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September 21, 2018

Narrows Community Garden



Celebrated the end of Summer at the Narrows Community Garden soaking up some rays and smelling the last roses.






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September 21, 2018

Free Yoga Tuesday Nights in Bay Ridge


olph yoga - free wednesday night bay ridge sunset park


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September 20, 2018

The Coop Fall 11209 Art Exhibit



Art by 19 great artists is now on display and available for purchase at The Coop through October 21 in the “Fall 11209″ Exhibition”


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September 20, 2018

True Irish Celebrate Half Way to St. Patty’s Day


Halfway to St Patricks Day Celebration Brooklyn Ferritsen Avenue


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September 20, 2018

NJ Driver Won’t Listen to 86th Street Construction Workers



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September 19, 2018

Commissioner O’Neil in Bay Ridge


Commissioner O’Neil came out to a packed audience at the 68th Precinct to speak to residents about the recent crimes in the community.  (Good review).





The 68th Precinct recently initiated community policing. Very few few residents have seen the NCO’s in the neighborhood. 


Liam McCabe questioned O’Neil about the statistics not matching what we are seeing and hearing about in our neighborhood. The Commissioner said that the police are not standing down (whatever that mean….I have to ask NYPD friends).  And the Commissioner said if the neighborhood isn’t feeling safe, then they need to do something about it.


You can watch the video of the meeting here


*This meeting was held on Yom Kippur and some residents felt left out because it was their holiday.



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September 19, 2018

RIP Sweet Sally Sunshine




It was a sad day in Bay Ridge as we heard the news:

“Sally went home to God at 2:01 pm this afternoon, snuggling Mommy and Daddy while listening to her favorite songs. We will share more info on how we plan to let her “village” celebrate her life at a later date. For now we ask everyone to pray for our family, and would appreciate it if everyone could wear yellow or gold this Friday in honor of our Sweet Sally Sunshine.”


This was made by Marianne in Bay Ridge

This beautiful little girl fought cancer and beat it. We are so sorry to hear this news. While the Kabels were dealing with Sally’s cancer, they were helping other families and continued to shine the light on funding pediatric cancer research in the United States. 




*Many prayers for the Kabels.*



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September 19, 2018

Bravo Ambulance Youth Squad



BRAVO’s Youth Squad will be holding an orientation for those interested! 


You must be between the ages of 14-17. If you are interested, meet at the base 8507 7th Ave on September 21, 2018  at 7:00 pm, in appropriate attire and with a parent.




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September 19, 2018

RIP Alex Salis of Bay Ridge



Alex Salis passed away suddenly. He was only 56 years old. Although you may not recognize the name, Salis was often seen on 75th Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge.


Accustomed to carrying his whole world in his backpack, Alex was well-known to the community. Most days he was friendly. Sometimes he wasn’t because he wasn’t feeling well.


Residents placed a rose and a rosary on his backpack which remains on the sidewalk.


Life wasn’t easy for him and he chose to stay here because Bay Ridge was his home.


RIP Alex.



Prayers for his girlfriend and his sister. who is coming from Florida.


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September 19, 2018

Celebrate Sukkot at Aviator in Brooklyn




Aviator – 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm – more info here


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September 19, 2018

Marty Golden Not Good on Transportation



If a State Senator supports a strong transportation system, why wouldn’t he vote to fund it? 


Marty Golden is a member of the MTA Capital Review Board. Marty knows his district values transportation. Why did Marty support this project for our station, rather than pushing for real upgrades in the MTA and upgrades that are for every – even the disabled? 


24 million was spent on the Bay Ridge Avenue station.. on tiles and internet access, but the station is not even wheelchair accessible.



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September 18, 2018

Helen Klein and One-Sided Journalism



The masthead of the Brooklyn Reporter Paper shows Helen Klein as the editor.




The Reporter ran a one-sided article from Chuck Otey. The article is not labeled as a paid advertisement, so the Editor – Helen Klein had to review it before the paper went to press.  Afterall, you wouldn’t put your name as the editor unless you oversaw the paper.



Otey’s one-sided article took aim at Fight Back Bay Ridge  (FBBR) because Fight Back Bay Ridge told the truth about Marty Golden not funding public schools in the area. Otey is a friend of Senator Golden so he often defends the senator in the paper. Yet, the article wasn’t syndicated online as an individual article (although the paper does publish a full digital version).


When one-sided journalism is published in a local paper, it hurts the community. People believe what is written because they believe THE EDITOR – HELEN KLEIN has some due diligence to the public. While Chuck Otey took it upon himself to ruin Fight Back Bay Ridge’s reputation in the nabe, he didn’t even allow one of their members to share their views in the article. Otey doesn’t realize that this is hurting our neighborhood (or doesn’t care). Otey doesn’t mention that Senator Golden’s wife apologized to FBBR. We are unsure why Chuck Otey’s article was not published as an article for the online version. Is he hiding? Both FBBR and I have written him tweets on Twitter.



This Summer, I saw one writer for the paper deliberately distort the news and his writing actually contradicted another writer for the paper. I wrote to Helen Klein – with my real name and e-mail address. Digital editor, Meghan McGoldrick encouraged me to write to Klein, yet Klein failed to reply. When I looked at my e-mail to make sure I had used the correct e-mail address (I did), I saw I had sent several e-mails to Helen Klein since 2014 – all went unanswered.


When an editor of a paper doesn’t respond to an e-mail about incorrect information, you know that people aren’t the reason that paper runs. How do I know? One day I wrote to an editor who took the time to respond to me on his daughter’s wedding day.


When will Helen Klein print the truth about Senator Golden and his pay-to-play bills?  NEVER is probably the answer because our local papers didn’t even share the information that Senator Golden introduced a bill which gave huge tax breaks to a developer in Manhattan for this building: 



Does this building look like it needs tax breaks?  If you for even a small though think it did – Why didn’t the Senator of that area in Manhattan take care of the tax breaks?


These are the some pay-to-play bills Senator Golden introduced this year for the tobacco industry.





Who in Bay Ridge benefits from Marty Golden’s pay-to-play bills for the tobacco company?


Finally, the paper wrote to a resident on  9/19  and said that Chuck Otey was from the old publication. If someone was writing and publishing Nazi propaganda in the paper, would Helen let it print as it or edit/label/delete the column?  Who knows as Helen has Helen doesn’t want any interaction with residents who have a view other than hers.



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