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September 17, 2019

Carlos Menchaca Never Listens to Sunset Park



Rebecca Baird-Remba picture


Sunset Park will be glad when Carlos Menchaca’s term is over. In the picture above, Menchaca tried to fool the community and tell them that the article in Crain’s stating that he made a deal was false.  Menchaca wrote it in three languages and tried to make it look like he was for the people.

Menchaca made some amendments, but the rezoning is going to happen.  Industry City wins – Sunset Park loses….what else is new?     We’re glad to see Menchaca  was shouted down – SEE HERE

Look how unhappy the people because of Menchaca!



This is why I always look to see where the developers are standing in a community.

This woman brought 4000 signatures to Menchaca. Make her the next Council woman, Sunset Park. She won’t let anyone take advantage of her neighbors.





On Menchaca’s watch, Sunset Park has lost so many times because he has no attachment to the area and doesn’t care.



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September 17, 2019

School Garden Crawl in Brooklyn 9/21




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September 17, 2019

Walk to End Bullying in Staten Island – 10/6




On Sunday, October 6th from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM,  D.A.N.N.Y.INC’s  will have a Walk to End Bullying at Clove Lake Park. 


The walk is held in memory of Daniel Fitzpatrick.  Danny was a 13 year old boy that died by suicide because of relentless bullying. 




D.A.N.N.Y.  INC  is working to get #DannysLaw passed. Congressman Max Rose promised Danny’s family to continue the work started with Dan Donovan.


$20.00 per adult to register to walk day of event-Cash Only


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September 17, 2019

Nicole Malliotakis at the Bay Ridge CB 10 Meeting



Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis appeared at the CB 10 Meeting tonight. She doesn’t attend these meetings, so that was quite unusual. 

Malliotakis is going to open an office at the NYS Conservative Party (that’s on 78th and Ridge). Surprisingly, it took a long time for  Jerry Kassar to offer her some space! That’s weird that he didn’t do that last Winter.  We wonder if she will use Jerry’s staffer or will she send one of her Staten Island employees to the office. 

Malliotakis knew since last November that she needed an office. And now in September, she is talking about this news because she doesn’t want people to realize she has been absent from the neighborhood.  Rose has a dynamic personality, new ideas, an office in Bay Ridge and he’s present in the neighborhood. Malliotakis doesn’t stand a chance against him.



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September 17, 2019

Why I Won’t Vote for Corey Johnson for Mayor…



Councilman Justin Brannan wrote an article in The Daily News about property taxes. It was pretty good.

Brannan is a little more hopeful for reform than we are. We’ve been waiting a long time for the property taxes to be adjusted. He wrote: “If the mayor is serious about defeating inequality, and ending the tale of two cities, he will use every bit of political capital he has left to push ahead. Fix a broken system. Bring fairness where there is currently anything but. Finally deliver some to so many hardworking New Yorkers.” 

 Vicki Been said property tax reform won’t come during de Blasio’s administration. (See here)   Been headed the property tax commission that de Blasio and Corey Johnson formed. She switched jobs in the Spring so she knows the property tax commission didn’t do much. She was very bold in her speech. Then she recanted her statement (because she must have been yelled at by her boss). When I read her words, I thought: How can she say this when she still works for the city?  She can’t!

Johnson should be able to cut the red tape on this. Yet, it seems he has stifled outspoken Councilmen like Brannan and Borelli. 


Did Corey Johnson reply or say anything to Brannan? Nope.  Johnson should have stepped up and helped when you saw the Mayor wasn’t going to do anything. Everyone waited for Corey Johnson’s property tax commission to come through and 15 months later, nothing happened.




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September 16, 2019

Hair Salon Coming to 3rd Avenue



Formerly a Dry Cleaner, this storefront at 7210 – 3rd Avenue is going to be Zeng’s Beauty Salon. 

It’s between Piccante Restaurant and Cream Coffee Shop. 

Congratulations to the new owners!



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September 16, 2019

Did John Alexander or The Home Reporter Have a Responsibility to Fact Check?




Today, journalist Meaghan McGoldrick published an article in The Brooklyn Eagle about $12 Million Dollars which was promised during election time. Go here to read the article. It’s a DOOZY and worth your time if you are interested in local politics.   

McGoldrick didn’t mention that the Brooklyn Eagle’s sister paper, The Brooklyn Reporter was how the public was told about this money.  CNG owns both The Reporter and  the Eagle. John Alexander at the Home Reporter wrote an article about Marty Golden and the money for the parks before the election last year. (See here)  

Former senator, Martin Golden must have really wanted to get re-elected.  Did John Alexander have a responsibility to check on the accuracy of the politician’s statements before printing it in the paper?  

How about The Home Reporter’s editor….Did Helen Klein have a responsibility to check the articles from politicians before an election? Wait. Helen Klein may not have been the editor because there was an announcement around that time that Chuck Otey was the Executive Editor of Home Reporter paper and Paula Katinas was promoted to the executive editor of The Spectator newspaper right before that article came out. 

Any politician could say anything before an election, so a reporter MUST have to do some research and check on the credibility of a statement.   

It’s strange how this all went down. (more tomorrow – I have to get to bed)



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September 16, 2019

Refashion NYC Clothing Drive 9/21



NYC is having a RefashionNYC Clothing Donation Event in Bay Ridge  on Saturday, Sept. 21st from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm at 8511 5th Avenue, Brooklyn 11209 (formerly the card store)

Accepted items: clothing, shoes, purses, gloves, scarves, hats & belts, towels, curtains, bedding & linens, clean rags and torn clothing.


