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October 11, 2018

Ghost Tours at Snug Harbor in Staten Island





Snug Harbor Ghost Tour: The Tale of the Matron


Snug Harbor’s Ghost Tours are back for another spooky season! The Tale of the Matron sets the backstory for a historically horrifying reenactment of events that took place at Sailors’ Snug Harbor in 1863. Your 75-minute tour will take place both indoors and out, and enters three buildings that are typically closed to the public: the Matron’s House, the Butcher’s Cottage, and the former Surgeon’s House (now known as the Governor’s House). Each space has its own unique connection with history, life, and the afterlife.


Fridays and Saturdays: October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 at 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM


General admission: $20
Snug Harbor Members: $15


All tours start and end at the Visitor Information Booth on Chapel Road (or Carpenter’s Shop on Chapel Road in the event of rain). This walking tour will be outdoors, rain or shine. Patrons are encouraged to dress appropriately, and to bring your own flashlights.


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October 11, 2018

Does Steve Saperstein Thinks Property Taxes in Bay Ridge is a Joke?


If you are a home owner in Bay Ridge, you know that Nicole Malliotakis has not done anything to alleviate the property tax problem in Bay Ridge.





Today, Steve Saperstein took a picture on our Avenue and tweeted it to say he is working with  Nicole Malliotakis. Is Steve Saperstein so disconnected from this district to know that Nicole Malliotakis has not done anything for property taxes?


Nicole Malliotakis voted for tax breaks for developers in Manhattan – Marty Golden’s bill. This is the building that received the tax breaks.


We really don’t need any more picture taking polls. I have been talking about the problem with property taxes for years so I know who isn’t doing anything.


Why would Steve Saperstein think that taking a picture of him speaking on our avenue with a politician who has done ZERO for property taxes would be a smart move?


I guess Steve Saperstein thinks Bay Ridge homeowners will be fooled by him and Nicole.





Steve Saperstein is running to represent this district and he didn’t even list property taxes as an issue on his website. Why didn’t Saperstein come up with his own plan if he was interested in representing us?  Saperstein ran for City Council last Fall and lost to Chaim Deutch.


Ironically behind Saperstein and Malliotakis in the office window is the initials REBNY.  We definitely don’t need that. Remember when John Quaglione got some last minute funding from REBNY  when he ran?



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October 11, 2018

The Owl’s Head in Bay Ridge – OctoberFest 10/12



The Owls Head is at 479 74th Street in Bay Ridge


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October 11, 2018

What is This? Where Do You Get It?



Kusbasili Pide Meat from Istanbul 8002 – 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge
It’s the Turkish version of a beef patty. You can see a recipe for it  here.


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October 11, 2018

Bay Ridge Fall Events 10/12 – 10/14










Friday, October 12th





Saturday, October 13th


  • Ragamuffin Parade – 11:00 am – Starts on 3rd Avenue and 75th Street and goes to 92nd Street – Registration form Children can walk with the other children in the parade or parents can join in. Many parents with strollers like to get dressed up. Anyone who register gets a small toy at the end. Prizes are given to then children with the best costumes.


  • Kaiser Park Fall FestivalFree  529 Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn




  • Luna Park Dog Parade and Costume Contest. Register here 11:00 am. Free (fun to watch too)







Saturday, October 13th and 14thGreen Meadow Pumpkin Patch at Aviator   $9  includes pumpkin, visit with animals, hayride, kid-friendly haunted house, giant wagon slide. Get tickets online





Sunday, October 14th Third Avenue Festival – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm between Bay Ridge Avenue and 94th Street




***See More Dates by Clicking More ***


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October 11, 2018

MAIMO’s Ride to Live – October 14th



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October 10, 2018

Councilman Brannan Supports 3rd Avenue Businesses



Councilman Justin Brannan awarded the Third Avenue Merchants $36,000 for their BID.  I’m glad to see Brannan reach out to the merchants as 3rd Avenue is a big part of community life in Bay Ridge. 


I would like to see the state representatives offer tax incentives to property owners on the Avenue. Marty Golden and Nicole Malliotakis failed to do that this year. Golden and Malliotakis fought for ebay and internet merchants sales tax while Businesses in Bay Ridge are struggling and closing. Obviously someone’s friends must be an online merchant who asked for a favor, else why would they bother?


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October 10, 2018

Bay Ridge Liquor Store Pumpkin Flavored Spirits




This is for my friends who love pumpkin everything.  I don’t care for anything with pumpkin flavoring.

Longs Liquor Store in Bay Ridge has this Organic spiced pumpkin vodka – I’ve never heard of it. Read more here.

It’s about $30 for 750ml online.



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October 10, 2018

Nicole Malliotakis Failed Property Owners






Oops it’s Election Season and Nicole Malliotakis failed to write a property tax bill. I wrote about this in September.


Last November when she ran for Mayor she talked about a property tax bill. But then she didn’t do anything.


Any Republican home owner in Bay Ridge can tell you that Nicole Malliotakis isn’t effective – she didn’t even introduce a bill and is now pandering.


Strangly,  Paula Katinas, a local writer,  published an article which made it seem like this bill was in the Assembly.




If there was a bill, there would be a bill number. The paper isn’t able to answer, even though ne of the Brooklyn Reporter’s Editors said, “if you have a problem, write to me.”





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October 10, 2018

Rocco’s Halloween Treats – Bay Ridge


Rocco’s Pasticceria at 9402 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge

Everyone is always looking for cute cupcakes for Halloween parties!



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October 10, 2018

SI Beacon of Hope Festival 10/14



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October 10, 2018

Honoring Sally Sunshine During the Ragamuffin Parade Satuday



From the Sunshine Group to Everyone in Bay Ridge:


We would like to honor “Sweet Sally Sunshine” during the Ragamuffin Parade on Sat. October 13th.


Join us & help turn Bay Ridge Gold!


If you will please wear your Sally shirt or Gold & meet us by 12:30pm at 7604 3rd Ave (in front of Matter)


#BeLikeSally  H


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