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July 19, 2019

Cooling Centers in Bay Ridge – Air Conditioning


This list was compiled by the 5th Avenue BID in Bay Ridge





NYC has this map with other cooling centers which may be closer to your home.



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July 19, 2019

Tree Cutting in Brooklyn




We had a 30 foot Blue Spruce tree that got a disease  and a tree doctor couldn’t treat it. I was procrastinating in taking it down because I really loved the tree. 




Finding someone in Brooklyn to cut down such a large tree was a task itself.  We called every tree cutting company in Brooklyn! Most said they didn’t have the ability to take down such a large tree. We called Clearview Tree in Long Island Company and they agreed to come out and give a quote.

While we waited for companies to call us back, we called 811 to let them know we would be digging out the stump.



While the tree was on our property, we were unsure if there was wiring or pipes under it.  We called 811. The operator for 811 was in Long Island and didn’t seem to understand the “before you dig call 811 commercials.” We asked her to have the companies call us. Con Edison contacted us two days later and said it was safe to dig.   


Orlando from Clearview came out to give us the estimate last week. He was pleasant and professional while he explained the whole process of cutting down the tree and grinding the stump.  We felt it was a fair quote, so we made an appointment. 



The workers who came out were professional, took down the tree and cleaned up everything within an hour. The team worked well together and had a great spirit – like they actually liked their job. One man used the chainsaw to cut the tree, while the other men loaded the cut pieces into the woodchipper. Then they grinded the tree stump. When the job was done, they cleaned up well and blew any debris from my neighbors cars. They left the area very clean so my neighbors wouldn’t be upset.

If I had another tree that needed to be cut down, I would call Clearview Tree Services. 917-807-7316 

We replaced the old tree with a new one that won’t grow over 15 feet. 



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July 18, 2019

Little Italy NYC – August 18, 2019



The 18th Avenue Feast in Bensonhurst is being held from Thursday, August 22nd to Sunday, September 1st from 68th Street to 75th Street.



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July 18, 2019

Summer Stroll is Tomorrow Night





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July 18, 2019

Free Music Event at Coney Island 7/21



Sunday, July 21st at the Ford Amphitheater at 3052 W 21st Street in Coney Island from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm is The New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off.

These artists will be performing: Irma Thomas, Archie Bell, Betty Harris, Joe Bataan, Binky Griptite & Brooklyn Rhythm Band.

Those in attendance can participate in a dance contest at 7:15 pm and compete to win $500, paid out to the winner that night.



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July 18, 2019

Bay Ridge Groper



Today,  Channel 11 shared a video from July 5th. The man in the video allegedly groped a woman on the corner of 83rd and 4th Avenue at 12:45 am (after July 4th festivities).  The 32-year-old woman was sleeping in the car with the window open when this happened. Channel 7 covered the story too – see here.


More details about the groping here. Why didn’t local papers share this news?  The 68th Precinct has a Twitter account – why didn’t they give the community a heads up when it happened?  There’s a lot of children and teens in this area.


After groping the woman, the suspect went into 8201 4th Avenue.


The suspect is 40 – 50 years old and was wearing black t-shirt, black shorts and black sneakers.


Submit tips to police by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) 

Later in the day today, the 68th Precinct shared pics on Twitter:





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July 18, 2019

Politicians Words Not Backed By Action

Justin Brannan wrote ANOTHER article this week – this time with a woman whose daughter died in an accident – see here   We know Jane Martin-Lavaud because last year she protested with Families for Safer Streets outside Marty Golden’s office. Her daughter was killed by a man going 70 mph on a city street. (See here)

A year later, we have speed cameras, but the streets aren’t any safer. It’s 1:45 am on July 18th and I was awoken by the sound of a car on a raceway with a roaring motor, but that’s the streets of Bay Ridge lately. 

Residents here have asked both Justin Brannan and Andrew Gounardes to secure the streets.  Yet, the politicians are not able to do anything other than take pictures and issue press releases to local papers. See here and here. Law enforcement is needed.


Senator Andrew Gounardes shared Brannan’s article on Twitter because what good is an opt-ed if it isn’t shared?





What Gounardes didn’t share is that Andrew Gounardes had the power to change this and he wrote a bill for state troopers salary instead.  Gounardes could have passed a bill making penalties tougher on people speeding, but he spent time  writing bills for people outside of our community.

In six months, Gounardes wrote 101 bills and passed only three. See all bills here. While you are probably thinking “WOW 101 bills!” Some are short like this one and don’t do much. 

Here’s the three bills that Gounardes passed:

A) Traffic Cameras near schools.


B) A Collective Bargaining Law for NY State Troopers….why didn’t a Long Island or Upstate NY Senator write this for the State Troopers in their area?





c) This short bill that doesn’t do much.




That’s it. 

