September 10, 2019

Pet Adoption in Bay Ridge or Around Brooklyn



  • Itty Bitty Kitty Cat Rescue is in Bay Ridge (near Century’s Store)  – they have kittens and cats for adoption – see their FB Page for updates or their page.  



  • Love Wanted – a bus full of beautiful dogs and a van full of kitties comes to Trinity Church at 91st and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge when Mary Jo has an event. It is awesome to see so many people waiting to find their new pet. Over 2000 pets have found their forever homes through this program. They usually have events each season on a Saturday morning. See their FB Page




  • Sean Casey Animal Rescue – We got our cat from here and he is the sweetest cat in the world. He gets along well with our dogs. Fun place to visit and see how many pets he has and are well cared for.  dogs for adoption    cats for adoption    other pets 4 adoption    (he often has gerbils and hamsters too). Sean Casey also needs people to provide foster care for pets (temporary homes before they get adopted – some pets don’t like being in the shelter).





  • RescueCity – Puppies and dogs to adopt: here (they always have small dogs)



  • Brooklyn Animal Actionsee available kitties (don’t click this unless you really want one because they are super cute and you will WANT MANY). They also have black cats (black cats are the ones that get adopted the least. We had a bombay black cat for 16 years and he was amazing)






  • If you are looking for a certain breed, check Petfinder








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