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September 11, 2017

My Predictions for Tomorrow’s Election – #CD43


I’ve been left two comments asking me for my predictions for CD#43. I’m not a political expert guys, but I’ll throw my two cents in.


For the Democrats – Justin Brannan.   El-Yateem, Kevin Peter Carroll and Nancy Tong are going to make a showing in the election (and in that order). I don’t think El-Yateem understands he would be working for this community and not “fighting Trump.”  Brannan has served this community for years (not just for a few months) and he ran a fair election (he could have gone negative and squashed his opponents – he didn’t).   Even Kevin Peter Carroll ran a very negative campaign at the end, which many people were surprised to see. 


For the Republicans – Either Quaglione or McCabe


  • John Quagione – If he wins, it is because of Marty.  


  • Liam McCabe – He had some decent ideas on home conversions, but he may not have gotten them out early enough for people to hear them. Dyker Heights has a lot of support for him though.


  • Lucretia – She came off very sincere and likable. Lucretia said she doesn’t have the Republican Party’s support. Females in the Republican Party should embrace her as she’s a good speaker and she connected to the community. I don’t like Lucretia’s support for charter schools, but all of them are supporting that on the Republican line. 


  • Bob Capano – Capano ran a poor campaign because he doesn’t know the area anymore and he wanted to ride on Trump’s coattail. Capano scapegoated problems onto a Muslim resident, rather than focusing on the election. Good men don’t do that.  He was the only candidate who didn’t have a profile in the voter’s guide because he was focused on sending out press releases pointing the finger at El-Yateem. 




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