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May 30, 2020

Businesses Can’t Open But A Protest Can Happen?


NYC Leaders have double-standard and communication is very unclear. 

People are told to be socially distant and businesses can’t open.

But a huge protest can be organized.  And the NYC Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams shared it as to invite people to attend. (See here)





I believe someone needed to file permits for the protest. This was an organized event where people would not be socially distant. 

Look at this video of the huge crowd:


More events like this are planned for the weekend. See here and another one for Brooklyn here.


Police officers showed up to the protest in gear because they were told to control the event. We shouldn’t hear any politicians speaking out on the police for following orders.




Do you think their are any police officers who want people that close to them during the corona virus?



Protesters brought fire crackers and set a police vehicle on fire . 


The people aren’t there to protest and mourn – they are there to take out their anger on the police. 


George Floyd was  a repeat situation of Eric Gardner (which is awful, but will continue until in this country doesn’t allow it). 

But this didn’t happen in NYC again!   

The NYPD can’t be paying because people are rested and angry. 

Leaders in NYC can not allow protests to happen when businesses can’t open and people are still in quarantine.

There should not be mixed messages from the top during a pandemic.




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May 29, 2020

Free Masks and Hand Sanitizer 5/29




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May 29, 2020

Bay Ridge Racetrack is Open





Last night and this morning, the Bay Ridge Racetrack was open.

It must be a super finale race as it’s morning and the cars are still zipping around loudly. 

Councilman Brannan wants people to call it in.

Brannan knows people can’t call it in to 911 because they have no idea where the sound is coming from. 

This is just a politician’s way of passing the problem and acting “like he is doing something.” 

Why aren’t the NCO’s from every district in their cars in their district? If they were, they would hear everything people have been reporting for weeks. We don’t need police officers sitting in the precinct responding to e-mail.  This neighborhood doesn’t need e-mail police, we need active officers on our streets.

Other people are taking over the streets while there are no police.






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May 28, 2020

Mathylde Frontus’ Legislation for Home Owners


Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus has legislation to forbear mortgages for sixth months. See bill A10351B here  



This will help a lot of people who have been forced to stay at home and not work.

The government has to do something here. 




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May 27, 2020

Mark Szuszkiewicz vs Assemblywoman Frontus?


Mark Szuszkiwicz threw his hat in to run against Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus.


Listen Mark, the gerrymandered district has what it needs – Mathlyde Frontus. 

Who owns her? No one.


She’s not “wheeling or dealing” in her seat. 

Mathylde has been serving her community by delivering food to seniors and home-bound residents in Coney Island since the start of the pandemic. 

Mathylde doesn’t load our newspapers with nonsense or send out photos to the press. 

Mathylde has asked her community, “What do you need?”  People who needed masks and hand sanitizer were surprised to see the Assemblywoman bringing it to their home herself. 


Mathylde is the first elected representative in the area who gave masks to residents –  even before the Brooklyn borough president and Councilman Brannan.

Mathylde knows her diverse community and has even down a phone townhall with seniors in the district because she knows everyone isn’t on the computer.

SHE’S THE REAL DEAL…..she is who said she would be.



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May 27, 2020

Foggy Night – Where’s the Verrazzano?




Super foggy night. 

Foggy day too…I love the sound of the foghorns.   

The Brooklyn Bridge in fog today.




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May 27, 2020





The 68th Precinct wrote that they removed this Purple Dodge Charger that has been terrorizing Bay Ridge residents on Shore Road.




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May 27, 2020

Eight Year Old Girl Molested in Bensonhurst

Writing that title just makes me mad.

The Daily News reported that an eight year old girl on Bay Parkway by 77th Street was molested by a man around 12:20 p.m. yesterday afternoon.  See here 

The Citizen App was completely useless and just stated there was an assault in the area – see here

The  girl was putting  her bike away in her yard and the man walked in and started talking to her.  

The man exposed himself and made the girl touch him.

I don’t want to hear how mentally ill he and that we should feel sorry for him. He’s harmed a child and she’s old enough to know how messed up this is.  

There’s gotta be a camera somewhere in the area. He’ll be caught. Guys who bother children don’t do well in jail.





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May 27, 2020

Falling Items on 5th Avenue Bet. 84th and 85th




On Tuesday, May 26th, around 1:00 pm, a glass bottle was dropped from the top of one of these buildings – 8418 – 5th Avenue and  8420 5th Avenue

Around 3:30 pm a plastic water bottle was dropped and a person got wet (thankfully, she wasn’t hurt).

The police at the 68th precinct stopped there, but nobody was doing it while they were there.


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May 25, 2020

Jeff Samaha’s Theater at Home 5/30


Jeff Samaha  announced he will have a new series:  An Evening of Theater at Home.




On Saturday May 30th at 7:00 pm Samaha Theater Productions will show a production of Les Miserables.

The link for the show will be posted on this page on Saturday night.

It’s super nice of him to do this for the community while the pandemic keeps everyone home.




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May 25, 2020

Vanessa Ferguson is Missing in Bay Ridge



Vanessa Ferguson is a teen who may be in Bay Ridge. 

Her mother misses her and wants her home. 

Vanessa hasn’t been home in three months. She was in contact by phone with her mother up until three weeks ago. 



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May 25, 2020

Bagel Story Was Broken Into Last Night



Bagel Story at  8501 3rd Avenue had it’s window broken and the register was robbed. 





Abdul shared that they also took some equipment.    : (





Some politicians will parrot the mayor and tell us “Crime is down.” 

We all know break-ins and robberies are up in our area.

Hopefully, there will be some good camera footage in the area and they will be able to catch the jerk. 

It’s awful someone did this as the end of Ramaden, while people were celebrating Eid.




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