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March 9, 2017

Pulling a Menchaca in Brooklyn

“Pulling a Menchaca in Brooklyn” is similar to pulling a Malliotakis. The objective is for the politician to do as little as possible and then take a picture acting like they just reinvented something.


Carlos Menchaca bought 10 garbage cans with his name on it, but he has no idea how his name got on the garbage can. Councilman Mark Treyger has Menchaca beat as he spent $18,000 of taxpayers dollars on garbage cans with his name on them.  When you do very little in your community, putting your name on a garbage can is a way to make it look like you did something. If it is a sticker, why didn’t he remove it himself already? L-A-Z-Y

Ruth Brown writer  at The Brooklyn Paper exposed Menchaca for wasting $15,000 on ten garbage cans. At some point Menchaca posed for this picture.  Menchaca doesn’t realize selfies don’t make his community better.


Why is Menchaca wearing the top of a suit and jeans on the bottom? Does he think no one can see him from below the waist? Look in the mirror Councilman.


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