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March 14, 2018

Raggamuffin Parade in Bay Ridge 2018


There’s a date for the Raggamuffin Day Parade in Bay Ridge in the Fall……….Saturday, October 13, 2018 has been chosen.



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March 13, 2018

Maritime Camp in Brooklyn




Camp Maritime is located at 3000 Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn. 718-332-4859

UPDATE: Enter there giveaway to win a few weeks of Summer Camp!

Cost of tuition covers: 9-hour days, Certified instructors for all activities, two organic gourmet meals daily, all day hydration protocols, exercise, stem lessons all trips and equipment.


Tuition: $599 Weekly.  (this is the price per week for 10-week and 5-week sessions)  There’s a discount code here

$699 weekly for 2-week end of summer session.





Everyone who purchases a 10-week session will get a $500 bonus in Safety gear, which includes; Certified wet suit, US Coast Guard approved life jacket, helmet, goggles, snorkel, mask, gloves, water socks. And a Chance to WIN equipment through contests.


*A Portion Of Your Tuition May Be Eligible To Be Tax Deductible Under The Child And Dependent Care Credit. Please Contact Your Tax Professional For Any Tax Advice.


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March 13, 2018

Operation Easter Basket in Brooklyn




From March 11th – March 25th, Good Shepherd Church at 7420 4th Avenue in  Bay Ridge is collecting items for Operation Easter Basket.


Once collected, the above items will be placed in the baskets and/or gifts bags in equal amounts, and then delivered to Maimonides Pediatric Cancer Unit, in Brooklyn.


Would you like to participate in our “Operation Easter Basket” project? They are collecting the following items:


– Sugar Free individually wrapped Candies
– Nut free individually wrapped candy
– Coloring Books
– Colored Pencils, Markers, Crayons
– Small stuffed animals (new, that will fit in baskets)
– Play doh
– Small bottles of Bubbles
– Small toys, Matchbox cars
– Grass for baskets
– Medium sized Spring decor gift bags
– Tattoos, stickers & small note pads



Please drop off any of your donations in the collection basket in the Soul Café. The last day of Collection will be March 25. If you have any questions, call: 718-745-8520 or e-mail:   office@goodshepherdbayridge.org.


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March 13, 2018

Codes for Wholesale Club, BJ’s



If you are looking to join the whole sale club,  BJs  there are two codes available:


$10 off 3 months   AQMAR9


$25 for 12 Moths – Code; maraq9



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March 13, 2018

Why I Wouldn’t Vote for Chirlane McCray….




Chirlane McCray, wife to Mayor Bill deBlasio said that she would consider running for office in 2021, after her husband was done being the mayor. She didn’t say what office she would run for, but she wasn’t considering running for mayor. The news speculated that she was thinking of running for public advocate.


I wouldn’t vote for her.


Four years ago, I would have voted for her, but now I know that she and Bill have their own agendas and NYC isn’t a place for the middle class.   


In Bay Ridge we pay more tax for one home than for their two homes in Park Slope and McCray hasn’t done anything to change that because she likes her low taxes. If she was someone who was serious about running for office, she would have made sure taxes were equitable throughout the city, especially since she knows the tax on her homes is so low. 




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March 13, 2018

Radio Bingo – St. Ephrem – April 20th

These events fill up fast – so get your tickets early. Call Saint Ephrem Rectory 718-833-1010  for tickets – $35 each.



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March 13, 2018

Free Movie at St. Andrews on Saturday 3/17






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March 12, 2018

The Bills No One is Writing for Bay Ridge



The lot at 9114 -5th Avenue in Bay Ridge was spoken about at the Community Board 10 Meeting.  From the picture, you can’t see how large this property it, but it is really a package of properties:  9114-9116 5th Avenue and 411-413 92nd Street (on the next block across from Pizzeria Unos – see here)  


You can get a sense of how big this parking lot is by looking at the overhead view here  And see the property price tag here.


This property should have been a school. It’s across the street from PS 104/IS 104. The mayor is always saying they are looking for properties – How did it get overlooked if there is a whole team of people searching the city for property?? It could have been an early childhood center.  


Josephine from Community Board 10 said there isn’t anything the community can do as long as the owner is building within the limits.  Josephine said they are thinking of putting 64 hotel rooms in this area. That’s enough room for a school! Many schools are on a lot smaller properties.


Yet, more has been found out…..The new owner of 9114 has a hotel and it is being used for the homeless because the city pays $$$.  While Councilman Brannan says there are no plans for a shelter in Bay Ridge, this is a hotel that the owner can submit to house homeless if he chooses.



Why hasn’t Senator Golden written a bill to stop Bill deBlasio from using any further hotels for the homeless? I can’t use my house as a hotel – so why should a hotel be able to compromise it’s use and be a shelter?


Assemblywoman Pamela Harris who represents that area isn’t going to write a bill because of this.


DOES THIS DEVELOPER OWN MARTY GOLDEN?  WHY IS HE SILENT?   Usually Malliotakis and Golden LOVE beating down on deBlasio…..so why wouldn’t they have written this bill already?


When parents find out this “hotel” is going in across the street from their school, they will be annoyed and eventually vote Golden out.



The hotels are built for tourist and to encourage tourism, not for the city to make a new career of  hotel owners who exploit the city system to get homeless dollars.


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March 12, 2018

Can an Endorsement End a Campaign?


Poor Chele Farley who is running against Senator Gilibrand got endorsed by the Conservative Party.



I’m not even going to read her profile because the Conservative Party has been having a bad streak for a long time.


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March 12, 2018

Republicans Teens Not So Loud or Bold




Kadia Goba reported about The Brooklyn Teen Republicans protest yesterday, March 11th. (See video here). 


The club president was heard saying: “Hear us loud and clear Pamela Harris, it is time for you to resign.”


It’s a good message.  But…..


The only one who heard the not-so-fierce teens was the invited press, as Harris and her staff were enjoying their weekend. A clear sign of this was the  closed store front with the gate down.



Where did the teens get the idea to hold a rally where the intended target can’t see or hear them? They must have seen Senator Golden and Malliotakis operate this way, so the figured they would too.  Here’s the problem with that: Nothing actually gets done. 



If the Republican Teens wanted to be heard, they would have planned for a rally on a weekday and hopped on the train to Coney Island and rallied in front of Harris’ main office so Harris (or her employees) could hear them.  Where’s their fearless leaders – Marty Golden, Nicole Malliotakis, etc.? How come they didn’t get much support from the Brooklyn Republican Party?


Strangely, Pam Harris doesn’t represent at least three protestors (maybe more).


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March 12, 2018

T-Shirts for St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th



I know you are going to ask me where we got our shirts, so I am letting you know where you can get some St. Patty Day shirts of your own. I do not know this shop and this shop doens’t know me. I just know they have St. Patty’s Day shirts and you can customize them.



Military Tapes Shop at 7919 7th Avenue is selling St. Patty’s Day t-shirts for $10.00. They also have hats.



They make custom shirts like the one above, but you have to order 5 or more to get a good price on them. But they look great when they have a family name on them.




Pippins Pub also has a great t-shirt – stop by 9023 – 3rd Avenue

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March 12, 2018

Shamrocks on Third in Bay Ridge


Thank you to the Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers for the beautiful shamrock lights on Third Avenue. This is the first year they are up probably for their 25th Anniversary celebration!!  See more St. Patty’s Day Celebrations in Bay Ridge here.




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