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January 9, 2018

Pam Harris Needs to Step Down. Mark Treyger Needs Mentoring

NBC Story



Pam Harris, the Assemblywoman for part of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Coney Island was indicted today. See the indictment here.  WOOHOO! In August 2016, journalists proved Harris lied when she ran for office


NY Daily News



During the election, when the news came out about Harris, neither she or Treyger were apologetic. Harris blamed Hurricane Sandy and cried that she had breast cancer. Treyger played dumb and didn’t apologize for misappropriating funds to Harris. If they were honest people, they would have returned the money.



NY Post



Pam Harris and Mark Treyger loved throwing the neighborhood crumbs so they could take pictures and look like they were working hard. (See here)  







NYC Councilman Mark Treyger continued to fund the Assembly woman. Since Treyger was not following up with the not-for-profit,  greed took over.


Treyger owes Brooklyn residents an apology because he continued to give out money even when he saw how it was used the year before (Harris took 15 children and four adults on a cruise. They raised $6500, but where did the rest of the money come from?) 


NYC Council should assign a mentor to Treyger as he doesn’t understand funding and transparency needed for his job.




Mark Treyger Pamela Harris




I contacted Melissa Mark Vivierto, NYC Council Speaker  through a letter and phone calls when Councilman Treyger failed to act and Vivierto didn’t do a thing.  NYC Council doesn’t feel they need to be transparent to residents.



We contacted Scott Stringer, the NYC Comptroller and Stringer didn’t investigate – not quite the watchdog of NYC. 






Pam Harris was indicted on eleven charges. Harris should step down because she attempted to obstruct the Grand Jury’s investigation WHILE SHE WAS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL…..the rules don’t apply to her.


I cheered today because whatever is hidden in the dark will always come out in the light.  The Daily News Sandy Scam-Bag cover:





Here’s the charges Pammy was indicted for:


  • Two counts of wire fraud
  • One count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud
  • Four counts of making false statements
  • Two counts of bankruptcy fraud
  • One count of witness tampering
  • One court of conspiracy to obstruct justice


Pam Harris’ case starts on July 23rd. They said they will be able to do the case in two weeks. I’ll be off and be able to stop in to see it!


Metro: Harris indicted on corruption


Sunday January 14th’s Daily News said, “Pam Harris was arrested for stealing.”   Pam Harris doesn’t get a lulu – it’s only because she is a newcomer though.




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