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February 19, 2018

Relief for Bay Ridge Property Owners Soon? Maybe.



Mayor deBlasio pays half the tax that we do in Bay Ridge

Staten Island Councilman, Joe Borelli tweeted the above story earlier today.   


Bill deBlasio and his wife own two homes in Park Slope. Although their homes are worth quite a bit more than homes in Bay Ridge, they pay less property tax for their two homes than we do for our one home.


Borelli also linked to the resolution  that he put through in NYC Council.


Our Councilman, Justin Brannan was the second name on the resolution.  When he ran for office, this was one of the things Brannan promised to work on. I am glad to see him so active in City Council so quickly. Brannan already knew all the aspects of the job so he was able to take the position and start working, rather than having to take a few months to get accustomed to the job. 


On Tuesday, February 22nd, Councilman Brannan posted this:




Our state politicians aren’t doing to much:


a) Senator Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis are on one cheap bill (info here)


b) Pam Harris has been indicted and isn’t doing anything.



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