December 1, 2019

Power Lost in Dyker Heights – 12/1



Update: 4:40 pm – Some people are reported they have power – Hooray!! Story here



Residents in the 70’s around 12th Avenue in Dyker Heights were experiencing flickering lights in the early afternoon today. Around 3:00 pm, some of them lost power or partial power in their home.  Some people in the 80’s said they heard a loud noise around 2:40 pm (if this is true, it means its a blown transformer…..we’ve seen this happen so many times in Dyker).

If you lost power, report it here

The Con Edison Map shows 4,348 people are without electricity, but they expect to have it restored by 5:30 pm.




Con Edison changed the restoration time to 6:00 pm.  AND now it’s 7:00 pm.


Update: 4:28 pm: The problem seems to have spread. Some people had power, but have now lost it at  4:15 pm.   From 69th and 12 Avenue to as far as 83rd Street and 12th Avenue.  



See Councilman Brannan’s Facebook page here for an update. At 4:30 pm, he posted:




Around 3:40 pm, he said an emergency crew EN ROUTE to repair  the problem in Dyker Heights.




NYC alert showed this:






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