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  • March 8, 2017

    Does Mark Treyger Know Pam Harris Endorsed a BDS Candidate?

    Politics can make you laugh sometimes.




    Mark Treyger endorsed Pam Harris for re-election this past November.  Harris was not a favorite in Bay Ridge because of her lack of work here. She won the election with Treyger’s help. Treyger ran to be a district leader because he thought he was going to bring himself more power. Pam Harris endorsed a candidate who supports BDS.  Treyger and his crew are firmly against this.  Wait until those Councilman gets news of this.  LOL. How many times can Harris make Treyger look like an idiot?


    Someone who should have known better, put Nancy Tong in an awkward position. Tong lives in Treyger’s district and  now she is the “carpetbagger” candidate because she is running in our district. No one knows Tong here so it makes her look ridiculous. These people have known Nancy Tong for years and it’s strange they allowed her to be in this type of position. You know what they say….keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  


    Kevin Peter Carroll backed Treyger for District Leader in the last election. Chris McCreight, Treyger’s opponent won Bay Ridge. Again, Kevin Peter Carroll did not back the Democrat who lives in our community. Treyger has Nancy Tong from his area,  up against Kevin Peter Carroll…….Oh whose going to remove the knife from KPC’s back?  


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    March 7, 2017

    Cooking with Nonna – April 8th – Dyker Heights, Brooklyn



    I never had a “Nonna.”  Of course I had two grandmothers who were fantastic as being grandmothers, but neither was a “Nonna.”  But I’ve had many friends who had a Nonna and their Nonna’s could really cook!


    The Kidz Cooking Studio at 7921-7th Avenue is having a cooking and filming with Nonna, Rossella Rago on Saturday, April 8th at 12pm!

    Children will make anise Easter cookies with  Rossella Rago from Cooking with Nonna$15 a child – Two hour drop off and children will take home a box of cookies. Take pictures with Rossella at pick up!

    Rossella will also sell and sign her new cookbook! 718-688-5986 to reserve a spot.



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    March 7, 2017

    Nominate a Bay Ridge Library


    Nominate a Bay Ridge Library to receive funding. The form takes three minutes to fill out. Don’t forget the Fort Hamilton Branch is in Bay Ridge as well.



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    March 7, 2017

    St. Patrick’s School Reunion – June 17th

     St. Patrick’s Alumni Reunion – Saturday, June 17 (Registration coming soon – here)

    All alumni years are being invited back for a reunion.  Alumni Mass & Reception and Barbecue.  

    If you haven’t seen St. Pat’s website in awhile, check it out. It changed because it’s now an Academy, like the other Catholic schools in the area. 





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    March 7, 2017

    Spring Break Camps in Bay Ridge or Around Brooklyn

    While school is out for Spring Break in April these places in Bay Ridge or nearby in Brooklyn have vacation camp for parents who are working:



    • Simply Delicious Spring Break  Cooking & Baking Mini Camp for children ages 6-9 in the morning and 10+ in the afternoon
      Spring Break Camp April 10-14 and 17-18
      Morning Session 9AM-12PM for kids 6-9
      Afternoon session 1PM-4PM for kids 10+
      Deadline to sign up for camp is Sunday 3/26!!!
      To learn more  SimplyDiDelicious@gmail.com  or  917-297-3881




    • Aviator has a Vacation Camp for Spring Break – see the schedule here.  9 – 5 pm (extended day 8-6pm) 718-7518 or email camps@aviatorsports.com







    • Manhattan Youth Center – 120 Warren Street  347- 846-0619–  camp for children in grades K to 5 $100 a day

    * St. Pats doesn’t do the basketball camp during Spring Break.


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    March 7, 2017

    Dan Donovan Needs New PR




    While I am not a fan of Dan Donovan, he recently updated his view and said he won’t vote down healthcare without a replacement. Constituents asked for a Town Hall to speak with him.  We have healthcare coverage through our jobs, but many people in NYC don’t and they rely on the existing Obamacare program. I was glad to see Donovan adjust to the people’s needs. He showed that he is listening to his Bay Ridge constituents. So I thought I would extend him an olive branch, especially since it’s March and we are both Irish. 


    The time to speak in Bay Ridge is now, when you have shown you are listening!  People just wanted to show Donovan that they are real people and the bill he was voting for affected them. If 14,000 people dialed in to speak to Donovan, it’s time for Donovan to get out of his comfy Staten Island office and speak to the people. Donovan’s approval rating might be a bit higher and he could actually use that when he yells out to the people, “I heard you Brooklyn and I won’t take away healthcare without a replacement program. ”  



    Here’s how you know Dan Donovan has bad PR people: 


        • Dan’s worker stood near the protesters and didn’t address them. He could have said, “Your Congressman has heard you and will be addressing this soon.”   Actually, they are photographed standing near your Brooklyn office playing on their phone.  



