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February 20, 2018

Learn to Crochet – Class in Bay Ridge 2/26



The Bookmark Shoppe has 2- 2 hour classes and supplies included with guided instruction and pattern $60 per student. Monday night 7:00 pm. Call 718-833-5115 to reserve a spot.


The BookMark Shoppe 8415 3rd Avenue ,


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February 19, 2018

Overdeveloped Sunset Park – The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Care About Over Development Problems!




Sunset Park’s Assemblyman Felix Ortiz sent the letter below to the mayor. These problems with traffic and air quality have been created due to over-development.


The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce doesn’t care about the problems it helped create in Sunset Park.




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February 19, 2018

Attempted Rape – 59 Yr. Old Bensonhurst Woman



A man followed an Asian woman into her Bensonhurst apartment on Saturday, February 17th around 1:30 pm. He pushed his way inside her place and and exposed himself before forcing her onto a couch. The woman managed to fight off her attacker, though she was slapped in the face repeatedly. The woman got away and ran out of her apartment. Story

This happened in an apartment building near 17th Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway.

Anyone with information on the case should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-8477, or text CRIMES and then enter TIP577 or going to the website.


Suspect: Man in his 20’s, around 6 feet tall





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February 19, 2018

Wagging Tails Pet Store – Bay Ridge




Wagging Tails opened on 9508 – 4th Avenue. It’s across the street from Saint Pat’s Church and next door to Mike’s Deli. This storefront was empty for awhile. There was an employment/realty office here prior to the pet store.




These koi fish are the first thing you see when you walk in.




It’s good to see small local stores like this in the area.




The bird below is beautiful, but he is very loud.



They sell small live animals such as fish, birds, hamsters.rats and other reptiles. No kittens or puppies as this store as it is a lot smaller store.


They sell food for: dogs, cats, birds and reptiles; plus supplies for those pets.


There is a grooming room in the back.




These are the owners of Fins, Furs and Feathers Pet Shop from 93rd Street, so hopefully they will have good luck in this new location.



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February 19, 2018

Relief for Bay Ridge Property Owners Soon? Maybe.



Mayor deBlasio pays half the tax that we do in Bay Ridge

Staten Island Councilman, Joe Borelli tweeted the above story earlier today.   


Bill deBlasio and his wife own two homes in Park Slope. Although their homes are worth quite a bit more than homes in Bay Ridge, they pay less property tax for their two homes than we do for our one home.


Borelli also linked to the resolution  that he put through in NYC Council.


Our Councilman, Justin Brannan was the second name on the resolution.  When he ran for office, this was one of the things Brannan promised to work on. I am glad to see him so active in City Council so quickly. Brannan already knew all the aspects of the job so he was able to take the position and start working, rather than having to take a few months to get accustomed to the job. 


On Tuesday, February 22nd, Councilman Brannan posted this:




Our state politicians aren’t doing to much:


a) Senator Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis are on one cheap bill (info here)


b) Pam Harris has been indicted and isn’t doing anything.


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February 18, 2018

Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits 9901 – 3rd Avenue



The storefront looks great at 9901 – 3rd Avenue.




The storefront used to look like this:





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February 18, 2018

The 68th & 62nd Precincts Fail to Communicate


1) On February 15th, the NYPD released these pictures and story about an incident that happened in Bay Ridge OVER THREE MONTHS AGO – This man groped at a woman on  November  5, 2017.



The NY Post published the story. Local politicians shared the story on 2/15/18 as if it happened yesterday.  No one said, “WOW 68th Precinct this happened several months ago. Why did we wait so long?”   




2)  A Bay Ridge man sexually allegedly assaulted 12-year-old twin girls repeatedly on the B1 bus from September to November. On January 31, 2018,  the police shared the information  and on February 2, 2018, the man was arrested.




Why didn’t the 62nd Precinct share this right away with communities? The NYPD knew which bus it happened on and should have alerted parents. Parents have the right to know and should decide if they want their child to be on the B1 bus. 




3) On February 7, 2018, this poster was released for an incident that happened on January 12, 2018 at 7423 Ridge Blvd. in  Bay Ridge.  The man is suspected of displaying a knife while he delivered food.








4) This one was released on February 12th for a January 12th incident. The men in the picture pretended they were electrical company workers and went into  8201 – 19th Avenue. Then they robbed the senior citizen who lived there.  










On January 29th,  the 68th Precinct released this poster of a man who stole cough and cold medicine on January 23rd from Duane Reade Drugstore at 436 – 86th Street in Bay Ridge.   







Here’s another one that was shared RIGHT AWAY on February 12th for a February 11th robbery of scratch off lottery tickets from 310 – 86th Street. 






We understand that the precinct is busy and cases need to be investigated (like this) before any information can be released. But in situations where suspected criminals have more protection from the police than the community does in protecting children, this is a problem! Information about perverts and criminals entering people’s homes  needs to be released right away,


Please do not tell us there is a shortage of officers because the 68th Precinct has a lot of staff working in the precinct offices and anyone can write up one of these posters.


Please don’t tell us that the NYPD  wants help with these old cases either. If they wanted help, they would have released the information in a timely way. 


There must be a legal aspect that the precinct is required to fulfill in informing the public about so many cases each year. Newspapers print the outdated stories from the NYPD because there is no news to print and it’s alsp easy to write up a story from a crime report. 


But why are politicians sharing these stories and making them look current when they have happened several weeks or months ago?  That isn’t okay. Politicians should be asking the NYPD for better communication and timely releases of information.   


The 62nd and 68th Precincts need to better manage their social media accounts. Their social media accounts are filled with pictures of drug pickups or well wishes to other precincts where there was crime committed – even out of state. 



If you read all the way down here, you are interested in crime in Bay Ridge. Did you know that NYPD Detectives from another precinct came to Bay Ridge and allegedly raped or has sex with an 18 year old woman while they were on the job? Why did NYPD officers choose Bay Ridge? Because they knew they could scam here. Story here



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February 18, 2018

Free Afterschool Sports at Saint A’s for Students




Free afterschool for children in grades 5-8. Homework help and then basketball, soccer or dance teams at Saint Anthanasius – 2154 61st Street.


Anyone can sign up – just stop by the program Monday through Friday from  3:00 – 6:00 pm and speak to Dana. 


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February 18, 2018

Catholic Pilgrimage – March 3rd – $89


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February 17, 2018

Explosion on Saturdays 2:45 pm in Bay Ridge



On Saturday afternoons around 2:45 – 2:55  pm, residents are hearing a loud sound but they can’t figure it out.  We were out shopping so we  pulled over at 77th Street to listen.  We heard the explosion at 2;46 pm – just like people said!  It didn’t happen on 77th Street and sounded like it came from 75th Street




It was louder than a manhole explosion…..maybe huge fireworks leftover from Chinese New Year? But that doesn’t explain the last weeks/months of this loud Saturday afternoon sound. 


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February 17, 2018

Ladies’ Night at Garguilo’s – March 16th – Raffles



Ladies Night Raffles on March 16th at Garguilo’s



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February 16, 2018

2 for 1 Off Broadway Tickets



Shows such as The Blue Man Group and Avenue Q are included in this deal.


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