Learn more about refashionNYC and how to get a bin you can use any time in your building, office, or school at nyc.gov/refashion.



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September 16, 2019

Jaime DeJesus, Why Doesn’t Bay Ridge Deserve Better?




Jaime DeJesus became the digital editor of the Brooklyn Reporter. Lately, we have seen some one-sided political articles, but this week there was a doozy.  I checked what was different about the paper and noticed DeJesus replaced Megan McGoldrick as the digital editor. (McGoldrick joined the Brooklyn Eagle). I contacted DeJesus about the writing and  this was his response:



Editorial@ANYPAPER.com is the junk mailbox – it doesn’t even have a person’s name. DeJesus didn’t want to speak to me, so he tried to push me off on another person. But I persisted because this guy doesn’t seem to understand that words matter!  He then wrote:





At the same time last year, I wrote to the digital editor of the Brooklyn Reporter. She was responsive and we had a conversation online –  see it here

 I have written two e-mails to Helen Klein  – she doesn’t reply. I used my real name and e-mail – not queenoftheclick (but I  mentioned I was a blogger – it’s a small community and she may have come across this site for something else). 

I have also written publicly to Helen Klein and she has never responded see here,  here  and  here.  Klein has a Twitter account, so she could have written to me at any time.





DeJesus wrote he was going to “inform” her. LOL, she already knows. Here’s my e-mail from last August:






Most editors welcome readers views. One editor respond to me on his daughter’s wedding day. Why? Because news matters and readers matter to that man.  Maybe DeJesus doesn’t understand that he has a responsibility to Brooklyn now that he is an editor.

This Summer, a child died with no explanation. Here’s Jaime DeJesus’ article. The child’s name was Besa Lufo,  DeJesus referred to her as Lufo Besa – he was the only reporter to do this. DeJesus wrote that that she lived in Dyker Heights. The girl lived on 64th Street between 11th and 12th Avenue – that’s Borough Park. DeJesus reported that the police found the child dead in her bed. That isn’t possible because the mother carried the child downstairs to the neighbor and the neighbor performed CPR on her. (SourceDeJesus never updated or corrected his article – not even with the child’s correct name. It just didn’t matter to him. But to our community, a child dying is big news and that was just disrespectful to the child’s family.    

This isn’t the first time I have contacted DeJesus about his writing. Strangely, he started to write  “filler crime articles.”  I read one article and then realized the crime happened over a month from the time it was printed in the paper. Another time, he wrote about a crime that happened ten months prior to his reporting and there was no current information on the crime.  I started to collect collected DeJesus’ late stories here.

Awhile back, I thought there had to be a reason DeJesus was so disconnected! A quick search on social media showed DeJesus and his family live in Staten Island. (Acris confirms it) Why would anyone in Staten Island care about Brooklyn’s local news? It’s irrelevant to them. 

But in Brooklyn, news is important. This week, the digital version of the paper featured an article about John Quaglione written by John Alexander. Quaglione is just a district leader – the paper has never featured district leaders before, why would they now?  The article started to discuss Catholicism and the Conservative Party because Quaglione works for DeSales Media. Alexander has written favorable articles towards Republican/Conservative party candidates because he participates in that group. Yet, Alexander is now writing about my religion. 

The Catholic Church has taken a lot hits over the last year. Why would  John Alexander link the church with the Conservative Party in Brooklyn?  The Catholic Church isn’t involved with things like this or this.  The paper ran the story on the cover, as if nothing else in the neighborhood was newsworthy this week. 

In the article, Quaglione stated: “There are Catholics who have differences of opinion on different issues, and they’re accepted and welcomed to the church.” This is absolutely not true. The Pope has been clear on this (See here or  here). Random views are not accepted. A priest in he adjacent neighborhood has even said that someone is not a Catholic if they have different views.


Quaglione stated: “But generally speaking, people who are worshipers and regular churchgoers tend to be more on the conservative values side.”  If there are statistics to back that up, provide them. Democrats are in the pews at my church every week and they wouldn’t consider themselves conservatives.

Quaglione said,  “I think that the message here is that no other institution can say they’ve been around for over 2,000 years and have millions of people throughout the world following them and believing.”     

The Vatican has said that there are over a billion Catholics in the world.

Quaglione said: “What I would like to encourage is the vocation of the priesthood, attendance in our Catholic schools and for people to come back to church because there is a place for you, not just during the bad times when people need to call upon God, but there’s a place for them on Saturday or Sunday or at our daily masses in different churches, just to come and be a part of it and make it an aspect of their lives.” 

Why didn’t Alexander ask how Quaglione how he would encourage attendance in Catholic school, when his child attends public school? 

For all three men here, I don’t understand why this is going on in our community. Most journalist would want to bring truth and clarity to the community where they live.  When I see these fathers doing this, I don’t understand because my father never would have gone out of his way to do this to anyone.  



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September 16, 2019

Brooklyn Isn’t Fooled by Eric Adams




I see Eric Adams isn’t fooling the amount of people he used to fool!



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September 16, 2019

Lockyard in Bay Ridge – September 17th




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September 16, 2019

Irish Dancing in Bay Ridge


Irish night on shore road - august 2018



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