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  • August 12, 2017

    #Charlottesville It Showed The World What Exists in America

    Hate exists in America. Charlottesville showed us how bad it is.



    A college student named Peter Cvjetanovic traveled 2600 miles from Reno to march with his friends in   



    Peter Cvjetanovic – Looks like a very angry man




    The name Cvjetanovic is probably Croatian.

    Cvjetanovic attends the University of Nevada. He is a History/Political Science Major.


    Staten Island’s Borough President tweet about the guys in the picture was funny.  Don’t these guys know how to go out and have fun on a Friday night?




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    August 12, 2017

    Good Deal for Ladies KickBoxing Classes



    Ladies, there is a deal for a new place in Park Slope called I Love Kickboxing – $9.99 for three classes kickboxing classes. Use code THINKPINK at the website to save $10 off the regular introductory price of  $19.99 (there’s a spot for the code on the sign up form).  Plus you get pink gloves! Looks fun to do with a friend. It’s on 15th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue. 





    Schedule of classes in Park Slope and other locations:  here 


    Groupon has a deal for 5 kickboxing classes for $15 and  10 classes for $25 here.  Also if this is the first time you used Groupon, you can use the code WELCOME to get 20% off. 



    BTW, I am not in any way affiliated with this kickboxing place or Groupon – just sharing a good deal :)


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    August 12, 2017

    Catholic Churches in Bay Ridge Need Lay Ministers & CCD Teachers

    Have you ever wanted to be a lay minister in the Catholic Church?


    St. Pat’s had this info on training to be a lay minister:


    st. pats church lay person

    Our Lady of Angels is also calling for people to serve in the parish ministry (so if you are reading this – it means you):


    ola ministry lay people brooklyn

    St. Ephrem’s Needs Catechist Teachers for Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm:


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    August 11, 2017

    Brannan, Potter and Quaglione Call for an End to the Bottle Tax

    bay ridge politicians want to do away with the bottle tax

    Justin Brannan, Regina Potter and John Quaglione call for an end to the bottle tax as it is redundant in NYC since we have recycling. See article:
     here (by the way the article is well done because it has almost every politicians viewpoint – thank you Kadia Goba). 


    Liam McCabe wants to issue summons to the Asian grandmothers who are taking bottles from recycling bags. Yes, I understand some are a bit aggressive and go into people’s backyards, but the 68th Precinct doesn’t have the man-power for that.


    When I see “my lady” I run in my house and get my bag for her. Since I haven’t brought the bottles to the store to be recycled, I am glad she takes them. She is just collecting to get money for her family.  When I go to my family’s business in Gravesend, I take their bag home in my car so I can give it to my lady because I know she would be happy to have it.  These are good people.  I don’t want the cops to give them a hard time. Some people don’t speak English and being approached by the police would scare them. 



    I completely understand when people are upset if they are making a mess or going in their backyards, but no one has done that on our block so we haven’t experienced it. My lady is very neat, takes her cans and ties the bag back up.  A lock on your gate is good for NYC life too. 



    *Interestingly, Liam McCabe wants to go after the companies that are collecting the bottles and cans and bringing them to other states for higher returns – 10 cents a can (see his video).  Some of the grannies go to these redemption centers, rather than grocery stores because they get 6 or 7 cents per can/bottle.   If the bottle tax is done away with, these companies are going to be giving the grannies less money (because they will have a monopoly on the system – they will be the only ones collecting them. So this probably needs to be checked out at some point as some people  will still be collecting bottles.  




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    August 11, 2017

    Meeting for Bay Ridge Socialists – Right Before the Primary

    BR4SJ Socialists in Bay Ridge

    Oh yeah….the Socialists are having a second meeting. This time the Anarchists were left out of it (see last meeting: here).


    Trump became president at the beginning of the year and the Bay Ridge Socialists didn’t hold any meetings. At the end of July, on a Summer weekend, they held a meeting.


    Looks more like a ploy to push El-Yateem in the primary.



    Join us at our August 28th organizing meeting at 6:30 pm at Union Chuch.  We will be picking up where we left off at our recent panel and discussion of immigrant defense and sanctuary in Bay Ridge. 

    We will start the meeting with a discussion of this article: 


    There will also be a continuation of planning for immigrant defense and sanctuary hood in our community. 

    Light refreshments will be served. Children and families welcome.

    Questions? Please contact us at bayridgeforsocialjustice@gmail.com


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    August 11, 2017

    New Dance School in Bay Ridge

    Front Line Dance School has moved from 15th Avenue to 9020 – 3rd Avenue (Trinity Church). Last year we saw Bay Ridge Ballet work out of Trinity and then move to a larger location. 


