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July 9, 2018

Power Outage in Dyker Heights – 7/9/18



By 2:00 pm, power was restored to most people. Con Ed Map shows just 1,871 without power.


*Councilman Brannan is working with the NYPD and Con Ed – his response was immediate! Crews are working in Dyker Heights now (1:30 pm).




Around 12:30 pm,  residents in Dyker Heights began to experience loss of power between the 70’s and 80’s  (at least 11th – 13th Avenues). The traffic lights were out from the 70’s  to mid 80’s!



From the Con Ed Map, there are 6,200 residents without electricity in this map area (not just Dyker). The website says the problem will be fixed by 5:30 pm.  Don’t open your refrigerators/freezers.




Every Summer for the past few Summers, Dyker Heights has had a power issue. They need to put those wires underground.


It isn’t even that hot of a day! If it was a hot day this would be a problem as there are many senior citizens living in Dyker Heights. Loss of power is an issue for residents who need machines for breathing such as nebulizers (for asthma).



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