    Here’s how you know Donovan has bad political friends:


      • Marty Golden should have volunteered to co-host a joint Town Hall.



    Here’s what Dan Donovan should do now:



    • Bay Ridge has a St. Patty’s Day Parade on March 26th – call one of the churches and host a St Patty’s Day breakfast (coffee and green bagels will do).  It’s a Sunday morning so no one will be angry. Plus you are probably marching in the parade


    • Add yourself to some other group’s agenda:  the Bay Ridge Community Council Meeting, a PTA Meeting or some other meeting so you can be short and sweet.  


    • Have a meeting at a place like Xaverian or St. Pat’s – offer tickets online and then pick and choose who you want at the meeting just like every other pol does (everyone else gets the “sorry we ran out of tickets response).



    Donovan’s PR person should have told Donovan to  stop being negative to the media (you don’t announce that you aren’t having a meeting because the people had to be escorted out). Stop complaining on tv about a few protesters. They were pretty mild. Just smile and say you are working on a date for an open forum.   Adopt some Marty Golden nonsense, “this is the best city in the best state….blah blah blah.”  Donovan needs to go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone. I don’t an Irish person who is 60 years old who doesn’t have the gift of gab down pat. 



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    March 5, 2017

    Free Boys Ballet Class – Bay Ridge – March 16th


    In an effort to encourage the development of young men in dance, Bay Ridge Ballet offers FREE classes and scholarships to boys at least five years old who are interested in pursuing dance training.


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    March 5, 2017

    Delvis Valdes – Sunset Park NYC Council

    Delvis Valdes

    Delvis Valdes is running for City Council for Sunset Park – District 38 and I am glad to see the community throwing their support behind a resident. I lived 26 years of my life in Sunset Park and I hate to see what’s going on in the neighborhood under the current councilman.


    Delvis Valdes has been a leader in Sunset Park for many years and he will make a good councilman. By profession, Valdes is an attorney, business owner and a children’s advocate. He  is a founding member of the Sunset Park BID. He is a member of the Sunset Park Lion Club. Valdes is a former Community Board Member. Delvis Valdes has been active in Sunset Park for many years. For the last 20 years Valdes has hosted a Three Kings Day event with lots of free gifts and food!


    Delvis Valdes - Sunset Park
    Valdes believes in the saying: “To much is given, much is expected. He said it is his time to give back and help his community!”


    NY City officials have  said there are no homeless shelters in Sunset Park. Organizers said on Saturday that the City has put the homeless in 15 locations in Sunset Park. The current lazy Councilman Carlos Menchaca has refused to do anything about the hotels being used for the homeless. Residents from Queens came to Sunset Park to support the protests against homeless being housed in hotels.  (More info)



    • Valdes said that Sunset Park needs more schools because there are not enough seats for children from Pre-K to high school.


    • Valdes said that when he is in office, he won’t back down to the mayor and he will say, “Sunset Park is off limits to any more shelters.


    • Valdes is the son of Cuban immigrants. He said he will help pass legislation for immigrants. He also wants to set up a team to help immigrants with immigration issues. Carlos Menchaca was silent when an incident happened in Sunset Park last July. 


    • Valdes said he will work to stop the gentrification. The mayor and the developers want a trolley to run in Sunset Park – this will easily gentrify the area. Menchaca supports the trolley because he doesn’t live in the area.  


    • Valdes is backed by supporters in Red Hook as well because Delvis Valdes reached out to them months ago.


    •  The Sunset Park Library was given away to a group for it to be developed (no bid) and the people of Sunset Park are afraid are afraid of losing their library. 




    The news will say that Delvis Valdes is challenging Carlos Menchaca, but Menchaca isn’t from Sunset Park or even Brooklyn so there is no challenge here. Valdes is from the area and ready to work to help the area.  Menchaca is from Texas.  Carlos Menchaca needs a job in television because he is a media hog and loves to use important issues to grandstand and get the media’s attention, but does nothing to fix the problems. In June an article appeared online calling Menchaca “a Hometown Hero.”  I asked Menchaca to correct it because it wasn’t true. Although he responded and told me he would correct it, the article still remains online here and here.  The original article simply removed the word from the page, but not from the code (so it is still searchable here


    Delvis Valdes is married with three young children.

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    March 4, 2017

    Brooklyn Couple Arrested in Long Island

    Brittney Schmit Vincent Fina

    Brittney Schmidt and Vincent Fina from Brooklyn were arrested and charged with scheme to defraud and endangering the welfare of a child on February 21st.


    Apparently Brittney Schmidt, Vincent Fina and their son said they were collecting donations for Gianni Incandela, a boy who has a rare brain cancer.The police said that child is alive.  Story here and here




    Here’s the sad part – they involved their son in the scam. He’s just a kid. 

