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November 8, 2019

Bay Ridge Valet Parking Problem




Gothamist says Bay Ridge has a valet parking problem. 

Then the peanut gang chimed in on the comments – see here




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November 8, 2019

Blood Drive on Sunday at St. Anselm





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November 8, 2019

Arsenic & Old Lace at Ft. Hamilton HS




Fort Hamilton High School’s show Arsnic and Old Lace – November 20th – 23rd.

Get tickets here. $10 each. Will be sold at the door.




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November 8, 2019

Fort Hamilton High School Didn’t Have a Problem Today

Fort Hamilton High School took precautions today, but nothing happened. 

Some say an old online message made a reappearance.





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November 8, 2019

Another Dog Run in Bay Ridge




This has to be a joke. 


While home owners are talking about moving out of NYC because property taxes are so high, Councilman Brannan will have NYC Parks will be in Bay Ridge – 11/12  at  7:00 am…..yeah ok. 

This idea did not win in participatory voting last year. I know whose idea it was too and that person has even stated online that their idea did not win.




We have homeless living on the street and dogs are going to get another park (there two – one at Owl’s Head and one near the Dyker Heights Golf Course).   

People overwhelming asked for little things in Participatory Voting this year (garbage cans for the corner, trees, etc.) and Brannan is using last years ideas?   

Brannan’s office has a lot of employees. Why couldn’t any of them tell him this?


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November 8, 2019

Day Drinking and Spin Reporting


Journalists either love reporting the outrageous stories or they look to make a story.

Our area has been a product of strange reporting for awhile, so we know the drill here.


Are there Trump supporters in Bay Ridge? Yes, of course! We saw a video of some people at a catering hall last year chanting Trump’s name. 

But out last election showed that people were tired of the status quo Republicans. Remember Dan Donovan, the former Congressman wanted to put a picture of Trump in every library!! He was shocked to be voted out.   

The man who won the position, Max Rose is a conservative Democrat and I think that works well for a lot of people. 


People were also tired of the machine candidate Democrats and voted against that in our Assembly elections.

I don’t believe Bay Ridge is the progressive, Streetsblog-controlled-Bloomberg community that some believe we are. 



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November 7, 2019

Bay Ridge Catholic Academy


Bay Ridge Catholic Academy has a website

It looks like Holy Angels school site – just a different color.


No. Do better than this!  




Protip: Call Xaverian High School and hire their web developer to get a fresh site!! 



The school has a chance to be the best in Brooklyn, but they are keeping too much of the old stuff.

There’s no chance for new if you are using the same Board of Directors – put fresh blood on the board. 

Whoever chose that site design, get rid of them…chose someone who can dream and imagine more. Actually, that person should do the right thing and step down, so the school can be setup by educators and parents,  who have a bigger vision for this school.



Protip 2:  Get a mural painted on a wall in cafeteria or gym and take pics in front of it. People want to see new! 

Anyone with an ounce of sense would share pictures on the new site where a child was wearing anything but a new uniform (so shirts and sweatshirts should have been made and on display…..not old uniforms).  



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November 6, 2019

Dear Third Avenue Merchant Steering Committee


Tonight, I stood in front of a new business. It belonged to one of my students…..one of my kids, whose now a man with all his hopes and dreams in a small storefront. 


While he smiled in front of his family, friends, and his old teacher, I could see his nervousness. When someone doesn’t come from money and they are making it on their own, they are “ALL IN.”  If you have never been “ALL IN,” you wouldn’t know the feeling.  There is no mama or safety net waiting with their checkbook.  

Then I thought about Mohammed from Iraqi House at 7215 – 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge – He’s ALL IN. He’s  the purest soul  in Bay Ridge, yet I have a feeling he didn’t receive any welcome from The Third Avenue Merchants.  

I met Mohammed on the day that the New York Times gave his restaurant a raving review! (We did not know about the review when we entered the restaurants).  The New York Times told us that Mohammed is the cook, server and only employee at his place. I can tell you that we felt like were were  eating in someone’s home and the food was made just for us. If you are reading this, go to Iraqi House and order Fosoulia with Rice (don’t order it if don’t like lamb or you are a vegetarian).  It’s the type of food which will feed your soul and I have even ordered it from Seamless.


So I can’t remain silent on the 3rd Avenue BID issue because I live here and these are my people.  In order for me to live here, we had to be ALL IN. I know the feeling well and remember how long it took before we could exhale.


If you have talked with store owners on 3rd Avenue, you will know their situations are completely different depending on the type of business they have. While restaurant owners are cheering for the BID, the retail shops aren’t having such an easy time. Their money doesn’t flow so easily and a BID isn’t going to bring them returns like it will for the restaurants.

How do I know? My family was part of a BID in Brooklyn. They didn’t own a restaurant, but because of their location were required to contribute to the BID. That BID joined other BIDs and they continued to put fees on the members….with no returns.

The city does not make it easy to be a shop owner. Between taxes, the tickets for signs and the new monopoly created by NYC Council on which carting companies  can be used (yes Councilman Brannan voted for this….didn’t he tell ya?), I think the 3rd Avenue Merchants should take a step back and support the Merchants – all of them!