    See videos on Facebook and Instagram


    new dance classes in bay ridge brooklyn 11209



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    August 10, 2017

    Best Massage in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

    Best Massage in Bay Ridge Brooklyn 11209

    Some Day Spas in Bay Ridge had arrests for being creepy salons, but there are a lot of great ones out there for a good massage:


    1) Heavenly Bodywork  278 – 73rd Street/ right off 3rd Avenue   718-833-9688 –  good inexpensive massage $45 an hour. (Lisa, John or Ana) They do take walk-ins, but it is best to make an appointment because sometimes it is busy. Hot stones. This place looks sketchy, but many people I know have been going here for years and love it.   It’s clean, family-run – no frills and not sketchy. They take men, but creeps this place is not for you – they aren’t into that type of massage. :)   Open 11 am – 9 pm everyday.  They are first on the list because of their good massage for a reasonable price.



    2) Salon Da Noi & Spa 8214 5th Avenue, Brooklyn 11209 – Barbara or Stewart. They have a peppermint stone massage that is pretty good. Super Relaxing. 718-491-3000  Closed on Monday – closes early on Sunday.


    3) Green Spa – Vanessa – Very good – not cheap deep muscle  (Beth left and went here, but also does home visits – see below. Beth gives the *BEST* massage) – Green Spa gives massages to both men and women. 88th Street and 3rd Avenue  718-921-6100. Closed on Monday. Closes at 5 pm on the weekend. $105 an hour – there are different types of massage, see: here.  Also check their specials because they change those regularly.


    4) Calm Spa 332 Senator Street  11220 Joanna – Swedish massage, also does prenatal massage.  She also does facials.  917-596-9535.  It’s a brownstone house on Senator St. that has a beautiful, clean interior. You are the only client there at the time so it is quiet.  It’s the way you imagine a massage should be.  Joanna gives good facials too. Not open on Sunday – only takes women. Regular price for a massage – no discounts, but worth it.


    • Groupon always has deals for spas.  Some of them are cheesy, but they are usually very good because they are using Groupon to attract new customers. I’ve noticed that a lot of places will be great on the first Groupon visit, but then leave things out like the hot stones or towels on the later visits. But they are cheap and sometimes that’s what is needed! Heavenly Bodywork was first on Groupon and a lot of people discovered it from that.





    Couple’s Massage 


    • The Green Spa – a bit noisy and small are small. $250 for an hour


    • Natural Balance on Quentin Road in Marine Park – quieter and rooms are larger $180 for an hour was their special for two near Valentine’s Day


    • Heavenly Bodywork 278 – 73rd Street/3rd Avenue 718-833-9688 (see more about this place above #1)

    Massage Therapist that comes to your home


    • Beth Siegel  347-254-8194  – Excellent.  She does late hours too. You will get the best massage from Beth.




    Chair Massage

    • Mimi’s Nail Salons 9114 – 3rd Avenue has the chair massage for $10 for 10 min (most nail salons have this)

    Foot Massage

    • VIP on 5th Avenue between 81st and 82nd Street – Only Gigi (I am not sure if she is still there though). $10 for 15 minutes  


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    August 10, 2017

    Owl’s Head Clean Up with the Horticulture Group on Saturday, 8/12 from 10 am -12 pm


    Join the Owl’s Head Park Horticulture Group and help preserve and beautify Owl’s Head Park.

    Volunteers meet at the horticulture group table in front of the spray shower located at 67th Street and Colonial Road

    Gloves and garden tools will be supplied.

    Come anytime on Saturday, August 12th between 10 am and 12:00 pm.


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    August 10, 2017

    Dear Rothy’s Shoes


    Rothy’s Shoes are all over Instagram. They look cute, the are made from water bottles and it says they are comfortable like sneakers. I’ve been wearing flip flops and sandals all Summer so they interest me. But at $145 a pair, I’m a lot less interested. 


    I look online to see if people who owned them love them. Buzzfeed has up a good article.  People like them, but they had a survey and a lot of other people felt they were  too expensive for a fabric shoe – even one that though Rothy’s are machine washable. (see here)



    rothys shoes


    So C’mon Rothy’s – let’s do a back to school special for teachers!


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    August 10, 2017

    Unions Love Justin Brannan!

    Justin Brannan Bay Ridge 11209

    We love Justin Brannan because Justin is passionate and responsive in Bay Ridge. Justin is supported by many labor unions. Brannan has talked about unions for years and even on regular weekends, he frequently thanks unions. 


    Hear Justin in this soundclip at 28:10.  Also online: here



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    August 10, 2017

    Mr. Robot is Filming in Bay Ridge


    mr. robot is filming in bay ridge alpine theater 11209 brooklyn august 2017

    Mr. Robot is filming on 5th Avenue in  Bay Ridge at the Alpine Movie Theater. See some pictures of the area and set: 

    See here
    ,  herehere and  short video


    See the car here, here and here


    See Hackerman here

     Alpine Movie Theater    


    Crew here 


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    August 9, 2017

    Two Classes for $1.00 at Ultimate Champions Taekwondo

    You can score the dollar deal here. Use code : FLASH48 when you register online.


    ultimate champions taekwondo deal code brooklyn



    Ultimate Champions Taekwondo is at 7209 – 13th Avenue and 7421 – 18th Avenue




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