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  • May 17, 2017

    Carroll Says Malliotakis Will Lose Mayoral Election

    Robert Carroll is a newly elected member to the NY Assembly. He represents the people in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Carroll went on The Brooklyn Paper Radio show and predicted Malliotakis will get under 25 percent of the vote. LOL!


    Clearly, Carroll is clever and witty, but he also used the radio time to point out the problem of undocumented workers.

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    May 17, 2017

    Luna Park Has Free Rides for Students with Good Grades

    Students can bring their report cards to Luna Park in Coney Island and get ride credits.


    Luna Park Deal for Good Student Brooklyn

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    May 17, 2017

    Three Democrat Challengers to Donovan

    Dan Donovan better light a fire under his seat and do a better job for his district. He has three Democratic Challengers already and the election isn’t until November 2018.




    Zach Emig, 40 lives in Tompkinsville. Emig is a bond trader. He seems very serious about the position and he’s doing a good job putting the word out about his campaign. Let’s see how he will recognize Bay Ridge as an important part of his district.


    Michael DeVito Jr.  lives in Westerleigh. DeVito was a Marine sergeant.


    Boyd Melson, 35 was an independent, but is now a Democrat. He’s a retired boxer, works in health care sale and teaches fitness classes


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    May 17, 2017

    Nancy Tong – The Revenge Candidate Doesn’t Know Bay Ridge


    Nancy Tong spoke at Lobo Loco and showed she knew very little about Bay Ridge, it’s problems and people.


    Nancy Tong doesn’t live in our area. She lives in Mark Treyger’s district, so she should be running against Treyger. When asked why she was running for office in our area, she played politics and had an attitude too. Tong is the revenge candidate and carpetbagger of this election.


    I have never seen Nancy Tong do anything in our area or even attend any of the events in Bay Ridge. Also,  I don’t know anyone she has helped. I’ve only seen her as the silent sidekick to Bill Colton in a few pictures. 


    Tong worked part time for eight years for Assemblyman Colton. Colton doesn’t represent our district, but he and Treyger are playing games (more about that here).  


    Tong spoke in general terms and didn’t mention Bay Ridge throughout her speech. She said the problems are the same in every district.  


    When asked how she would reach out to the Arabic/Muslim community in Bay Ridge, she said, “we have those kind of people in our office….I’m friends with them. How will I reach out to them, I haven’t thought about it.”  REALLY? Didn’t Tong do any research on Bay Ridge?


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    May 17, 2017

    Bay Ridge Statistics

    Sometimes you just know that statistics aren’t correct. I think there is more than fourteen percent of the population over 65 in Bay Ridge. In small print on the document, it says this info was 2013 US Census. Maybe a lot of residents skipped the census. 


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    May 16, 2017

    St. Pats is Having a County Fair & Flea Market on June 10th and 11th

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    May 15, 2017

    Stabbing at 4 am in Bay Ridge on 5/14/17


    Twenty-nine year old man leaving a Mexican restaurant on 3rd Avenue was stabbed by a 30 year old man who fled in a white suv.  Story here

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    May 15, 2017

    Manhattan Beach Drive In Movie – May 21st – Free


    On Sunday, May 21st, The Sound of Music will  be shown at Manhattan Beach at 8pm (gates open at 7pm).

    Drive your cars in and bring drinks/snacks to watch a drive in movie.


    The entrance of Manhattan Beach Park is on  Irwin Street and Oriental Blvd.

    Free popcorn.

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    May 14, 2017

    Staten Island Children’s Museum Carnival and Science Spectacular

    June 3rd from 1-5 pm The Staten Island Children’s Museum is having a Carnival and Science Spectacular.  Tickets – $15.  They are $13 if you purchase them online.

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    May 14, 2017

    Bay Ridge Woman Attacked – Attempted Robbery

    Update:  The woman was going to buy makeup from someone off Craigslist at 10 pm outside of her house. Who does that?  Everyone knows there are creeps on Craigslist. If you need makeup go to Sephora, if you want it cheaper, get to the drugstore. The real story did not come out until days later.

    The Daily News reported that a 24 year old Bay Ridge woman near 72nd and 7th Avenue was put in a headlock and had a gun put to her stomach.

    The woman spoke to AJ Burkett  (see video) and said she was afraid because they haven’t been caught. But something doesn’t add up with this story because why would she go on television when they know where she lives. Maybe the news reporters missed part of the story.

    The suspects are three Asian men – 25-30 years old. There are two in the pictures below. Here’s what is weird – one of the pictures appears to be from social media, rather than her doorstep or an overhead video camera.



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    May 14, 2017

    The Coop Mother’s Day Special in Bay Ridge


    7am – 7pm today at The Coop


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    May 13, 2017

    Two Out of Three of My Elected Leaders Support Charter Schools

    Bay Ridge has fantastic public schools. That is the reason why so many people want to live here, pay high rents and will live in illegal apartments. Parents want  their children to get the best education. 


    Of course Marty Golden  has been pushing vouchers (also called scholarships) and  charter schools for years.


    My Assemblywoman also praises Charter Schools – not one in Bay Ridge, but Coney Island Prep which money has been poured into. Here Pamela Harris gushes over Coney Island Prep.  Harris is a Democrat and doesn’t understand the majority of students in her district attend public school.


    How many schools in Bay Ridge has she even walked into?

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