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March 27, 2020

Social Distancing in Bay Ridge




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March 27, 2020

The Bookmark Shoppe Delivers Books




The Bookmark Shoppe will bring the books you order to your home in Bay Ridge or Dyker Heights

Call 718-833-5115 to order over the phone or visit their website to order.  

That’s an amazing service.


Isn’t there a book you have been meaning to read, but didn’t have the time to do so?   

The store also sells games 








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March 26, 2020

Why Isn’t Senator Gounardes on The Rent Bill?

Senator Ginaris sponsored the NYS S8125A Rent Bill   The bill is dated  Monday, March 23rd. Today Wednesday, March 26th it received a print number.  

Why isn’t Senator Gounardes on the bill?






Does Gounardes think you have plenty of money? 



Or is he’s going to join the bill later and think you won’t notice?



Gounardes is part of the Judiciary Committee. If you are thinking the judiciary committee can’t sponsor the bill, that wouldn’t be true because Brad Hoytman,  Zellnor Myrie,  Diane Savino, Jamaal Bailey are also on the Judiciary Committee and they sponsored this bill as well.







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March 26, 2020

Prayers for Todd Maisel

Photo from Maisel’s Twitter 


You may not know Todd Maisel, but if you live in Brooklyn, you have probably seen his work.


Todd Maisel is a photojournalist for AM New York. His photos have appeared in The Brooklyn Paper, The Brooklyn Reporter, Bklyner and more. 


Recently, Maisel tested positive for COV19. 


You are probably thinking he wouldn’t want that information to be public. But he does. Maisel documented his first days here.  Maisel has seen a lot of horrible things happen in NYC. Kicking COV19’s won’t be hard for him. 


If you know the power of prayer, join me in one for Todd’s speedy recovery.





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March 26, 2020

Papers Towels and TP in Bay Ridge


Seen at 8:50 pm at Walgreens – 3rd Avenue and 95th Street


This 24 pack of toilet paper is for the hoarders. The seniors aren’t going to buy a large package like that. 

Seniors will buy this one, so don’t overbuy it – there will be more.




You keep asking me where you can get toilet paper…

1) Keyfood – 3rd Avenue and 75th Street is well-stocked with paper towels.

2) MetFresh on 3rd Avenue and 96th Street had like 100 paper towels and plenty of toilet paper on the shelves. Don’t hoard it.

3) Lee saw this store on 4th Avenue and 85th Street was stocked well – it’s small, but mighty

4) D2 at 8701 – 4th Avenue sells 1 roll for 1.29


5) Staples on 4th Avenue sells toilet paper.

6)La Bella in Dyker Heights has toilet paper.








Where can I get paper towels in Bay Ridge?

1) Walgreens was well-stocked tonight with paper products. They only allow a few people in the store at a time due to social distancing.

2)  Keyfood – 3rd Avenue and 75th Street is well-stocked with paper towels. Lee was there at 6:00 pm

3) Food Emporium on  3rd Avenue and 80 Street 

4) MetFresh on 3rd Avenue and 96th Street has 100 paper towels and  toilet paper on the shelves. Don’t hoard it.

5) Brooklyn Market – my friend was there this afternoon – it is stocked.

6) Lee saw this store on 4th Avenue and 85th Street was stocked well – it’s small, but mighty





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March 26, 2020

Great App for Children – Free for 30 Days


Moms do you need some time to yourself today? This is a great app for children 3-7 years old. It reads stories to children and there are games. 

I am not connected to the app or anyone involved with creating it.

I am sharing it because it’s free for 30 days and some Moms may need a little time to themselves today. 


Get the app here







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March 26, 2020

68th Precinct Message



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The 68th Precinct patrolling on 3rd Avenue during the pandemic.



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March 26, 2020

Blend Coffee Sent Seventy Coffees to NYU Langone

Stories like this give everyone hope!

Blend Coffee called out to Bay Ridge and askd if anyone wanted to buy a coffee for a healthcare worker at NYU Langone.   


Blend delivered 70 drinks to NYU Langone in Sunset Park!


If you want to help support healthcare heroes, they are going to do this again! You can use Venmo to @blendbayridge & put “for hospital” in the comments.



Blend Coffee is at 6808 4th Avenue. Blend Coffee and Co-working shop opened last Spring.



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March 25, 2020

Bklyner Article – Bay Ridge Townhall “Out of Touch”




Usually Bklyner is very complimentary towards the politicians in this area. 


But not today. 




Bklyner covered Senator Gounardes and Councilman Brannan’s Townhall.  See here

The journalist wrote that a neighbor said that the politician’s townhall was a bit out of touch. 

The neighbor was being polite. 

Gounardes and Brannan were very out-of-touch and provided general information that was already widely known the week before.  Justin Brannan didn’t used to be like this. Brannan used to be more connected and wanted people to have information.  Party politics seems to be more important to him now. 

This meeting seemed like they were just going through the motions to say, “We had a virtual townhall.”  

Senator Gounardes never seemed to get connected to the community. People voted for him because they thought he was going to be a change-agent, but he’s just a generic Democrat that doesn’t see his job to help Bay Ridge residents, but rather to be in Albany and vote with the Democrats.

Did Gounardes even hang a sign with his name on his office or does it still say Justin Brannan? (I’ll update this when I know for sure)    In 2019, I talked with Senator Gounrdes about why having a sign was important. I got the feeling that he didn’t care what I said. 


People in Bay Ridge needed information about paying their rent and other basic living costs because they were laid off. 


Throughout the year, Andrew Gounardes pretended he was going to do something to help Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Marine Park property owners. Instead, he pushed bills for the bike community and wasn’t forthcoming that the bill was for them. Now no one is going to see property tax reform because the city is going to be in bad shape.  Andrew Gounardes’ friends, Brad Lander and Bill de Blasio will keep their low property taxes in Park Slope – see here.  



Virtual Townhall



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March 25, 2020

Aaron MIrra – Missing for a Month






Twenty-six year old, Aaron Mirra has been missing since February 20, 2020.   




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March 25, 2020

Elmhurst Hospital Center – Apocalyptic



Thirteen deaths in one day at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.



Dr. Ashley Bray performed chest compressions on a woman in her 80’s. a man in his 60’s and a 38 year old man.   (See New York Times Article)


All tested positive for coronavirus and went into cardiac arrest. All died.  The man’s mother was a coronavirus patient at another hospital. The doctor was not able to get in touch with anyone in the man’s family

If you don’t think staying inside is necessary – read this:   “A refrigerated truck has been stationed outside the hospital to hold the bodies of the dead. “







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March 25, 2020

Dyker Heights Steps Out As a Community




There are a lot of good people in Dyker Heights.

They were raised by good people, who taught them to look out for their neighbors and the kids.

It’s important to take the kids outside and get some air, but also so hard with keeping them socially distant. 

Well done Dyker Heights!



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