    More here



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    March 3, 2017

    Free Sing-along Shabbat in Bay Ridge

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    March 2, 2017

    Reverend Khader El-Yateem Lives in Dyker Heights and Doesn’t Care What Happens in Bay Ridge


    Reverend Khader El-Yateem is running to represent our area for City Council. He works in Bay Ridge, but he lives in Dyker Heights. An article published almost a week ago says he lives in Bay Ridge. Acris shows that El-Yateem lives in Dyker Heights.  What bothers me is that Khader El-Yateem didn’t correct the article when he saw it contained the wrong information.   I think most politicians hope we don’t notice.  We have seen this Pastor be unresponsive to situations in Bay Ridge because he doesn’t live here.  The author of the article said he would update the article with the correct neighborhood.


    El-Yateem boasted to The Voices of NY that he supports affordable housing.  I have never seen the Pastor speak out about any housing issues.  His neighbors in Dyker Heights are fighting landlords who illegally divide their homes and are renting them out to immigrants. Unsafe living conditions have been created for immigrants and for the neighbors of the building. Did Reverend El-Yateem speak up for the immigrants?  NO – he was silent. Khader El-Yateem hasn’t been fighting for fair housing for anyone in our area.


    If El-Yateem became a city councilman, he would put this “affordable housing” in Bay Ridge because he lives in Dyker Heights and he doesn’t care what happens here. At the end of the day, he crosses the highway and is in a different area. 


    Please don’t tell me you support an issue because you want to get the big paycheck.  Show me what you have done in the past that allows me to see that you represent everyone in a community – not just a limited group.  The article highlights El-Yateem’s staff  throwing shade at Councilman Gentile.

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    March 2, 2017

    El-Yateem’s Staff Speaks Disengenously About Councilman Gentile

    Reverend Khader El-Yateem


    Reverend Khader El-Yateem shows his lack of leadership  when he allowed his staff to speak on his behalf for a newspaper article. El-Yateem’s field director, Kayla Santosuosso said to the Voices of NY:


    “We had elected officials who, their strongest contribution to the community has been to, you know, limit the number of hookah bars that are in this neighborhood. We have our Republican congressman who is unabashedly supporting the Muslim ban unconditionally,” says Santosuosso, who is a former special projects consultant at the Arab American Association of New York.


    No Kayla Santosuosso – it’s not okay that you minimize the work of Mr. Vincent Gentile, when Gentile is Bay Ridge!


    The article has been out long enough that Rev. Khader El-Yateem should have issued an apology to Gentile by now. Pastor El-Yateem didn’t want hookahs in Bay Ridge, did he? (It probably doesn’t matter to him because he lives in Dyker Heights). Santosuosso highlighted Congressman Donovan’s support of the Muslim Ban, but failed to mention that Reverend Khader El-Yateem has never publicly spoken out against Mr. Donovan or even asked Mr. Donovan to come to Bay Ridge for a town hall meeting. If Rev. Khader El-Yateem is “this great leader in our community”, we would have seen him stand up for the people in this community and call Donovan and Golden to the table to talk about their support for Trump. While El-Yateem could have called Congressman Donovan for a Bay Ridge Task Force Meeting, he didn’t!   Reverend El-Yateem has been silent. 


    When hookah bars were opening everywhere, people went to Councilman Gentile and he responded. In 2010, some people thought shishka in a hookah was safer than smoking. I learned it wasn’t when my students researched it with doctors from Maimonides Medical Center. Even the research back then showed it was just as harmful as cigarette. In 2016, when Bay Ridge residents living near a  hookah bar complained of smoke, Gentile intervened.  In 2016, Gentile went for a ban on hookah bars. Now research shows that shishka is actually a lot worse than smoking.  Gentile’s bill is well supported in Bay Ridge because teens believe hookah it is safe to use.


    BTW, Reverend Khader El-Yateem looked pretty happy to attend Gentile’s recent eventso it is odd that he would allow his staff to speak so disingenuously about Councilman Gentile.  El-Yateem should investigate why Gentile is loved in this community. If he wasn’t term-limited out, people would vote for Vinnie again.  Maybe El-Yateem should see what Gentile is doing in Dyker Heights with El-Yateem’s neighbors.


    FYI, Councilman Gentile is one of my favorite people. Gentile doesn’t know me, but I have found him to be a consistent advocate for this community, his neighbors, senior citizens and education. A few days ago, I wrote that Rev. Khader El-Yateem was a good person, I no longer feel that as it was unkind and at the very least unprofessional.  I guess El-Yateem’s staff figures if they say enough bad things about everyone else, no one will notice that Reverend El-Yateem is silent about many things that happen in Bay Ridge and oh yeah that little thing they need to hide ->  El-Yateem supports BDS (love all but hate for some) and wants to use the Bay Ridge Council seat to support the BDS. 


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