Like Marty Golden, Gounardes had his staff make some fancy graphics to trick you into thinking he did more.  Gounardes wrote that he had eight bills pass, yet there are only three out of the 101 that he wrote that  passed (See here).  That site is updated regularly.





Nothing new here.  #DoYourJob




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July 17, 2019

FBI was at 8612 Ridge Blvd Today



Homeland Security was in Bay Ridge today. One report shows there was one ICE incident in Bay Ridge. (See here

A resident reported an ICE presence at 140 Bay Ridge Parkway. The agent had a bullet proof vest that said “US Department of Homeland Security”:



The raid was for someone who no longer lives at the address. Strangely, someone thought that the agents were the NYPD (click on the tweet above and then see the comments).


In the evening, some residents saw FBI  agents on Ridge Blvd near 86th Street. The FBI went into the large apartment building at 8612 Ridge Blvd (bldg 2), which is across the street from PS  185. (See hereOne agent was seen with a dog.

There were two ambulances waiting outside. A woman was taken out by a FBI agent and put in the ambulance. An hour later, another woman was taken out.





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July 17, 2019

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Popup


Bay Ridge photographers and other artists will be displaying their work at this Popup!



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July 17, 2019

Gounardes Has a New Office, But He Isn’t Telling Bay Ridge




On Senator Andrew Gounades’ website, an address for the district office was not listed – just a phone number.




In June, we tried the Brooklyn phone number and no one answered. We went to 311 86th Street (Gounardes’ old office), but there no one was there.  Then we tried Stars and Stripes Club 7321 15th Avenue, as Gounardes shared on social media that he set up a temporary office there. No one was at either office between 3:30 -4:00 pm in the afternoon on a weekday. Later, we realized Gounardes was in still in Albany, but where was his staff?

We called 411 and they only have Senator Gounardes at 311 86th Street. Google has the same:





The only address Senator Gounardes provided on his website was his Albany one. Does he expect residents to visit him there or send a letter?  

On his website,  Gounardes says he is making himself accessible….how? He uses social media for announcements and rarely answers anyone, but his friend. 

From his website:




Gounardes represents residents here to Gerritsen Beach, yet there is no office for people to walk in and speak to him or his staff. Six months after being inaugurated, he still doesn’t feel residents need his address. We thought he wasn’t putting the address online because his office was at the other end of the district and he didn’t want Bay Ridge to be slighted, until he opened the office with Brannan and Rose.

Where is the money he was given for an office?

Deja vu….this is just like Pam Harris – an elected official without an open office. If you can’t find them, they don’t have to help you.

We kept hearing that Gounardes was moving into the  office with Max Rose and Justin Brannan at 8203 3rd Avenue.  Brannan kept saying it was going to be “one-stop shopping” since all three (or their representatives) were going to be at that office. Yet, that didn’t happen. Ironically, even though Brannan just moved all mentions of his office now have this address – even Google.

Councilman Brannan shared on Facebook this week that Senator Gounardes is (or will be) moving into Brannan’s old office at 8018 – 5th Avenue. Why wouldn’t that be on Gounardes’ site? 

Strangely, a story appeared on the news and referred to  Gounardes’ office.  The man said his grocery store was “right next door” to Gounardes’ office. (See here)  The article said the man walked into Gounardes’ office in March…so Senator Gounardes has been in Brannan’s office since March? Or since January?  Is he only representing some people in this district? 

After Senator Gounardes overroad Community Board 10, without any input from residents, we realized he is just representing some people in the district. (See here) Home owners aren’t Gounardes’ base and he didn’t do anything to alleviate the disproportionate tax rates that our neighborhood has dealt with for years.


Why did Gounardes run for office, if he just wanted to represent some people in the community?  While everyone hoped that things were going to change, we have the same problems we had with Marty Golden.  An inaccessible senator, who votes for bills for his friends (Golden gave tax breaks to developers – Gounardes voted for his friend, Governor Cuomo to get tax breaks….no I am not kidding – see here). Golden wasn’t accessible to some residents and neither is Gounardes.  Campaign promises don’t mean much, so why do people keep taking our senate seat if they aren’t interested in helping residents?   

Yesterday, Gounardes put out a flyer for school supplies.  Were the addresses on the bottom made blurry on purpose? The top of the flyer is very clear – even with a small font.  See the whole flyer here…..see his original flyer on his Facebook page here.  Even if the font was small, you would be able to zoom in and see it….this has been blurred.


How long has Andrew Gounardes been on 5th Avenue? Why is his address still not public? Jessica Ramos is a new senator and all her information is online. Who works at Gounardes’ office and why aren’t they available to ALL residents?



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July 17, 2019

Family Dance Party at Greenwood Park 7/20



Family Dance Party on July 20th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Seen here – remember to RSVP to go!



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July 17, 2019

Lancaster Trip with St. Ephrem’s




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