tank (with your empty exchange)  and  $47 if you don’t have a tank to exchange. 


    • Home Depot  550 Hamilton Ave or  2970 Cropsey Ave   $25 (plus tax) with your replacement or $82 for a full tank without your replacement



    What if I don’t want to lose the fresh new tank that came with the new grill? You can dropoff your tank with  Liberty Gas at 600 Smith Street in Red Hook to get that tank refilled.


    Does Not Sell 20 lb propane tanks:

    Polstein’s Hardware Store and United Hardware – both will refer you to Alm Plumbing above. United does have the small 1 lb propane tanks for camping though.




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