Shoutout to the store owners at the two ends of the BID. These store and property owners have never been part of the Merchants Group. They have made it all these years on their own  and they will now be forced to be part of the BID – that isn’t right!  I don’t know what religion you guys practice, but no Christian would do that to their neighbors.

If you read this blog for even a short time, you will know that some of the residents in Bay Ridge are overtaxed and some like my husband and I are REALLY overtaxed.  Someone told me yesterday, they looked my property taxes up because they couldn’t believe it was that high. Newer residents last year actually pay less property tax than we do!



Last year, I declared that the Third Avenue Merchants needed new PR.  I was not joking – their social media account is terrible.  The 3rd Avenue Merchants Instagram account should have been shared with store owners. People should see specials from 3rd Avenue stores, not photos of steering committee bank manager.  People follow that account to find out about happenings in the neighborhood. You could feature a store a day, but you don’t.  People are influenced by what they see on social media. Give the NO BID group access to that account – it’s free advertising to a community that is already using Instagram! 

When the idea of a BID came up, the pioneers said that this is what the merchants wanted. Four months ago,  the Bid was announced, the pioneers still don’t have enough signatures. If this is what everyone wanted, why didn’t they all sign on?



Councilman Brannan gave the group money and you could have taken the money and beautified the Avenue with a lot of pots and trees. But it’s not about the greenery…you and I both know that. If it was, the No Bid Store could call out to his people and they would all put $300 of pots and shrubs outside their stores. Brannan had plenty of money and could have put planters up and down the Avenue, but didn’t.  (People requested it on 

Why was the money given to an outside group if all the merchants didn’t want that?   While churches posted the link to the BID’s survey, store owners didn’t even know a BID was being discussed. Property owners received notice, while the merchants didn’t.  Why weren’t they the first people surveyed on their needs? I watched the whole process and I thought, “Who is benefiting from this?”  Merchants who attended the information sessions in the Summer felt slighted as the same information/numbers from the 5th Avenue BID were being used.

The broadcast recently released by RadioFree Bay Ridge doesn’t reflect Bay Ridge or the spirit of this community. Did you intend for RFBR to attack the No Bid leader just because he is speaking up for the merchants?  Those are not comments from community builders.  I’m old skool, from Sunset Park and OLPH taught me to have my neighbor’s backs. RadioFree Bay Ridge reported that money from the 5th Avenue BID was taken from someone. And now the 5th Avenue BID members are paying even higher fees!


On Halloween, if you were out and about in Bay Ridge,  you could see how well the store owners took care of the children. When school fundraisers happen, the store owners on 3rd Avenue donate gift cards and prizes, so school functions can thrive. 


Why can’t those who oppose the BID work on the Third Avenue Merchants?  Let them do it for a year – if they are horrible at it, form a BID. Who knows maybe by then the government will ease up on property taxes and they will want a BID. A lot changes in a year. They have tech company, do you realize how easy it is to collect Merchant dues with Paypal or Venmo?


While we understand you don’t want them to fail, the possibility of them succeeding is a strong. They have two key people that the 3rd Avenue Merchants are missing. One missing component from the Third Avenue Merchants is that you aren’t inclusive. When you make a group, it’s okay to  invite Asian nail salon owners for tea and change it up. I see the No Bid Group may have an advantage to you on this issue. They also have a tech guy!

I moved to Bay Ridge ten years ago because I wanted to be here – not for a BID,  but for the small business owners who call me when they get something new in that they know I would like, give my dogs treats and notice that I am not quite myself when shopping near a holiday.  We support the merchants. We want them to do well, prosper and continue to do business on 3rd Avenue.   

At some point, you had to have questioned, “If this many merchants are unhappy, why are we forcing this upon them?”  Steering Committee, it’s time to put the BID papers away, have your neighbors backs and kickoff the holiday season.




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November 6, 2019

Andrew Gounardes Stop Tweeting Streetsblog And Do Your Job


Another one of Andrew Gounardes’ constituents has died. And he tweeted an article by Streetsblog. 

Then he said, “This cannot keep happening.”   But has no solution except to say We need to act NOW.   No, Andrew you need to do something – anything besides tweeting.






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November 6, 2019

Bay Ridge Pumpkin Smasher Was Caught


The 68th Precinct just announced that they have apprehended the Bay Ridge Pumpkin Smasher.

If you need the background on the BR Pumpkin Smasher, see here.




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November 6, 2019

Bay Ridge Cares Delivers to Seniors and Homebound



Do you know someone who would like Thanksgiving Dinner, but has no family, cannot afford the food, is lonely, homebound or disabled?

Contact Bay Ridge Cares at bayridgecares@gmail.com or call 718-635-0219. 

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November 6, 2019

Stand4 Gallery Opening on 11/8




Did you know that Stand4 Art Gallery is at 414 78th Street (between 4th and 5th Avenues) in Bay Ridge?



Stand Art Gallery is having a free art show opening on  Friday, November 8th from 7 – 9 pm. 



The opening is for the showing of  “Artifacts of Place,” curated by Isabelle Garbani featuring the works of Joyce Dallal, Dalia Baassiri, Mary Tuma, Daiffa Dessine, Arghavan Khosravi, Reem Bassous, Armita Raafat, Helen Zughaib and Ekram Alrowmeim.



Stand Art Gallery was founded by Jeannine Bardo  @jeanninebardo  


See their instagram here


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